NBC: 'The Voice' in the Fall, Towel Toss Thursdays at 10p; Comedies on Friday - What Will Happen?

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May 13th, 2012

NBC's schedule is out, and though I know the notion of "musical competition fatigue" is popular among our readers, I still like the idea of NBC putting The Voice in the fall. It gives NBC a couple of things it didn't have last year: a promotional vehicle outside of Sunday Night Football for its fall shows as well as a decent lead-in for a new 10pm show. It also sets up a nice X Factor vs Voice; Christina vs. Britney (assuming reports of her joining X Factor are correct).

The expansion to four nights of comedies seems like a bit of a stretch given the three hours of relatively low-rated comedies they'd been running with, but it will be interesting to see how it develops. I won't be surprised to see the new comedies outperform the older ones, though that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform well. Either way, there's no denying Community on Friday nights is good news for TV by the Numbers.

Interesting to me to see NBC just throw in the towel on Thursdays at 10pm by scheduling Rock Center with Brian Williams. Somewhere, Jay Leno smiles.

Also of note, NBC insists that despite earlier reports, it isn't necessarily the final season of either The Office or 30 Rock.

  • Justin121 Q&A

    NBC’s 2012-2013 Primetime Schedule Boils Down To:

    Q1: Two nights of all-new comedies?

    A1: Their old comedies are lead-in cancer.

    Q2: Thursdays’ all-old, low-rated comedies plus Rock Center?

    A2: Towel Toss Thursdays. Must-See ‘No More’ TV.

    Q3: The move and pairing of Whitney and Community to Friday?

    A3: See A1.

    Both Whitney and Up All Night did relatively well on Wednesdays but then we go back to A1.

    Though why woudln’t they keep Whitney on Thursdays in the hopes it picks up, and burn off 30 Rock’s final season on Fridays instead, is a mystrey to me.

    Tina Fey. That’s my answer.

  • Chuck_T

    Actually I think that NBC will certainly win Sunday nights in the Fall and probably Monday night. Revolution will get a good start after The Voice and will probably do better than Smash in retaining its audience. I think that The Voice on Tuesday is smart and will get Go On a good launch–I think that Sunday-Tuesday actually look good for NBC. Thur-Sat bad–though Firday might be ok for them.

  • Joseph

    I thought that Brian Williams” “Rock Center” would be on hiatus for the start of the season, but I could see it running weekly through the election (with most of it’s content between Labor Day and Election Day being about the campaign; or perhaps it becoming a weekly show about the campaign).

    While on the one hand, Thursday is the most important night of the prime-time week (thanks to all the movie studios who buy commercial spots on Thursday nights to promote films opening the next day), on the other hand, ABC’s “20/20″ had years of success on Thursdays at 10 (ET/PT).

    Maybe NBC thinks putting “Rock Center” there (and it’s title should be changed to avoid confusion with the sitcom “30 Rock”; perhaps it can be retitled “The Brian Williams Hour”) will replicate that past success.

  • Allen


    No chance Whitney gets renewed while Community gets canceled. That makes no sense.

  • tv#1

    I am really excited about Revolution. It looks great. Hopefully, the voice lead in along with the 10pm time slot will give it a good chance to succeed. I am also very skeptical about the four nights of comedies. It seems like it could be to much for people to take. However, some of the new comedies look pretty good, so I will probably check them all out for at least an episode or two.

  • Justin121

    Do No Harm and Hannibal are two of the highest-profile series for this upcoming TV season, yet they kept them off the Fall schedule.

    The Voice x 2 lead-in wasted on a high-concept Fail and yet more niche comedies.

    Is it 2009 again?

    The Voice is the only mass-appeal show they have. They should launch mass-appeal dramas and comedies, instead.

    Go On could either be the next low-rated NBC sitcom or the next Modern Family, I guess.

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