'Fear Factor,' 'Minute to Win It,' Who Do You Think You Are?' and 'The Sing Off' All Canceled by NBC

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May 13th, 2012

For the twelve people who care: NBC has canceled unscripted series 'The Marriage Ref,' 'Fear Factor,'  'Minute to Win It,' Who Do You Think You Are?' and 'The Sing Off.'

  • Theoacme

    WDYTYA – read the press release, and it’s obvious that Ancestry.com was putting up a fair amount of cash to the producers of the show…

    …unfortunately, they forgot to reduce the license fees to NBC :(

  • Freddy Arrow


    “Cheaper to produce but no long term potential. These shows don’t perform at all on DVD, syndication, etc.”

    Nice analysis/explanation, but it still seems like Fear Factor if scheduled regularly and promoted better could have pulled good enough ratings to be worth it. Personally, I’d prefer to see two low rated NBC sitcoms, so this decision to cancel it is fine with me.

  • Bob

    I can’t wait for the day that they cancel NBC. Stupidest network I have ever witnessed. To think it was most watched just a short time ago and they screwed it up and continue doing so.

  • One

    Fear Factor cancellation does not compute.

  • groove365

    Well reality shows are pretty much disposable so I guess they’ll announce a new crop of bad timeslot filler soon.

  • William

    Good thing they made a big deal of bringing Fear Factor back

  • Puppet Doctor

    I can’t believe they canceled Fear Factor. I was so happy they brought it back and it did well in ratings and now they cancelled it over a Donkey Semen episode. Shame on you NBC, shame on you.

  • Lana H.

    I love WDYTYA, and I read that it will be back for another season. Now I’m confused!

  • Ram510

    So does this mean they are going to have a midseason order of The Voice too. That could be a bit much

  • Pete

    The Sing-Off/The Voice combination is much more sustainable than 2 cycles of the Voice.

  • Lisa

    I don’t care about the others, but I’m disappointed about Fear Factor. It was outperforming so many other NBC shows, too.

  • Dan

    NBC completely wiped its reality slate. With the exception of the biggest loser, apprentice, america’s got talent and The voice. Probably smart, NBC doesnt need all of these reality shows.

  • Tom

    Seriously I now have no reason to watch NBC except for football. Fear Factor was one of the few shows that was action packed and enjoyable. So what if there’s a donkey semen episode. Doesn’t NBC “approve” of all stunts before they’re done? I believe the sole reason that episode (donkey one) wasn’t shown and the show itself was canceled is Bob Greenblatt didn’t like the show. Really? A guy who oversaw shows like Dexter and Californication thought Fear Factor was too extreme? Have fun NBC when all the new shows you have coming out bomb and you have nothing to show except for repeats of Rock Center with Brian “Snooze” Williams!

  • Harry

    People keep saying that reality shows don’t perform in syndication. Wasn’t Fear Factor put in syndication a few years ago?

  • Kris

    So pissed that they killed off The Sing Off. They never should have made it into a full fledged reality show (I didn’t watch it, lost interest). They should have renewed it but as a December special like it used to be. It WAS a huge hit for them.

  • Justin121

    Agreed Fear Factor instead of Rock Center on Thursdays makes a lot more sense.

    Or on Sundays indtead of Fashion Star, for that matter (though I hear Fashion Star has its own deal/production model).

    Also, is this the biggest amount of cancelled reality shows in one season, from one network?

    PS @Bill & Robert,

    You could hype cancellation of fan favorite reality shows like Fear Factor or the benching of The Biggest Loser like Community and Cougar Town.

    Methinks this will increase traffic of your site.

  • ToXiX

    I didn’t like the new Fear Factor at all, so I’m okay with the cancellation, but STILL… the ratings were no where near the pathetic numbers of some of the NBC shows that got renewed.

  • Brandon

    Wait a second… are you telling me It’s Worth What? is still alive… ?

  • James D.

    I believe Joe Rogan told a reporter a week or two ago that FF was not coming back.

    Honestly, I think Fashion Star would benefit if it just aired on Style, E! and/or Bravo. It’s a better fit on cable than on a network.

    I could see Who Do You Think…. getting a run on cable or syndication. It could fit a niche on, say, Hallmark Channel.

    I doubt Who’s Still Standing will return. NBC was thisclose to not airing the episodes at all, and what they did air just seemed like a mishmash of mixed-up episodes, rules that changed by the episode, etc. It’s just better that it not return.

  • Jay

    Bummed about Who Do You Think You Are, however my interest in the show varied greatly depending on the celebrity… Also, the show was much better when they were just looking at grandparents and great-grandparents lives v great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents who are just too far removed…

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