Trailer Videos of NBC's New Fall Shows: 'Revolution,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Go On' and More

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May 13th, 2012


Chicago Fire:

Do No Harm:

The New Normal:

Go On:

Animal Practice:

Guys with Kids:

Save Me:

1600 Penn:

Next Caller:


  • I like this show


    I also find it completely laughable at people fighting over what’s going to be canceled lol. “Revolution is just a rip off of falling skies and walking dead”. LOL didn’t see any Aliens….I guess it’s a possibility LOL if Revolution is fortunate to pull Walking dead ratings with it’s “imitation” NBC will sign it up for 3 seasons on the spot.

    I will be giving Revolution a shot….pretty sure it’s not a reality show so im going to treat it as such…..ya know escape from reality……

  • JJJ

    It IS funny how people are picking at shows just from a preview clip. Seriously lets wait for explanations of the scenario until the first episode happens. And for a genre show we don’t need strict realism. Come on! And as a fan of Kripke and Supernatural I know he can deliver a genre show that doesn’t depend on strict realism.

    Some people need to seriously lighten up.

  • Jenn

    Guys with Kids seems funny, Go On has the potential to be funny, but Matthew Perry’s comedies the past few years have been underwhelming so we’ll see if this one turns out to be better. I like Billy Burke so he is the only reason that I might attempt to watch Revolution, and other than that maybe Infamous will be good. At first I thought Chicago Fire sounded good, but then I watched the trailer, and so far I’m unimpressed.

  • Handbrake

    Chicago Fire is the best of the bunch.

    Guys with Kids and Infamous are the only other ones that look good.

    Revolution and Hannibal look good too but we all know these are likely short-term options unless NBC hangs onto them past this season.

  • Mark Wilkins

    Revolution looks interesting, just hope they don’t screw it up like heroes. I’ll pass on everything else.

  • Greg

    Revolution pisses me off a bit because if we lost all electricity we would only go back to the Steam age. I am not going to nitpick on the fact that electricity is a physical phenomena and cant be turned off because its sci-fi and I will stretch for that, but I don’t think it have that big of an impact as the show suggests. An impact for sure but not apocalyptic.

  • Mickey 1.0


    I only saw the part where you said survivalist groups have stockpiled ammunition. Like they’re gonna share it with the rest of the population.

    I didn’t read the rest of your post, as I consider it completely pointless to criticize an entire show based on a trailer.

    Talk about judging a book by its cover.

  • Mickey 1.0


    We don’t know that they’re not making advances to return to steam power. But that wouldn’t happen overnight, as the means to make a steam engine without electricity no longer exist. For example, how do you make a steamboat from scratch if you don’t have the electricity to smelt metal, power saws and blow torches, etc? Whereas sailboats still exist and would be easier to get your hands on and use.

    Ironically here, it is easier to return to much earlier methods without electricity. For example, it is easier to go back to using horses (which still exist and are still in use) than to try and build a steam engine car, which you would have to build from scratch without electricity to power the means of production.

    It would make complete sense to go back to pre-industrial revolution methods before once again making the advances that would lead to industrial revolution-era technology. And as there would be complete chaos for a long time, 15 years wouldn’t completely get you there. People would be too preoccupied with surviving the marauding gangs and finding food. There have to be engineers somewhere working on it–and I’m betting they will run into a steampunk mad scientist type along the way–but it wouldn’t be in widespread use. No means of mass production, for starters.

    Again, watch the series first instead of jumping to conclusions based on a trailer. A trailer is just meant to pique your interest. It’s not meant to explain everything about the show.

  • ….

    Chicago Code looks sooo bad! I should be cancelled quickly. Revolution had goods parts and bad parts in the trailer, but looks interesting enough. Go On and Save Me and 1600 Pen look promising from the short clips.

  • thesnowleopard

    @Mickey 1.0
    I seriously doubt that anybody in these militias would be able to go around and collect every single one of the many millions of guns and bullets out there, let alone impose any kind of realistic ban. If this kind of event happened, people would simply go down to the nearest hardware store or Walmart and stock up on firearms and ammunition. Not to mention that everyone would look a lot dirtier and have more ragged clothing. Other series have already done this premise much better.

    I mainly watched the trailer to see if this was actually sci-fi or just using the science as a macguffin. It definitely looks to be the latter. This looks like yet another excuse for a postapocalyptic western and I’ve already seen plenty of those. Plus, the only remotely interesting character dies halfway through.

    As for those muttering about how people aren’t even giving the series a chance, just what do you think these trailers are for? It’s not as though millions of people out there have been swearing to sell their firstborn for an Abrams/Kripke collaboration on a postapocalyptic western. The trailer is there to convince people to watch it. If they’re not convinced, it’s hardly the fault of the audience. If I want to judge a show based on its pilot, trailer, or even just premise, that’s my prerogative.

  • ron

    Revolution looks like a flash foward meets Terranova meets falling skies meets jericho.

    Chuicago fire Eh! that was not interesting at all, just like DO NO HARM

    The New Normal is the sitcom from ryan murphy rigth¿?, Go On looks good.
    Guys with kids interesting it can be great fror a long period.

    1600 peen ahaha that looks great, Infamous mmmmmmm

    Half of thsi shows will eb gone at the half of 2013

  • Ryan

    Noticed there’s an s-word on the Chicago Fire trailer.. Is NBC going to try to push the PTC’s buttons to drum up some publicity for their fall lineup?

  • Petar

    Revolution trailer is huge hit – 6 millions views – its like movie hit trailer -looks outstanding, freaking awesome! They must keep these 2 songs from trailer for theme in the series episodes! All other network trailers are around 5000 its crazy!

    I bet revolution premiere will beat Person of interest and Once upon a time premieres even at 10! And these two was best dramas of the season.

  • SQ

    From these videos I really want to see revolution. It reminds me a lot of falling skies, but seems a bit more interesting because of the conspiracy ish element.

    I will probably check out go on and animal practice but I am not sure if I will stick with them.

    Do no harm is iffy for me until I saw the name and image at the end I had no idea what the show was about. Maybe it will get my attention once there are more previews.

    The rest just seem blah and uninteresting.

  • Networkman

    I just saw a new trailer of Go On. This time it showed the entire ensemble cast at the support group. I will now say that the show is better than an F that I orginally gave it. It reminds me of Help Me Help You which starred Ted Danson. It even has Suzy Nakamura in it. I’m now giving Go On: C-

    I also saw an extended trailer of Animal Practice. The monkey is funny. I will say that NBC should be patient with this one because it has potential. Why it was paired with Guys with Kids, one will never know. I’m now giving Animal Practice:B-

    I would change the timeslots for the comedies so they would have better flow.

    8pm The Voice
    10pm Chicago Fire

    8pm The Voice:Results
    9pm 1600 Penn
    9:30 Community
    10pm Law & Order:SVU

    8pm The Office
    8:30 Parks & Rec
    9pm Do No Harm
    10pm Revolution

    8pm Go On
    8:30 Animal Practice
    9pm Up All Night
    9:30 The New Normal
    10pm Parenthood

    8pm Whitney
    8:30 Guys with Kids

    Sunday: Midseason
    7pm Dateline NBC
    8pm 30 Rock
    8:30 Save Me
    9pm Celebrity Apprentice
    10pm Smash

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