Trailer Videos of NBC's New Fall Shows: 'Revolution,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Go On' and More

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May 13th, 2012


Chicago Fire:

Do No Harm:

The New Normal:

Go On:

Animal Practice:

Guys with Kids:

Save Me:

1600 Penn:

Next Caller:


  • Kavyn

    As a Canadian, I can’t watch any of that.

  • Kavyn

    Oh wait, woah, I can! That’s a first :D

  • E. Rector

    ‘Chicago Fire’ seems typical like another fire department drama. Pass. ‘Revolution’ MIGHT be a keeper, it’s INTERESTING to say the least.

    NBC pisses me off.

  • Justin

    Revolution. OH MY GOD

  • rob60990

    Do you know if they will be releasing extended trailers for the rest like Revolution got?

  • ruudisss

    Yeah, I’m Lstvian and even I can watch them! Now that’s first!!

  • ruudisss


  • Robert Seidman

    ha, nice.

  • Geraint (Wales)

    Revolution looks interesting and Guys with Kids looks like it could be good but I don’t see it lasting to long though.

  • ROB

    Revolution with The Voice not gonna work and it does not look that good another Walking Dead without the Dead!!

  • Jimmy

    Revolution looks interesting and Chicago Fire might be interesting if not for Taylor Kinney and his bad acting.

  • Robin

    Revolution :)

  • Mickey

    That Revolution trailer has me even more excited for the series.

    I’ll give Chicago Fire a try, but if it’s a lot of them standing around the firehouse being all dramatic like in that trailer, I won’t give a try for long.

    Animal Practice might be good if there’s a lot of quirky and funny.

    1600 Penn has an interesting premise, but just in the space of that 1-minute clip the main actor managed to annoy me. He said every single one of his lines in the exact same strident tone.

    But WOW, that Revolution trailer looks good.

  • Jordan

    So ‘Do No Harm’ is basically ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ which was itself no more than a modern-day ‘Dr Jekyll and Hyde’. Hollywood anything else? Plus the acting and cinematography looked awful in that clip. Not sure what that’s about.

    The clip of ‘Revolution’ showed some good production values, but it didn’t entirely convince me. Again it looks a little too much like everything else that’s out there, especially ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Falling Skies’ – and even a hint of ‘The Event’. As for ‘Chicago Fire’ – a by-the-numbers procedural set in a fire station – well I’ve seen worse. Thank god there’s no talking dog show (Episodes)

  • David F.

    Revolution is basically ‘Dies the Fire’ meets ‘Jeremiah’ meets ‘Jericho.’ I was expecting something more original from Abrams and Kripke, but I’ll still watch.

    The Miles and Charlie characters look great, but I already want to punch Danny and Nate in the face repeatedly.

  • SJ

    I didn’t have trouble with NBC’s – or Fox’s – trailers last year either. ABC and CBS were geo-blocked (Germany). Though there are ways to circumvent the block… ;)

    Revolution looks rather cheesy and it will likely meet the same fate as Terra Nova, The Event etc.

    The rest are just clips, but I’m liking Go On the most. The New Normal looks alright while Save Me was underwhelming. I don’t like Justin Kirk or Steven Pasquale so I wouldn’t watch Animal Practice and Do No Harm even if I had liked the previews… Still, hoping extended trailers will come within the next 24 hours.

  • SJ

    By the way, my pick for the show to hate on hard this season – Infamous. Revenge rip-off much?

  • Jordan

    Plus ‘Infamous’ is ‘Revenge’, ‘Save Me’ is ‘Saving Grace’/’The Big C’ and ‘Go On’ is ‘Mr Sunshine’. Right. The talking dog show isn’t looking so bad now, is it?

  • FabioParme

    The only interesting show seems to be Revolution. The rest looks like crap.

  • Tony ^_^

    What Interests Me: Revolution and Next Caller.

    Everything else… Not so much… :/

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