Trailer Videos of NBC's New Fall Shows: 'Revolution,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Go On' and More

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May 13th, 2012


Chicago Fire:

Do No Harm:

The New Normal:

Go On:

Animal Practice:

Guys with Kids:

Save Me:

1600 Penn:

Next Caller:


  • NBC is awesome

    they all look great!!(except for “the new normal”, i hoping the mindy project goes in that slot and crushes it!!!). Infamous is NOTHING like revenge. infamous is about a detective investigating the death of her friend. Revenge is about a psychopath, killing people involved with the death of her father a bunch of years ago. Similar themes, very different plots.

  • tvfreak

    I wish Revolution the best of luck after The Voice next year!

    But why does 1600 Penn have to be held off for midseason?!

  • DCC

    Revolution looks really good. Unfortunately, it’s NBC’s.

  • capslocke

    These trailers just reaffirmed the 3 that I’m most excited about: Revolution, Do No Harm, and The New Normal. Kinda dissapointed with Go On, though, Matthew Perry deserves much better, although I will give it a try.

  • Mike

    Chicago Fire Will fail..

    1. It doesnt look that good.

    2. I think it will fail like NBC’s Trauma

    3. Im sure it would do better on cable but i wont watch it either way

  • Polar Bear

    would have checked out guys with kids (jimmy fallon!) but the laugh track kills it.
    Revolution-good looking teens with guns in basically a post apocalypse world (falling skies). i’ll still check out though-kripke and abrams sounds good
    animal practice and next caller look fine, and while 1600 Penn is one of the more creative ones, that clip was horrendous.
    Do No Harm/Chicago Fire-ehh

  • dee

    No impress with any one of them. So sad.

  • Sophia

    So I’ll be watching Revolution :D

    I know I won’t be watching Animal Practice, The New Normal, Save Me, Infamous, Do No Harm, or Hannibal (anyone else notice there was no trailer for that one?).

    & I’ll give a try to Guys with Kids, Chicago Fire, & 1600 Penn. (Probably won’t watch Next Caller & Go On.)

    —Revolution is going to be great!! Go Eric Kripke!!—

  • DJ

    Are we all watching the same videos here?

    I watched Revolution, and I see some pretty awful acting (especially the niece, waaay overacting). The dialogue is melodramatic, and lacking any truth. Not to mention they are walking about in designer clothes with make-up despite having no power for 15 years.

    So yeah, Jericho meets FlashForward with elements of Lost, bad acting, bad script, and bad art direction.

    And people think this looks good? Seriously. I mean, seriously? I guess network TV can really get away with putting up any old garbage and there’s always those undiscerning who don’t care about production quality.

    Except, they can’t. Genre shows draw very few viewers, and if you think this one will be different… well, good luck with that.

  • KJ Styles

    @Mike- I disagree. I think Chicago Fire is the most intriguing of these shows easily.

    There don’t seem to be very many L&O fans on this site. That sucks, but whatever. I’ll give Chicago Fire a chance.

  • neJANIS

    Really looking forward for Chicago Fire and Revolution. CH probably will flop, because such show never works only on cable channels. Revolution chances are 50/50 it’ll probably start strong but what comes after that it’s hard to say for now.

  • Mickey

    And people think this looks good? Seriously. I mean, seriously? I guess network TV can really get away with putting up any old garbage and there’s always those undiscerning who don’t care about production quality.

    Let’s all bow down to DJ and his superior discernment. Clearly we are not worthy to have opinions in such an illustrious and infallible presence.

    @KJ Styles
    Ummmmm Rescue Me lasted for 7 seasons. I’d say that worked just fine.

    Yes, but after it was moved to cable. Third Watch did survive for 6 seasons, but that was half cop/halp fire dept. I think it could work: surely there must be really interesting stories to tell in a fire department. I just didn’t like that clip, but I’ll give the show a try in case that clip was not representative.

    I forgot Go On earlier. I’ll give it a go just because it has Mathew Perry in it.

  • RidersDX

    My god, Revolution looks amazing. I just hope that the plot is going to expand much more from what that trailer has shown. I have faith in the people making it though.

    Do Not Harm sounds really interesting. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint me like Awake did.

    The New Normal looks like alot of fun and I love Glee, so can’t wait for that one.

    Animal Practice reminds me a little of House. And since House is ending, hopefully this show fills in its place nicely.

    And that’s about it.

  • Jason

    The worst show looks like Do No Harm. Surprised that got greenlit.

  • AC75

    I had very low expectations for REVOLUTION but this trailer makes them dip even further. I don’t know why the amount of overgrowth after just 15 years bothered me so much, but it did. The sword fighting was a little hokey as well. Will probably watch for Kripke but then stop watching for Abrams. It also looks too much like The Event/Falling Skies.

    Guys with Kids made my IQ drop.

  • rblinker123

    Only really interested in checking out Revolution, Guys with kids and 1600 Pen. Maybe I’ll check out Animal Practice and Infamous. The rest dont really look that good. Revolution looks good and hopefully it does well following the Voice, but it will probably start big and then just fizzle out.

  • huh!

    I do not trust trailers. Especially NBC trailers. When I first saw the trailer of awake I was amazed, but it turned down to be less than I expected.

  • KJ Styles

    @Mickey- I didn’t have a problem with the clip. I wasn’t blown away by it but given Dick Wolf’s reputation for putting on great shows I wouldn’t bet against him.

    I honestly think Revolution’s premise would work better in a movie than in a TV series. I can’t see this being a long running show, it’s way too unrealistic.

  • Mike

    @KJ Styles

    I may give Chicago Fire a chance once i see a full trailer because the clip didn’t do it any justice.

    And sorry im not a L&O fan except for Criminal Intent..

    The Only Shows on NBC That Interest Me are

    1. Revolution
    2. Do No Harm
    3. Guys WIth Kids
    4. 1600 penn

    and i will at least watch pilots of these

    1. Chicago Fire
    2. Go On
    3. Infamous


  • DryedMangoez

    Revolution looks great. Wish we got full trailers for the other shows too.

    Looking forward to Do No Harm and Hannibal. Of the comedies, Save Me looks like fun.

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