Trailer Videos of NBC's New Fall Shows: 'Revolution,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Go On' and More

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May 13th, 2012


Chicago Fire:

Do No Harm:

The New Normal:

Go On:

Animal Practice:

Guys with Kids:

Save Me:

1600 Penn:

Next Caller:


  • Adrian

    Everything failed to interest me except Revolution, which looks good.

    So other than Revolution and Grimm I won’t watch anything else on this fail network *yawn*.

  • Bee

    i think trailers will come soon. i remember seeing clips last season of the shows first and then trailers coming out for all of them also. it would just be weird to have random one minute clips and have that be all.

    revolution looks SO good. very impressed by the look and production values. and it might have good chances now with it having the voice lead-in. i just hope it’s a good show. i dropped out of terra nova and falling skies after around 2 eps.

    i want to like chicago fire, but it just seems like another mercy and trauma and destined to fail with its timeslot.

  • Fischer

    If Revolution is anything like The Event, I’ll stop watching after the first 2 episodes. Because every NBC drama I watch sucks.

  • Eric McInnis

    So pumped for Revolution. That looks awesome. Hope it doesn’t tank like Alcatraz and Terra Nova

  • zerg

    Revolution looks good

    I’ll give a chance to Go On,The New Normal,1600 Penn,

    Déjà vu at Infamous -.-” …hope that crash and burn

    Save Me @_@

  • E. Rector

    ‘Revolution’ MIGHT help NBC, I wasn’t a fan of ‘The Event’, but this seems different than that.

    As for ‘Chicago Fire’, probably going to flop after three episodes – Dick Wolf should be slapped in the face – fire department dramas don’t work. Wolf should stick with what’s currently working for him, ‘Law & Order: SVU’ (which has been given an NBC death slot of 9PM/8c).

  • SmG

    Agree with the majority of the comments here. I am regulary watching Parenthood on NBC and generally check out two-three dramas each year (which all of them get cancelled later :D ). I guess it seems to be the case again this year. Among these trailers and sneak peeks, the only one worth for regulary watching looks like Revolution. I’ll check out the pilot of Chicago Fire. I was planning to check out Infamous but not anymore. I think thats it for the fall NBC for me.

    Still waiting on the trailer of Hannibal.

  • Mike


    For people who constantly compare shows with the walking dead are crazy because the genre has been out long before the walking dead (I am a huge fan of the walking dead) and people arnt gonna stop creating them because of the walking dead..

  • Xavier

    Ok, so I guess Revolution appeals to the typical fanboy. I actually thought it was going to be pretty good, since Kripke does have some talent — however, seeing the trailer… OMG no, the acting and dialogue is frighteningly, ludicrously awful. Just another dumb comic book show, popular with teens of an average IQ, who too young to count in the 18-49 (fortunately).

    No way this show makes it to season 2 folks. Especially not on a Monday, and not with a girl’s show as a lead-in.

    Enjoy it, while it lasts.

  • Christian

    I almost never watch NBC, but I think I’m gonna start in the fall with Revolution. It seems very good.

  • 2134

    revolution and animal practice. rest all are crap. esp. save me and the new normal

  • psychic

    Revolution. @_@

  • kyle

    Revolution looks good, but in the clip it shows why it happened. The Cubs won the world series.

  • j

    Revolution’s trailer was disappointing. I thought it would be like when I watched the Awake trailer…though that show didn’t end up delivering.

    I like the New Normal trailer but given its creator it’ll probably suck.

    And yes, Infamous is Revenge.

  • Samunto

    Revolution looks really good. But then i have to think of the time slot and how much shows have failed there.

    Am suprised they’re holding 1600 Peen and Save me for midseason. They look great and midseason hasn’t produced any hits for a long time.

  • KJ Styles

    Chicago Fire and 1600 Penn look interesting.

  • CJ

    @Xavier – Facepalm. I’ve been really looking forward to Revolution with the team behind it, and whilst it still looks good, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But hey, I’ll still give it a go. But I agree with a lot of people on here that there’s a good chance that it will get cancelled as NBC dramas just don’t seem to survive more that one season :( Just look at Awake :/

  • Dennis

    Revolution interested me for the first minute of the trailer, after that it seemed quite dumb

  • KJ Styles

    “As for ‘Chicago Fire’, probably going to flop after three episodes – Dick Wolf should be slapped in the face – fire department dramas don’t work.”

    @E.Rector- Ummmmm Rescue Me lasted for 7 seasons. I’d say that worked just fine.

  • halloween

    looks like NBC will be the 4th place English speaking Network again…

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