'Fear Factor,' 'Minute to Win It,' Who Do You Think You Are?' and 'The Sing Off' All Canceled by NBC

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May 13th, 2012

For the twelve people who care: NBC has canceled unscripted series 'The Marriage Ref,' 'Fear Factor,'  'Minute to Win It,' Who Do You Think You Are?' and 'The Sing Off.'

  • Eric McInnis

    NO. Not the sing-off. That’s my fave reality show

  • Troy J.

    I will miss the sing off, it was a true singing competition, and there was always a great doo-wop group.

  • Justin121

    Finally some sensible desicions.

    Sing-Off was good holiday filler but with two Voice cycles no need

    Fear Factor could’ve been slotted an hour pre-Apprentice instead of Fashion Star.

  • Raykov

    So Off Their Rockers is renewed?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman
  • KJ Styles

    I believe that Fear Factor was cancelled ONLY BECAUSE Greenblatt doesn’t like it. From a ratings perspective, Rock Center should have been cancelled. The only show they had with worse ratings than Rock Center was Harry’s Law.

  • Sid

    I can’t believe they cancelled Fear Factor. I thought it was a descent performer for them.

  • JC

    I’d almost believe the donkey semen thing did in Fear Factor. They hyped the hell out of it coming back, then aired 2 episodes back to back and took another 8 weeks to show 4 episodes. Why hype it, then screw with the scheduling only to pull it despite decent ratings especially with Rock Center getting 4 viewers per week?

  • were123

    Seriously? Fear Factor? It was the sole reality show that did good! And the only enterteining one!

  • Jeff

    Fear Factor on Thursdays at 10 would have been awesome. They could have used that publicity to get people actually watching their network again, and made Thursdays “must-see TV” once again. People will tune in to see what gross/dangerous stunts these people would have done.

  • forg

    Didn’t they have a problem with Fear Factor last time and they pulled out an episode? Maybe that’s one of the reasons why didn’t bring it back

  • Nick

    Unscripted show averages:

    1 The Voice 5.1 (5.08) 13.33 Renewed. No surprise.
    2 Fear Factor 2.4 (2.41) 6.08. Cancelled. What???
    3 The Biggest Loser (fall) 2.2 (2.21) 6.21
    4 The Biggest Loser (spring) 2.2 (2.18) 6.44 Renewed.
    5 Celebrity Apprentice 2.1 (2.05) 6.30 Renewed
    6 Betty White’s Off Their Rockers 1.7 (1.71) 6.76 Renewed.
    7 Who’s Still Standing? 1.6 (1.62) 5.98. No news.
    8 Fashion Star 1.6 (1.59) 4.42 Renewed.
    9 The Sing-Off 1.5 (1.52) 4.56 Cancelled.
    10 Dateline (Fridays) 1.3 (1.27) 5.00
    11 Dateline (Sundays) 1.1 (1.10) 5.16 Renewed.
    12 Who Do You Think You Are? 1.1 (1.06) 5.54 Canceled.
    13 Rock Center with Brian Williams. 0.9 (0.88) 3.55. Renewed. What the…
    14 Escape Routes 0.3 (0.26) 1.08. No news.

    So NBC renews their second-worst unscripted and cancels their second best. Now I know why they’re in the toilet. ;-)

  • Nick

    That episode had a special airing on Sunday so there could be room for the Voice.

  • Networkman

    NBC is stupid. Minute to Win it would be perfect on Friday as a lead off for comedies. Also Fear Factor brings in the desired demo that NBC needs. I would also think that it is more male skewing and could of been great paired with Grimm.

  • ChadCronin

    I can’t believe Fear Factor was canceled, this would have been great to see more of the newer stunts and fun stuff. They should take the show to a new network

  • marsinvestigations1

    Cheaper to produce but no long term potential. These shows don’t perform at all on DVD, syndication, etc.

    NBC seems to be moving more toward the CBS model of getting their own ‘in-house’ projects to syndication friendly numbers and finding other ways to profit. I’m sure it has something to do with their sorry state in terms of ratings but it’s not the dumbest move. It’s one thing if you have a show like American Idol or The Voice that pulls in strong 18-49 numbers… those are going to make big bank — even without the added bonus of DVD sales (reality and competition shows perform HORRIBLY on DVD and have no syndication value) — if you’ve got a cheap unscripted show that’s doing middling 18-49 numbers that’s ALL it’s doing. There’s absolutely NO money to be made after the fact from a larger corporate perspective. Example, rather than license a cheap reality show that pulls a 1.5 demo they’d likely rather program a scripted comedy that’s produced by NBC/Universal that pulls a 1.3-1.5 because while it might cost more NOW — they’ll be able to shepherd that into syndication down the line, sell it internationally, offer it up on netflix, sell DVDs. It will turn a profit in the long-run.

    On the other end of that coin, if they can get a reality show to perform at 2.5-3 demos it’s going to have an edge over any comedy pulling a 1.3 – 1.5. None of these were really pulling numbers like that, however.

    I’m sure they’d rather have 10 reality shows performing at THE VOICE levels than a handful of underperforming comedies… but all of these ones that they dumped have been doing “meh” numbers and are a little long in the tooth. I’m not that surprised.

  • Colin

    The Sing-Off did better in Winter, there dumb fault for putting it in Fall.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman
  • Rich

    Well,this hasn’t been a good week for me. No Gilded Lilys on ABC’s announced pick up list,so no John Barrowman. Now WDYTYA,which helped kill The Finder on Friday nights was seriously putting the hurt on Nikita,is gone? Has NBC truly lost its mind. A pox on them then.

  • Sam

    Cannot believe they cancelled FF! As offended as some ppl got, it still pulled in good ratings and makes the perfect schedule spackle. I’m sure they will probably regret this.

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