How Will 'Desperate Housewives' Rate in Its Finale

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May 13th, 2012

The ladies of Wisteria Lane say goodbye to television tonight in the series finale of Desperate Housewives.  While now only a shadow of its  formerly beastly adults 18-49-rated self, ABC is still likely to miss it.  Only three ABC scripted shows outperformed it this season with adults 18-49 -- Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family.

How will it do with adults 18-49 in its finale?

  • Tom

    Umm… I don’t know… after 8 years 3.5-3.9 seems about right.

  • Survivor Fan

    3.5 or 3.6, easily beaten by Survivor (3.8-4.0)

  • ImperfectFighter


    I’m under no delusions about DH ratings of late, but I would love to see it higher than my prediction.

    Goodbye Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gaby

    Farewell Wisteria Lane. Thanks for the memories.

  • Michael rae

    15-20 million viewers would not be bad

  • ImperfectFighter

    @Michael rae

    Not even a miracle could pull that off, this isnt 2004 , lol

  • John

    I say 10.75 million viewers & 3.6% share in 18-49

  • CrimTV

    I’m really hoping 3.5-3.9, but could it rise from 2.7 last Sunday to those numbers tonight?

  • Ewaut

    It’s unbelievable it averaged 10.66 18-49 in its first season. Broadcast television will be dead in 5 years…don’t you think?

  • Julianna

    I bet, 14 Million Viewers (or more) and 4.0 + rating

  • Bill Gorman

    @Ewaut, broadcast ratings have been falling for 30 years. Why should the next 5 be special?

  • danny94

    I would love the show to go out on a high ratings wise but to me its much more important that the show has a satifying ending after 8 years of non stop entertainment

  • KS


    That’s true. Broadcast television might be existing after 5 years, but will not be what it is now. All the broadcast networks would only have procedural shows, comedies and realities. I am not sure what would happen after 10 years.

    For instance in India, hardly 1% of tv viewers watch broadcast network channels. Its a heavily cable dominated TV here. Interesting to note that all the broadcast networks today are run by government. I don’t think there are any private broadcast networks in India unlike U.S.A. I believe even in U.S.A the day is not so far away where hardly anyone watches the network shows.

  • zerg

    10-11m 3.0-3.4 sadly

  • battye

    Lost didn’t attract huge numbers for its finale (compared to the rest of its final season) did it?
    I wouldn’t think it would be much different for Desperate Housewives either. It’s been getting mid 2’s lately I think so maybe high 2’s to low 3’s for the final episode.

  • Raykov

    I think it’s gonna be around 3.2 or 3.3 at best. We saw a raise with LOST’s finale, we may see it here, too :]

  • Mi

    I hope DH finale does at least 3.0 and helps OUAT rise with it.

  • FringeFan

    I am placing my bet on around 12 million viewers with approximately a 3.4-3.6 as a series finale share. I’ve been watching it for the past 4 years and I’d rather tune into it than watch a reality show like Survivor or Celebrity Apprentice.

  • hubertwentland5

    cannot believe it’s the end already. i mean, it doesnt seem like whole 8 years for me.
    i guess 3.0-3.5, which will be sad to see.

  • rob60990

    “Lost didn’t attract huge numbers for its finale (compared to the rest of its final season) did it?”

    The season premiere did around a 5.5 and the finale did a 5.8 so it was pretty close. The season pulled mostly 4s, with some 3s. However, I recall predictions of 7s in the demo for the finale.

  • Fed

    Who cares? It is Survivor finale tonight. :)

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