NBC: 'The Voice' in the Fall, Towel Toss Thursdays at 10p; Comedies on Friday - What Will Happen?

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May 13th, 2012

NBC's schedule is out, and though I know the notion of "musical competition fatigue" is popular among our readers, I still like the idea of NBC putting The Voice in the fall. It gives NBC a couple of things it didn't have last year: a promotional vehicle outside of Sunday Night Football for its fall shows as well as a decent lead-in for a new 10pm show. It also sets up a nice X Factor vs Voice; Christina vs. Britney (assuming reports of her joining X Factor are correct).

The expansion to four nights of comedies seems like a bit of a stretch given the three hours of relatively low-rated comedies they'd been running with, but it will be interesting to see how it develops. I won't be surprised to see the new comedies outperform the older ones, though that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform well. Either way, there's no denying Community on Friday nights is good news for TV by the Numbers.

Interesting to me to see NBC just throw in the towel on Thursdays at 10pm by scheduling Rock Center with Brian Williams. Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.

Also of note, NBC insists that despite earlier reports, it isn't necessarily the final season of either The Office or 30 Rock.

  • kyle

    Community on Friday’s wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t paired up with WHITNEY!!

  • Tom

    TVByTheNumbers is losing FRINGE but will gain Community on saturdays.

    I want to believe that you guys did not have anything to do with this decision ;)

  • KS

    For how many episodes is Revolution picked up? Is it gonna end with voice?

  • kyle

    Also why bring back Brian Williams?? That show was barely getting a 1 demo. Williams must have some dirt on the NBC brand. Unless, its for the election year.

  • KS


    CW have picked up 5 new shows this season. There is nothing they are gonna loose this season. Revolution gets enough buzz from Supernatural fans like me.

  • Jenny

    “Interesting to me to see NBC just throw in the towel on Thursdays at 10pm by scheduling Rock Center with Brian Williams. Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.”

    Yes, NBC is just Crazy.

    NBC is the Honey Badger network.
    If you are going to have an animal mascot to represent the shows that seem to have no chance of renewal but are renewed, May I suggest the Honey Badger.
    Honey Badger just CRAZY!
    Honey Badgers are hard to kill.
    Honey Badgers are the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom.
    Honey Badger don’t care about 18 -49 ratings.
    Honey Badger don’t care about viewers.
    Honey Badger ain’t scared of no bear.
    Honey Badger says I don’t care bear.
    Honey Badger don’t care about syndication.
    Honey Badger don’t care about production companies.
    Honey Badger don’t care about advertisers.
    Honey Badger don’t care about television networks
    Honey Badger don’t care about tvbythenumbers
    Honey Badger just CRAZY!

  • Chaz

    Williams was probably the least expensive show for NBC to produce. If it got 0s it probably could have been used on a night and time that they had bad luck in.

  • Tom

    These 5 new shows probably won’t be airing on fridays. Revolution is on mondays.

  • SmG

    Awake is now getting 0.7-0.9 almost at the end. I think Rock Center gets the same and its a cheaper solution, I agree that they have thrown the towel. They will be happy if its 1.0 from time to time :)

  • Tom

    FOX’ schedule will be announced tonight or tomorrow morning?

  • Michael rae

    It is nice to see NBC making a classic strategy from the 90s. Look at their 90s schedule, theyput many sitcoms and NBC became successful on that schedule

  • Nick

    This is an election year and the Thursday 10 PM slot has been death for them. I actually think that one makes sense. You certainly don’t want to launch anything out of a Parks and Recreation performing below 2.

  • Jenny

    after all the money NBC spent on Smash, they seem now to have given up on it. WOW

  • alexjones

    well I think the initial order is 13 episodes though that could be cut short if it bombs, it could also be extended to 22 episodes if it does well enough, If revolution does do well and stays in that slot the entire season i’m not sure what’s going to happen with smash, it’ll be interesting to see how smash does without the voice lead in.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    KS: pretty much every NEW show is given a 13 episode order with an option for a “back 9″ to bring it to a full season. That’s the case for Revolution, too.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Nick, I don’t dispute that the Thursday 10pm decision might be the right one (particularly as you note in an election year). I just can’t forget all the hand wringing by Hollywood company town types when Leno was in “the hallowed ground of Thursdays at 10pm”

  • Mickey

    Ah crap! And the networks continue to pile up almost every show I watch.

    Now Revolution is competing with H50 and Castle (assuming the two don’t budge, which I don’t expect they will.) Seems stupid to put all shows that might appeal to people who like action with (knowing Kripke) some humour thrown in.

    Speaking of stupid, NBC left Grimm in the Friday 9 pm slot competing against two other very similar genre shows. Granted Fringe will be gone in 13, but Grimm is already at 1.2, and that half season could’ve helped them get people in the habit of watching Grimm live rather than DVRing it in droves. And it’ll still be across from Supernatural, unless the CW moves it off Fridays, which doesn’t seem extremely likely.

    Who makes the NBC schedule, monkeys? “Hmm, let’s see, where will our shows come up against the strongest competition from similar shows and have the biggest chance of doing poorly?”

    I need to get a DVR that can record up to three shows at a time.

  • Mickey

    **to pile up almost every show I watch on Monday.

  • Jenny

    “Rock Center with Brian Williams” , “Fashion Star” , “Dateline NBC” , Smash and other bad ratings NBC shows.
    And the fact that many renewals where for 13 – 15 episodes (including Parenthood), NBC is going down hard. Who thought NBC could go down from 4th place?
    Yes, “Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.” Who would have thought the Jay Leno era would be considered the Good Old Days for NBC?

  • SJ

    Towel Toss Thursdays at 10p? More like Towel Toss Thursdays period!

    By the way, that’s totally what I’m calling NBC’s Thursdays next season – Towel Toss Thursdays – only on NBC! Alliteration FTW! Thanks Robert! :)

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