Deadline's Fox Schedule Rumors: 'Touch' to Fridays, 'Glee' to Thursdays

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May 13th, 2012

Deadline writes it hears Fox will announce a schedule early tomorrow where Glee moves to Thursdays and frees up Tuesdays for a two hour comedy block.  That's not shocking, but more surprising to me than the the tidbit that Touch may join Fringe on Fridays. Click over for more rumors about Fox's schedule.


  • ToXiX

    I actually like the idea of Touch moving to Friday, it has a better shot at surviving on a Friday. The numbers weren’t great on Thursday, but if those viewers can transfer over to Friday, and in the fall (numbers will be up in the fall), it can probably make it to a 3rd season. I’ve only seen a few episodes, it’s not a bad show.

  • Justin121

    Britney on X-Factor is a game changer.

    All FOX shows would be down without her.

    Now X-Factor and Glee will rise. Possibly New Girl, too.

  • ddd

    glee up agaisnt poi and greys, it will tank to low 2s and high 1s, so lets see

  • steve

    Makes No Sense to me why it was given a 2nd season in the first place as at its current ratings level it has no chance of a 3rd season so a move to fridays would not surprise me in the very least.

  • MoHasanie

    Why would they move Glee to Thursdays? I realize its falling, and it might benefit it and give it good ratings behind X factor/ Idol, but it will probably air against Grey’s Anatomy, which is surprisingly still quite strong.

  • Ultima

    FOX needs the 8 pm slot for Hotel Hell, which it bumped off the Spring and then Summer scheds.

    FOX bumped Hotel Hell to late summer. It only has six episodes and will likely run on Mondays after HK/MC end.

    . Even if they renew Rules of Engagement, 8 is not enough for 4 comedy blocks, they’d have no backups.

    In 2009, ABC launched an all new two-hour sitcom block without any backups; I’m sure CBS can launch two new sitcoms without a backup. They can always fall back on repeats of The Big Bang Theory (which averaged a 3.1 rating this season) and/or have a late pickup of a midseason comedy.

    I no longer think they will, but it is still a possibility.

    Why would they move Glee to Thursdays?

    FOX wants a two hour comedy block, so Glee has to move. Their options were either put both procedurals on Monday and the audience sharing X Factor and Glee on Thursday, or to put Glee on Monday.

    I’m not sure why so many people think FOX is throwing a golden opportunity by not scheduling its only new fall drama against Grey’s Anatomy and Person of Interest…

  • Silvio

    in 2009, ABC launched an all new two-hour sitcom block without any backups

    And in related news, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim won Stanley Cup in 2007.

  • Harmiel

    I think Glee is a competent contender. Maybe Fox didn’t want to risk their new comedies and dramas to that slot. Fox really needs new hit (hope so) tv shows. Bones, Fringe, New Girl, and Raising Hope are ok to their respective slot. Touch is in a bad state.

  • Ultima


    I was illustrating that it is possible for a network to run without backups. But if two seasons ago is ancient history to you, another example is the CW, half owned by CBS, which this season didn’t run any scripted backups.

  • Silvio

    Makes No Sense to me why Touch was given a 2nd season in the first place as at its current ratings level it has no chance of a 3rd season

    Fox didn’t anticipate such bad ratings from their dramas, so they ordered only 5 drama pilots. Even with being able to squeeze 3 series out of those 5 and Fringe renewal, they needed one more drama: House is ending, Terra Nova was cancelled and Fringe got only 13 episodes. So they had to renew one of Touch, Finder, Alcatraz. Touch has best ratings among those 3 dramas (so far, and thanks to Idol, but still) and it has Kiefer.

  • Jim

    Well Fringe is only going to be 13 episodes.. so will Touch fill in after?
    If it slides into the slot where Kitchen Nightmares *is* that could work also, because then it *or* Kitchen Nightmares could go to 9 o’clock (which I think KN would do ok anyway )

    So in other words you have Touch/Fringe to start.. then after Fringe ends, then in January you have Touch/Kitchen Nightmares ( I always think of KN a 9pm show ) That would work.. because “Hell’s Kitchen and “Motel Hell” AND “Master Chef” .. so yeah they can slide KN back until 2013.. .My God I am a genius!

    .. I am expecting my check from FOX post-haste

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