NBC: 'The Voice' in the Fall, Towel Toss Thursdays at 10p; Comedies on Friday - What Will Happen?

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May 13th, 2012

NBC's schedule is out, and though I know the notion of "musical competition fatigue" is popular among our readers, I still like the idea of NBC putting The Voice in the fall. It gives NBC a couple of things it didn't have last year: a promotional vehicle outside of Sunday Night Football for its fall shows as well as a decent lead-in for a new 10pm show. It also sets up a nice X Factor vs Voice; Christina vs. Britney (assuming reports of her joining X Factor are correct).

The expansion to four nights of comedies seems like a bit of a stretch given the three hours of relatively low-rated comedies they'd been running with, but it will be interesting to see how it develops. I won't be surprised to see the new comedies outperform the older ones, though that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform well. Either way, there's no denying Community on Friday nights is good news for TV by the Numbers.

Interesting to me to see NBC just throw in the towel on Thursdays at 10pm by scheduling Rock Center with Brian Williams. Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.

Also of note, NBC insists that despite earlier reports, it isn't necessarily the final season of either The Office or 30 Rock.

  • Mike

    NOO! Community on Fridays AFTER Whitney?


    NBC, why must you kill the shows that I like.

    Unless they’re waiting to finish 30 Rock’s 13-ep run.

  • were123

    I think they are saving it as a trump card, with so many failing shows they decided to throw nice lead in to new choice, give their returning shows a chance and store one of their biggest winners (even if it only stays at 2s after The Voice, but still…) as something they can relly on when some of their shows fails

  • F.R.

    Bob Greenblatt indicated during the upfronts that this isn’t necessarily the final season of ’30 Rock’, or any other NBC comedy.

  • Mickey

    First trailer for Revolution. It looks AWESOME!!!!


  • Jay S.


    Exactly, not only did they toss the towel at 10, they tossed it at 8 by putting the dying 30 Rock there, which already flopped in that spot this season.

  • Jenny

    @ Mickey “Who makes the NBC schedule, monkeys? “Hmm, let’s see, where will our shows come up against the strongest competition from similar shows and have the biggest chance of doing poorly?””

    You are absolutely correct, however I think they monkeys may be offended by the comparison to NBC schedulers.

  • Mitch Logan

    Whitney followed by Community is perfect.

    The aging 20-somthings with kids who watch Whitney to pretend they’re still young and vibrant will be turning in around 8:30, and the sexless ubernerds that watch Community should just be getting home from a luckless Friday night out.

  • alexjones

    people shouldn’t assume whitney and community are doomed, grimm has done decently on fridays, maybe they will too.

  • Cory

    I must say, I think this is an absolutely terrible schedule at first glance, though I will analyze it more later. I’ve always been an avid supporter of NBC; they can never seem to catch a break with some shows, and they did give my boy Chuck 5 seasons, but they are just not learning from their own mistakes and mistakes of other networks.

    First, I know The Voice will do ok in the fall, but if they really want this to be a long-term answer for the network, they really need to limit it to one cycle a year. As much as I hate American Idol, I give Fox credit for not over-saturating the market (for its first 8ish years anyway before XFactor). Assuming there is another edition in the winter/spring, I bet the performance and results shows will both be in the low 2’s by this time next year (I realize thats still an improvement over much of what they’re airing, but like I said, it will fizzle out quickly after that).

    Next, no Biggest Loser? When a 2.0 is so hard to come by on NBC these days, it’s tough to understand why they’re getting rid of one of their most reliable performers. Maybe they’re just giving it the fall season off and coming back in the spring (though it seems unlikely as there’s no mention of it anywhere), but I think it still had a couple cycles left in it before the ratings dragged it down to oblivion.

    Then, SVU returns to 9 pm to lead into a new show. They’ve tried this MULTIPLE times before, and it ALWAYS backfires. SVU just isn’t a 9 pm show, and the ratings get dragged down for both SVU and the show that airs after it.

    Then there’s the comedies, which are pretty much going to be disastrous. It seems like they’re throwing in the towel not just at 10 pm Thursday, but on the whole night. 3 of the 4 Thursday comedies are already well below 2.0, and The Office is almost certainly to follow next season (it barely stayed above towards the end this year). In my opinion, they really needed to move most of its mainstays out of there and try some new comedies in that block to try to rebuild Must See TV Thursday. It’s risky, but I think would do just as well as, and likely better than, seeing the same comedies as this season in there. And it also leaves 2 new 1 hour blocks on Tuesday and Wednesday to fight for their own life, and I just don’t see the odds being good for either one of those blocks. The Wednesday block I see completely DOA, the Tuesday block might be able to survive off the Voice. Parenthood is in a good spot. I have no issues with Rock Center Thurs at 10 since they’ve tried to launch so many failed dramas there recently.

    A bit surprised they didn’t try to move Grimm off Fridays and try to turn it into a real hit somewhere else (maybe Tuesday or Wednesday at 9), but I guess they want to try to salvage Fridays. I’m predicting 1.0 or less for both Community and Whitney (based on how much of Chuck’s audience followed it to Fridays).

    Finally, a last note about the Voice. I believe they should make it a 9-11 PM show. Let’s be honest: its not really helping launch many new shows. Smash had a good sampling thanks largely in part to the super bowl, but I just don’t see any new 10 PM dramas being a hit. I say move The Voice from 9-11, which will solve your woeful 10 PM problems for one night of the week (it aired from 10-11 in part of its first season and still pulled great ratings). If they’re still desperate to make sure The Voice gives a good lead-in to something, then cut it to one hour from 8-9 on two nights, then have the 9 PM hour have good lead-ins 2 nights of the week.

    Just my 2 cents, I know I rambled a bit, but I am not impressed with this schedule at all, and think NBC will be even further in the crapper next season without the super bowl.

  • Jan

    WHERE IS SMASH???????????

  • Baqinardo

    Community, Whitney and Nikita (vs bla bla TSC ratings bla bla) will do so good for TVBTN.
    Oh CSI:NY (vs bla bla CSI:Miami bla bla) too.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Baq, don’t forget Fringe. C’mon man.

  • KS

    One more thing to be happy about Revolution. I didn’t find really any good-looking characters in the show, for the fan girls to swoon. Hopefully, they don’t take over this show and leave at least this show to fan boys.

  • nickp

    Community moves to Friday (never a good night for any show)
    Parks and Rec is back.
    New show Revolution looks good.
    Animal Practice might be the new Scrubs (check out)
    Dane Cook gets a show (pass)

  • KS

    @Robert and Alexjones

    pretty much every NEW show is given a 13 episode order with an option for a “back 9? to bring it to a full season. That’s the case for Revolution, too.

    Is this true for CW shows like Arrow too? Or its different on different networks.

  • Fischer

    The Voice will crash… It will go into the 2.0’s

  • Pete

    Thursday’s lineup is definitely interesting.

    30 Rock & Up All Night: the former is definitely in its final season, the latter will not survive, or move to other spots. It seems NBC want to place Biggest Loser there.

    The Office & Parks: I predicted the Office would be a lead-in of a new series, but NBC don’t make it happen.

    Rock Center: NBC finally realizes the 10pm timeslot is dead after 3 freshman dramas were cancelled. Smart move!

  • Doug

    That is one monumentally bad schedule. There really are no words. Thursday will be lucky to break a 1.5 (if that, considering that Rock Center most weeks is below a 1.0), and I’m predicting almost instant death for Whitney and Community. Really, what was the point in even picking up Whitney if you’re just going to dump it on Fridays at 8pm? Community I understand – this will be the last season.

    So, will they be running two cycles of The Voice? If they are, it’ll be at mid 2s by the end of next season. I realize that NBC has few options, but this is a really disjointed line-up.

  • j

    So both Fox and NBC will have fall & spring singing competitions now. How boring. I think ratings will fall even faster than this year for their moneymakers.

    Though IIRC the only reality shows that have consistently hit a 3 in 18-49 this season are those shows. So it’s not like they’ll be overshadowed by some other reality smash.

  • fin

    I wonder if though Rock Center on thursdays is simply due to the fact that NBC has a limited amount of promotion money to spend? I mean it frees up more money to promote Fall Voice, Revolution, Chicago Fire and the new comedies. NBC might just realise it can’t fire fight its entire schedule so its deciding to perhaps try more on other days, and have a reliable (even if low) rated thursday.

    Personally the exclusion of the Biggest Looser is more interesting, it performs at least a 2.0, why not use it on thursdays? Although I suppose if NBC decides not to have two cycles of The Voice, they’ll move TBL back with a mid-season timeslot.

    Not sure about Whitney and Community, just because its low rated anyway and now on fridays doesn’t mean you have to be lazy at scheduling. Although I do like the touch of New Normal leading into Parenthood, the whole family theme. And Revolution looks good, its not just a show saying its selling point is the speed of its “high octane” story telling. Plus unlike Flashforward, there’s a place to go from the “event” (with a whole newish world, with politics, culture to explore)thats not just the mystery of the event itself. Indeed Revolution’s most outdated theme might just be the idea of a conspiracyish mystery.

    I do hope 30 Rock is in its final season (don’t get me wrong its a good show) but if NBC still had to renew it, it would be a very abd state.

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