Trailer Videos of NBC's New Fall Shows: 'Revolution,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Go On' and More

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May 13th, 2012


Chicago Fire:

Do No Harm:

The New Normal:

Go On:

Animal Practice:

Guys with Kids:

Save Me:

1600 Penn:

Next Caller:


  • pandorajinel(formerly Erin)

    pft. Dude you’re nuts and I mean that in the fondest way possible.

    I second the “it’s funny that people are already arguing over what’s going to fail next season” comment.

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    Actually I take 1600 Penn back (deadline had a different trailer and apparently my comment got stuck in the content filter) but 1600 Penn actually looks funny.

  • Dan S

    I’ve been losing interest in H50 & think it could be in trouble if Revolution takes off in the ratings. It amuses that some people are trashing a show they haven’t seen yet. Either you go with the premise or don’t bother watching to start with. I think it’ll do very well out the gate but would hopefully settle at around 3.0

  • AC75

    @pandorajinel(formerly Erin)

    I can live with that.

  • jake

    Wow, Revolution looks so good, and It’s not as chessy as Terra Nova or The Event, not for me, with The Voice as a lead-in it could keep nice ratings.

  • Charles

    The beginning of The Revolution trailer looked decent but the more it went along, the less interested I became in it. So it looks like the only show I will continue to watch on NBC is Grimm.

  • KJ Styles

    @SJ- “Revenge is NOT getting moved. You can take that to the bank!”

    You never know. I could see it on Sundays since DH is gone, GCB got cancelled, and Beauty & The Beast wasn’t picked up. ABC’s gonna want another show on Sundays that appeals to women, and Revenge fits the bill. It would do well with OUAT as a lead in. I definitely don’t see them premiering two new dramas on Sunday.

  • Mickey 1.0

    @KJ Styles
    That’s fine with me. My money is with me enjoying Chicago Fire and Person Of Interest for several seasons to come, and you posting “Save Revolution” posts as it’s status will be on the bubble or lower for the majority of the season much like Fringe’s has been the last two seasons (which is an AWFUL show, no wonder it’s ratings suck so bad).

    If Revolution makes it past season one, it will only be because it’ll have The Voice as a lead in. It’s ratings will be no better than Smash’s have been, if not worse. I’m not impressed with the show at all. It’s acting and storyline look lame. It’s only saving grace is it’s special effects.

    Dude! Lighten up. I was just commenting on the fact we obviously have opposite tastes in television, as I like everything you don’t and vice versa, and thus only one of us would like Chicago Fire.

    I did not diss your show nor its chances. I in fact said a couple of times that I was going to give it a try, and that I thought there would be interesting stories to tell in a fire station.

    You suck at light-hearted banter.

  • ivan

    I only will see revolution hannibal and probably the new normal and guys with kids but seriously this shows are so stupid and so not interesting at all, my opinion is that this network is trying to kill her self with this shows and i just dont understand why people watch all that crap the cw has a lot better shows actually all of them are better then all of the nbc’s shows but still only a milion are watching them WHY

  • Tessa

    JFC I just watched the promo for Revolution and it gave EVERYTHING away. Thanks NBC, now I have no interest in watching the actual show. :|

  • hardline_pro

    Revolution looks epic!

  • Petar

    Revolution songs in trailer are outstanding! Great jobs guys.

    first song is from “Two steps from Hell – Heart of Courage” and second song is from VAST – Touched !

  • Teag

    Wow! Revolution! Woot! Please be successful.

  • Verus

    WIll have to try Revolution but the rest looks very bland.

  • MostlyWater

    Revolution looks like it will start with a great episode then have hardly any progression until episode 10 or 11. By which time most people would have given up on it, of course I’m still watching it bored to tears. Then episode 11 comes along after the mid season break and it’s really good, they’ve picked up the pace, adding interesting mysteries and answering a few of the smaller ones.

    The next few episodes get better and better, I’m starting to really love this show. Because of the boredom they put us through from episode 2-9 they’ve lost so many viewers and the ratings are such it could go either way between cancellation and renewal, I’m checking TVBYN daily to see how the show’s doing. This is the point the show shoots itself in the foot, they have a few filler episodes, until the last 2 episodes. Wow the show turns those episodes into must watch tv.

    The last episode of course will answer a few of the mysteries and end on a fairly big cliff hanger, it’s not a huge cliff hanger as the writers by this time arn’t sure wether it’s going to be renewed. Of course it’s a forgone conclusion.

    Even tho Revolution is treading on twitter, alongside the record number of dead batteries being sent into NBC for the ‘Save The Revolution’ campaign. This is all for nought as news in May will be NBC has cancelled it along with most of the new shows they picked up. Except for Guys with Kids which after 6 episodes we’ll read that NBC couldn’t be bothered with it any more.

  • Mickey 1.0

    I just realized… Revolution is going to be up against H50 and Castle!!! I really need the new DVR that records three things at once. :-(

    You and me both, brother.

    As for the overgrowth, take a look at some pictures around Chernobyl, now granted that is without anyone around, but still it is possible

    We don’t know that anyone is around that part of the city. It looked abandoned to me. I saw a documentary once about how quickly nature reclaims uninhabited areas, and it was pretty freakin’ quick.

    @Dan S
    It amuses that some people are trashing a show they haven’t seen yet.

    I know right? I guess some people just feel the need to trash.

  • thesnowleopard

    Revolution looks absolutely horrible and the number of scientific errors in the trailer alone are sky-high (starting with how planes don’t crash like that and if Og still have fire after this big crash, Og still have guns, too). I predict the same grisly fate for it that Alcatraz had.

  • Mickey 1.0

    Og might find bows and arrows more convenient seeing as all the bullet-making factories have shut down and 15 years is plenty long enough to exhaust the existing supply of bullets. Sure they could learn metallurgy and melt down metals to cast bullets and search far and wide until they have found sources of saltpeter, sulphur and charcoal and learn how to make their own gunpowder. But I’m guessing string and wood was handier.

    I remember watching Top Gun and the plane crash that killed Goose was in a flat spin like that. And they had all kinds of Navy pilots as consultants. Out of curiosity, I just did a search with “plane crash” and “flat spin” and got all kinds of hits from real planes that crashed while flat spinning. Reading through some of them, they said flat spins are caused by lack of forward momentum, for example if the plane stalls.

    I’m actually going to watch the show before I pass judgement on it.

  • Networkman

    @joel, I agree with you. Out of all the comedy series picked up on NBC, 1600 Penn looks most promising. I really like misfit characters. I feel this show has potential. I would love for it to be paired with Community. The two seems most compatible. Go On seems annoying. Matthew is starting to play the same type of character. The trailer makes him seem sarcastic, smug,cocky, etc.

    So, grading the shows based on the trailer

    1600 Penn:B
    Save Me:C
    Chicago Fire:C
    Animal Practice:C-
    The New Normal:C-
    Do No Harm:D
    Next Caller:D
    Guys with Kids:F
    Go On:F

  • thesnowleopard

    @Mickey 1.0
    There is a whole lot of ammunition out there, not to mention quite a few survivalist groups who have stocked up on it. It would take a lot longer than 15 years for them to run out if they didn’t run around shooting off thousands of rounds of bullets just for show. I don’t see why all of them couldn’t have rifles, for example, and not just that one guy. And guns are much easier to learn to shoot than bows and crossbows. Or swords.

    I also don’t see what would be so tough about making bullets and guns. Again, lots of people have that knowledge even now. And the “difficulty” of smelting and putting parts together didn’t stop the Old West from having a whole lot of guns in it. For that matter, why does only one guy have a horse? With the huge distances between your average town in the U.S., militias aren’t going to be very effective just marching around the countryside with bows and arrows. This isn’t the Civil War and they wouldn’t be able to live off the land the way you could back then (the U.S. being a largely agrarian society at the time). Just stock up on horses and make a cavalry, already. There’s plenty for the horses to eat.

    In Top Gun, the flat spin that brought down Maverick and Goose’s plane was caused by the turbulence from another jet’s engines. In The Right Stuff, Yeager’s plane goes into a flat spin because he goes up to high and the air is too thin. Basically, the air flow pressure under his wings is no longer greater than the air flow pressure above his wings.

    Now, granted, it’s been a while since I was in a pilot’s training course, but one thing we learned right off is that planes do not just fall straight out of the sky like rocks. And if you look up real plane crashes, you will see why. Planes in flight are on trajectories and they have momentum. It’s basic physics. Yes, they will stall if the engines cut out, but it takes a while for the stall to become fatal. They can glide for quite a ways. And then, when they do stall, they go down in a trajectory, not straight down in a spin like that (That is actually fairly unusual for a crash). A good example is the Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie in Scotland. The plane disintegrated in midair, but the no-longer-aerodynamic pieces continued on their original trajectory, dropping according to their weight and how the explosion affected them, leaving a trail of debris that wreaked havoc when it struck the ground.

    Another thing–with a plane that large, it would not go down in one piece if it did go down in a flat spin. It would lose plenty of parts (like, you know, wings) on its way down, especially since there is a minimum distance a plane is allowed to be above a populated area like that. The planes in Top Gun were small fighter jets designed to withstand the extreme G stresses of combat maneuvers. Your average 737 is just not designed that way.

    The idea of electricity going out permanently just like that is scientifically dumb, anyway, especially since the writers seem to think that includes any chemical reaction that could lead to electricity being restarted (and yet, guns work, so pretty explosions are okay). Why is that dumb? Because our nervous systems run on biochemical electrical impulses and in such a world, we’d die right off, too.

    I won’t get into the usual Stupid Teen Characters on prominent display in the trailer. They seem to be ubiquitous in these shows now. All in all, it looks like a postapocalyptic western version of Terra Nova and we all know how that panned out.

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