Deadline's Fox Schedule Rumors: 'Touch' to Fridays, 'Glee' to Thursdays

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May 13th, 2012

Deadline writes it hears Fox will announce a schedule early tomorrow where Glee moves to Thursdays and frees up Tuesdays for a two hour comedy block.  That's not shocking, but more surprising to me than the the tidbit that Touch may join Fringe on Fridays. Click over for more rumors about Fox's schedule.


  • DJ

    Touch moving to Fridays is no surprise, and makes perfect sense. Genre shows have a very small but rabidly-loyal audience, you might as well cater to them on Fridays and leave the rest of the schedule free for shows the majority of people watch. Touch was borderline canceled, was not especially well-written, and will only bleed more viewers next season anyway — might as well do that on Fridays.

    Glee to Thursdays is more interesting… Glee will wipe out NBC’s Thursday — especially since Thursday is The Night NBC Throws in the Towel, as already established elsewhere on this site. Up All Night and The Office are as good as canceled right now, with this move.

  • velouria00

    Weird scheduling, if it comes to pass. Why bother renewing Touch just to dump it on Fridays? Fox should’ve just canceled it and stuck with cheap cooking shows to lead in to Fringe.

  • Jason

    Smart putting Glee with X-Factor. The latter is going to be huge this year with Britney on it, so it will sustain Glee for a little longer while they get it to that syndication threshhold.

  • groove365

    Why did they even bother renewing Touch if they’re just going to let it die a slow agonizing death on Fridays?

  • jenna

    vampire diaries i predict a huge drop going up against glee as the audiences are similar or whatever cw puts against it.

  • Ultima

    Not surprised at all; I’ve been saying that they would go with the two hour sitcom block, which means Glee must move to Thursdays (which is a good fit anyways).

    Also, where did people think they were going to put Touch besides Friday? It’s not like there’s a lot of open space on the schedule.

    The interesting thing is going to be whether or not they launch their sitcoms a week or two before the start of the season and if they do anything special (e.g. 90 min X Factor) to help them get through the brutal four Tuesday preemptions in five weeks during Oct/Nov.

  • Ali

    touch will tank and wont come back (as good as it is). fringe is not an example for future shows.

  • Silvio

    I think deadline got mixed up things. It probably isn’t Touch joins Fringe on Fridays, but Touch in same slot after end of Fringe shortened season.

    To waste good X-factor lead-in on 4th season show Glee which should be able to stand alone – is irrational. Fox should try launching new comedies there. Especially now that it’s clear CBS is not expanding comedies into that slot.

  • AV

    Glee will go down. Britney spears will get x factor big numbers at first then drop. She’ll have to be very interesting and not so bland. Glee is really just Ally Mcbeal in high school and ally went down the later years.

  • Nick

    Glee on Thursdays is a good idea and one that FOX will probably do. However even if Touch makes an appearance on Fridays, THERE WILL BE NO TOUCH/FRINGE BLOCK. Get it out of your heads people. FOX needs the 8 pm slot for Hotel Hell, which it bumped off the Spring and then Summer scheds.
    FOX fall schedule:

    The OT/Cops
    TCS/ Cops (R)
    Bobs Burgers(add few eps)/ The Flintstones

    No changes, except Cops in midseason. Also, having 1/2 season of TCS will help Seth Mcfarlane’s dillemma.

    The Following/ The Mob Doctor

    Bones will essentially become the new House, with new dramas premiering after it.

    Goodwin Games
    New Girl
    The Mindy Project (20 ep)/ Ben and Kate (5 eps leftover from post-XF run)

    The Tue block will definitely happen, and RH is strong enough to start it. The only reason it failed this year is that Breaking In and IHMTD were not the right comedies.

    Ben and Kate (11 ep)/ AI

    Nothing new here.

    XF/ AI
    Glee (straight run, and then 2-hr eps of AI in May.

    Moving Glee to Thursdays will make it go up in the ratings. Period. Ane drama would fail against GA and possibly POI (just look at what happened to Touch and The Finder).

    Hotel Hell/ KN
    Fringe (13 ep)/ Touch (16 ep)

    Friday is the place for Hotel Hell and Touch. this is where HH was originally supposed to be, and FOX needs a show for when KN isn’t ready yet. Touch could come in on Monday when Bones is on hiatus, but then what will fill Fri@ 9?


    Do I really need to say anything about this?

    Any thoughts??

  • Nick

    Why is CBS not expanding its comedy hours?

  • The End

    If Touch moves to friday I’m just going to refer to it as Touch The Final Season instead of Season 2.

    Without the Idol lead in Touch will just.. fail badly.

    So long Touch, I’ll enjoy your final season when you come back.

  • Bee

    nobody else sees the danger of female-skewing glee going against female-skewing grey’s anatomy!? that can’t be good for either show, but esp. not glee since grey’s will be coming off a BIG finale. besides, this will hurt new girl also. the show gets boosted by several tenths thanks to glee.

    and glee’s characters are graduating, but they’re not leaving the show!? a few might, but most of the big ones like rachel, finn, kurt, etc have already said they’re staying.

  • peter

    there’s no way glee is going to win over grey’s despite the bigger lead in of the first. ’cause i cant imagine something working for abc on thursdays at 8/7c. and the x factor is not going to be that big anyway.

  • Harmiel

    I think they should premiere The Following this Fall. They should change the tactic they do to Touch.

  • Sheena

    I know Friday is the only place Touch can go, but to me, it just cements the fact that they possibly only renewed the show for the sake of it’s star, to keep him around for the 24 movie. Because, isn’t Friday what they do to shows they expect to fail? Touch lucked out with a renewal, and a switch to Friday seems like it will kill it.

    I could be wrong, as I have said, I don’t completely know how all this network stuff works. If the network wanted to, they would find a place for the show, one that could work better.
    One way I could see it working is if Fringe is a lead-in, since it has a better following. That way, it would look like they were trying.

    I love Touch, so I will watch either way… but I have a feeling this season will be the last. I also think, that perhaps, no matter what day it is on, it will not do well, for the same reason Awake didn’t do well.

  • CrimTV


    No, if The CW keep TVD at 8pm, it will go up against XF / AI like it always has and Glee would air at 9pm, following Fox reality shows. But yes it might affect the show after it

  • SmG

    I think Cw will put Arrow after TVD so Glee moving to 9 pm Thursdays will have no effect on Cw since Arrow will be a male-oriented show.

    Moving Touch to Fridays shows that it was just a pity renewal and lets face it Fox did not have a good development season this year. They had to renew something so they went with Kiefer as usual. I don’t think Touch can keep 1.6-1.7 on Fridays but I hope it will. If they keep it to a 13-episode season like this year I think it can maintain around 1.5.

  • Harmiel

    It’s official! Demi Lovato is the last new X Factor judge!

  • Silvio

    Why is CBS not expanding its comedy hours?
    There’s no official announcement – but CBS now has only 7 comedies, 5 renewed and 2 new ordered. Even if they renew Rules of Engagement, 8 is not enough for 4 comedy blocks, they’d have no backups.
    As for why: Either pilots didn’t turn out (enough) good, either they’re worried about aging of Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. Probably combination.

    I could be wrong, as I have said, I don’t completely know how all this network stuff works. If the network wanted to, they would find a place for the show, one that could work better.
    You’re completely correct – had Touch good ratings, they’d put it on Thursday or on Monday (bumping Bones to Friday).

    I think they should premiere The Following this Fall. They should change the tactic they do to Touch.
    It is pure logistics. The Mob Doctor has 13 episodes order with possible 9 back order. It can’t reach 22 unless it starts in fall. It pushes The Following (13 to maximum 15 episodes due to Kevin Bacon movies roles) to midseason, as it can’t reach 22 anyway.
    There are no other available slots, Friday would be absurd for potential hit, while Bones and Glee must start in fall. Glee season follows school year, and Fox doesn’t want to irk Bones fans any more after last season’s extremely erratic schedule.

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