Updated: 'Unforgettable' Canceled by CBS; 'NYC 22,' 'Rob' Too

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May 13th, 2012

Update: Rob has now been canceled too.

Not close to a surprise, but CBS has canceled freshman UnforgettableNYC 22 now officially dead too, along with other freshman A Gifted Man.

The daily ratings might not give you a full read on a show's popularity, but they still give a pretty full read on what shows will be canceled and renewed.

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  • The Mike Factor

    No surprise here

  • Zach

    I liked this show at first. It was decent. But it got old quit.

  • Zach


  • Fabrizio

    Damn you, CBS.

  • Robsten_Fan

    CBS are sick!

  • hello

    Deadline reports NYC 22 as cancelled

  • Justin

    Good. Always fell asleep watching this awful show. Stopped watching after the 4th episode.

  • Sky

    It is a must.

  • Geraint (Wales)

    Did Unforgettable end on a cliffhanger?

  • Tod

    so sad, but is no surprise :/

  • Brian B

    Its funny how it doesn’t matter how many people are watching it but who’s watching it.

  • John A

    So this just leaves Rules and Rob up in the air.

  • Tom

    I enjoyed it and will probably miss it but not at all surprised it was cancelled.

  • Dennis

    shock no 2 today, 1st CSI: Miami and now Unforgettable. so bad sunday

  • Geraint (Wales)

    The only thing that could make today better is if Rules Of Engagement is renewed.

  • SJ

    There is a god… a TV god, that is.

  • JC

    Gonna miss Unforgettable. I thought it was an interesting twist on the standard procedural.

  • hardline_pro


    -Upset CSI: Miami fan

  • valezza

    Well, that sucks. I really started to like Unforgettable.

  • SJ84

    CBS. You suck. Why did you have to cancel Unforgettable? It was one of the best shows you had and not such a crap like POI, 2 1/2 man and those awful reality shows. It makes me very sad :-( Unforgettable is a great show and last Tuesday’s finale was amazing. I was in love with this show from the first moment I saw it and the show got better after each episode. Poppy portrayed Carrie perfectly and also the rest of the cast was awesome. Apparently it is more important to keep awful shows or pick up awful new dramas to get more money than to keep the good dramas you already have. Poppy and the rest of the cast deserve better. For some reason CBS really likes to cut successful deals. Congratulations, you just lost a viewer. Wished you would make it possible that another network could pick it up, maybe they are smarter than you are.

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