NBC: 'The Voice' in the Fall, Towel Toss Thursdays at 10p; Comedies on Friday - What Will Happen?

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May 13th, 2012

NBC's schedule is out, and though I know the notion of "musical competition fatigue" is popular among our readers, I still like the idea of NBC putting The Voice in the fall. It gives NBC a couple of things it didn't have last year: a promotional vehicle outside of Sunday Night Football for its fall shows as well as a decent lead-in for a new 10pm show. It also sets up a nice X Factor vs Voice; Christina vs. Britney (assuming reports of her joining X Factor are correct).

The expansion to four nights of comedies seems like a bit of a stretch given the three hours of relatively low-rated comedies they'd been running with, but it will be interesting to see how it develops. I won't be surprised to see the new comedies outperform the older ones, though that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform well. Either way, there's no denying Community on Friday nights is good news for TV by the Numbers.

Interesting to me to see NBC just throw in the towel on Thursdays at 10pm by scheduling Rock Center with Brian Williams. Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.

Also of note, NBC insists that despite earlier reports, it isn't necessarily the final season of either The Office or 30 Rock.

  • Pete

    The sitcoms are also paired up poorly. Whitney and Community are extremely diverged. I guess NBC just want to finish them off ASAP if their new sitcoms are doing okay. But even their new sitcoms are randomly placed. Single-cam with multi-cam sitcoms on Wednesday?

    As for Revolution and Go On, NBC must be very confident with them to give them the Voice’s lead-in. I may not so sure though.

    And with 4 singing competitions next season, it’s almost certain every one of them will receive lower ratings, esp the Voice.

  • Xavier

    I’m with SJ, NBC are throwing in the towel for the whole of Thursdays.

    Actually, having now seen the trailers for the new shows, it looks like they are just throwing in the towel, period. Yes, their singing competitions will do well, and sports — however, I doubt ANY of the new pick-up shows will be on air in 2014. (Unless they’ve somehow managed to edit the worst scenes of each new show, and they are actually much better than they look in the trailers — I doubt that).

    And in 2014, neither will Community, Whitney, Grimm, The Office, 30 Rock, P%R, nor Up All Night still be on the air — not with that scheduling, and considering those shows are all struggling, or somewhat tired already.

  • Sam

    Is anyone not concerned that “The Voice” will go up against Monday Night Football? It’s already bad enough ratings sank against DWTS and now it will be the NFL too. It will not look good PR wise for NBC bc this fall it’s gonna be “The Voice vs. The X Factor” this fall.

  • Jason

    X-Factor will kill The Voice’s ratings this next cycle, I’m sure.

  • Sam


    I wouldn’t be too sure of that. Britney will bring in huge ratings the first episode but the hype will fizzle out. She’s not the superstar she was back in her heyday. And plus Christina Aguilera has a far more interesting bitchy persona.

  • Ben

    @Mitch Logan that was hilarious.

  • SmG

    NBC also announced that no decision was made to end 30 Rock, Office or Community this season.

  • Ram510

    NBC is really unsure of their new Fall shows are they? Everything seems to be set up for if a new show fails an old faithful steps in. At the end of the season, if everything fails we can eek out another season of The Office and 30 Rock.

    It’s sad really

  • John A

    Community is on for syndication this year so they just dumped it to friday. Good idea really it was doing crap on thursday.

  • Justin121 Some Chosen TVBTN Cpmments

    -Why does it feel like NBC is just trolling us at this point?

    -They are already burning off their comedies!

    -NBC just Britta’d the schedule.

    -this schedule tells me that NBC’s problems will only be solved with a can of gasoline, a box of matches, and a good insurance policy

    -Well, that’s one suicidal schedule from NBC.

  • therock

    wow nbc bad…wonder if cw will beat them on Thursdays

  • Justin121 My Thoughts

    -NBC took their only successes of the season – Smash and Whitney – and buried them.

    -Cutting back The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Apprentice was a good idea

    -Up All Night did well Wed @ 8

    -30 Rock final-13 shouldn’t be Thurs @ 8

  • PJM

    I admit a certain curiosity to see if Whitney/Community does better or worse than Chuck in that timeslot.

  • KJ Styles

    I don’t know why people are complaining about NBC Thursdays. Granted, Rock Center should have been cancelled, but none of their comedies will ever beat Big Bang Theory in quality or ratings. Even Big Bang’s reruns do better than first run eps of NBC’s comedies.

  • justin


  • forg

    I’m surprised they will not premiere 1600 PENN in the fall, I though if it was one of those sough-after projects by the networks and the premise is actually sound good and might work

  • Ken

    How does NBC plan to promote all these comedies…what will the distiction be from all the other comedy blocks?

  • Freddy Arrow

    So for the fall:

    5 hours of reality
    5 hours of sitcoms
    5 hours of drama
    4 hours of sports

    On the bench (I think):

    7 hours of reality (some of those may be summer shows)
    4 hours of drama
    2 hours of sitcoms

  • Chris

    Will the season of 30 Rock still be 13-14 episodes although they claim it’s not necessarily the last season?

  • Bran

    Biggest loser is one of their higher rated shows and is successfl in fall and spring. Most of the commedies dont brake 2so i think it is pointless to have commedies 4 nights a week.

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