NBC: 'The Voice' in the Fall, Towel Toss Thursdays at 10p; Comedies on Friday - What Will Happen?

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May 13th, 2012

NBC's schedule is out, and though I know the notion of "musical competition fatigue" is popular among our readers, I still like the idea of NBC putting The Voice in the fall. It gives NBC a couple of things it didn't have last year: a promotional vehicle outside of Sunday Night Football for its fall shows as well as a decent lead-in for a new 10pm show. It also sets up a nice X Factor vs Voice; Christina vs. Britney (assuming reports of her joining X Factor are correct).

The expansion to four nights of comedies seems like a bit of a stretch given the three hours of relatively low-rated comedies they'd been running with, but it will be interesting to see how it develops. I won't be surprised to see the new comedies outperform the older ones, though that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform well. Either way, there's no denying Community on Friday nights is good news for TV by the Numbers.

Interesting to me to see NBC just throw in the towel on Thursdays at 10pm by scheduling Rock Center with Brian Williams. Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.

Also of note, NBC insists that despite earlier reports, it isn't necessarily the final season of either The Office or 30 Rock.

  • alffan

    Frankly, Harry’s Law has the demo as Rock Center and probably could’ve been a 1.3-1.5 18-49 in that slot.

  • Charles

    If NBC wanted to keep Rock Center, they should’ve just paired it with Dateline on Fridays and moved Grimm to 10 pm. Thursday’s at 10 pm is baffling but then again, so is a lot of the decisions that go on at NBC. As for Community, I think that it’s good that it got moved away from TBBT but paired with Whitney on Friday’s won’t help the cause and the “6 seasons and a movie” campaign will fall short (albeit enough to get it to syndication).

  • Mark

    I was right about the placement of Up All Night, Revolution, and Parks and Rec.

    Does NBC not learn?????????????

    Multi cam and single cam don’t mix! Guys with Kids and Animal Practice aren’t compatible. Same with Whitney and Community!

    WORST SCHEDULE OF THE SEASOn. I can already tell. ABC bettter not disapoint.

    And where the hell is Smash????????????????????????

  • lindsey1

    I wondered why Community and Whitney were even renewed in the first place with the ratings they got on Thursdays. I actually think they might have a good shot on Fridays if there are no other comedies sceduled by the other networks on that night.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “TVByTheNumbers is losing FRINGE but will gain Community on saturdays.

    I want to believe that you guys did not have anything to do with this decision “

    I believe our check to the NBC scheduling department has been cashed. ;)

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Sadly, I believe we may lose them both at the same time. Both air in the fall, both with only 13 episodes. Community at least has the hope for more, but sometimes hope is just a four letter word.

    edit: but a four letter word that should certainly drive page views for a while.

  • Networkman

    They should go ahead and just announce this as the last season of 30 Rock. I feel it was lucky to get renewed in the first place. And now with all these comedy pilots picked up to series they should be confident that something will hit and just finish 30 Rock. As far as scheduling more nights of comedy, I really think NBC feels Go On will be able to beat New Girl because it follows The Voice and also it stars Matthew Perry. But that may not be the case. If it falls too much from The Voice, it could be an easy target for cancellation as well.

  • Networkman

    @Pete, I thought The Office would provide a lead in for a new show as well. Maybe one of their most promising in 1600 Penn. But once again we have NBC trying to protect Parks & Rec.

  • Allen


    30 Rock: 1.3
    UAN: 1.1
    Parks: 1.6 (ish)
    Office 2.0
    Whitney: 1.1
    Community: 1.3
    Grimm: 1.2

    Just guessing.

  • Darcy

    I am just confused as to why they wouldn’t put Whitney with Guys With Kids. I’m sorry, but WHY not put the multi-cam comedies together. WHY NBC? WHY!

  • Darcy

    On another note, NBC has some of the best new shows this season. Despite what I first thought, their comedies don’t look to bad (except The New Normal; Ryan Murphy is a hack), even Save Me has potential. Sadly, most will probably be cancelled.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    I like NBC’s idea to put The Voice at its normal time and then launch Revolution off of that. if “Rev” turns out to be as good as it looks to be, it will have my attention FOR SURE.

    I don’t like the fact that Community moved to Friday, but that does makes a nice night. Community at 8:30 and then Fringe at 9:00.

    From the clips I’ve seen, I think “the new normal”, “Guys with kids”, and “Animal Practice” are DoA. I am really hoping “1600 Penn” turns out to be good….I think a comedy about the “First Family” is a great idea. :D

  • Kim

    What exactly does being on Friday mean for Community and/or Whitney?

  • Mi

    @Justin121 Smash is not a hit, lol. It’ll crash and burn without The Voice and NBC know it. I hope they don’t waste any post-The Voice slot on Smash anymore.

  • Justin121


    It was the only renewed drama this season.

    I would really like to hear Robert & Bill & Holly & SJ’s thoughts on this:

    The only shows NBC renewed – Smash and Whitney – got send to Friday or off the Fall schedule. What the H*** is that?

    Also, why not have one-hout Bigget Loser on Wednesday to help strengthen the night (or, you know, prevent it from completely collapsing)?.

    The Biggest Loser – New Comedies – Law & Order: SVU

    The Biggest Loser – Chicago Fire – Law & Order: SVU

    Fear Factor – New Comedies – Law & Order: SVU

    Fear Factor – Chicago Fire – Law & Order: SVU

    I think it’s a good idea they cut it back to one cycle so Fear Factor could plug the hole.

    Wednesday is without a doubt NBC’s worst night.

    Thursday is getting there but Wednesday is easier to fix.

    Now that they have The Voice, The Biggest Loser, Fear Factor. These are the building blocks they need Mon-Thursday.

  • Handbrake

    I really like Whitney on Fridays at 8p as I think its viewership might spike up with no Idol to go against. Demos will go down unfortunately I think though.

    Whitney on Fridays prediction:
    5.5 million, 1.4 demo

    A lot of this depends on if one of the other networks don’t make a move where Mike & Molly or LMS moves to Fridays.

  • MJDB

    Whitney and Community is going to be this year’s Last Man Standing and Cougar Town. The first show is a good, but incompatible lead-in, and due to that the veteran gets killed. The first show pulls it through though, because it is not a lead out. (It worked out for me, because I like Last Man Standing over Cougar Town, which I find unfunny). So Whitney will get good ratings, and will be renewed, while Community will fail, get enough for syndication, and be cancelled with a series finale for the fans (I love Whitney, and don’t like Community).


  • Murray

    Well, that’s the end of Community. Not only are they putting it on Friday where TV shows go to die but they have Whitney as its lead in? Goodbye Community we hardly knew yee.

  • pete5125

    Whitney has new late night show on E! Network, the other guy is from Talk Soup, so they figure they can advertise on E! all week and get additional viewers, Whitney took on Wed and did better than “Up All Night” plus they like Whitney the person not the show, they are going to give it another season, I would of left it on Wed, and moved 30Rock, Up All Night, and Parks with it, kept THur, Community, The New Normal, Office, Animal Practice

    but I don’t know on one end NBC has to give all their Comedies 1 more season since they own the back ends in all but Community on the other they all are ratings losers outside The Office, and by NBC’s standards Parks, Community, and 30 Rock are doing good.

    NBC’s biggest problem is they gave up around the Jay Leno fiasco and now it is very hard to come back, The Voice, if it is going to be on in the Fall should of went head to head with Fox, it is going to get hurt by foot ball at least this way they would of got a ton of press for being ballsy…so Pete’s NBC Schedule

    Mon:community/Parks/The Office/ANIMAL PRACTIC/L&O:SVU
    Tue:Biggest Loser/go on/ the new normal/ParentHood
    Wed:“The Voice”/ “CHICAGO FIRE”
    Thur:“The Voice”/Revolution/Grim
    Fri:30 Rock/Up All Night/Whitney/GUYS W/KIDS/Dateline

    I think by doing this then NBC would be able to compete w/ CBS on Monday, Tue if either Comedy bombed BL could move up 30 min, The Voice/Xfactor war would get press every week, could retreat come spring no mater what NBC would see gains on WED and Thur, Friday would do at least what Chuck was doing

  • Alan 59

    This fall schedule is just SO modern NBC.

    By that, I mean that, once you fill in the no-brainers (Sunday football, Monday 8-10 and an hour on Tuesday for “The Voice,” give Wednesday 9-11 to Dick Wolf, and stick with your arch but low-rated comedies on Thursdays), there is no strategy here. “Parenthood” and “Grimm” retaining their slots may be a good decision, but it is also easier than thinking of an alternative and more comforting than taking whatever risk in moving them. Beyond that, we have four(!) new comedies and two returning laffers that are stapled onto the schedule board with no apparent discrimination.

    I can’t even tell what they’re expecting. Is the Friday night hour viewed as a haven for struggling series (lower ratings expectations), or a vote of no confidence? If it’s the latter, then why renew them at all? Is Wednesdays supposed to be some lame “guys’ night,” or just a Hail Mary with two weak comedies, because “Law And Orders” are always self-starters? “Go On” was given arguably the best timeslot (lead-out from “The Voice”), but is that because NBC has the most faith in it, or are they just screwing with Robert and Michelle King?

    The bottom line is that NBC needs someting big and bold to start crawling out of its self-dug pit, and this schedule is not even close to what it will take.

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