Updated: 'Unforgettable' Canceled by CBS; 'NYC 22,' 'Rob' Too

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May 13th, 2012

Update: Rob has now been canceled too.

Not close to a surprise, but CBS has canceled freshman UnforgettableNYC 22 now officially dead too, along with other freshman A Gifted Man.

The daily ratings might not give you a full read on a show's popularity, but they still give a pretty full read on what shows will be canceled and renewed.

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  • hello

    ROB is gone

  • Neil

    Adiós ¡Rob!

  • Crazy Eye Broyles (AJ)

    Too bad, I thought Rob was pretty funny.

  • Matt

    I think that Rules will be renewed.

    And no surprised here with CBS. Miami was a surprise, I could have sworn NY would have gone first. Very interesting.

    I am kind of excited to watch elementary and made in jersey

  • bluejays

    I tried Unforgettable as I love Poppy but it wasn’t good.

    The overall viewers were stronger than some of their other dramas but the demo was weak.

    Yet more proof that generally the demo rating works as a much stronger overall guide than total viewers ever can but I still expect to see lots of posters next year wondering why a show with a gazillion viewers is on the bubble.

  • kaslad

    What about Rules?

  • Christian

    I’m gonna miss Unforgettable.:(

  • hardline_pro

    @SJ84 – Person of Interest is not crap.

  • josh

    Bye Rob wont miss ya ..

    fingers crossed for RoE

  • MissJo

    Very bad move after all from Unforgettable to end the season on a cliffhanger

  • Matt


    POI is one of the best new shows out there. Its amazing

  • Petar

    PLEASE can we gather all in one page….i mean all CBS renew and cancel shows. Thanks.

  • MJDB

    Loved Rob, but what are you going to do. Good ratings though, but to CBS, good ratings mean squat.

  • Rebecca

    CBS likes Poppy Montgomery – she’ll probably be in something else some time soon. Just like how ABC likes Dana Delaney (China Beach, Desp Housewives, Body of Proof)…when BoP some day leaves the air, she’ll be in something else.

  • Petar

    POI is one of the best new shows out there. Its amazing


    Its the BEST not one of the best! And not only this season from last 3 seasons at least! Whel all dramas was ans still are in decline!

  • Survivor Fan

    Come on, Rules! I would say that it has a 75% chance of survival.

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous

    @Rebecca And how CBS also likes Alex O’Laughlin & Simon Baker.

  • disney rocks

    I sort of agree with Rob cancellation; but I think that CSI:Miami should have received a little order for next season and so should Unforgettable; NYC 22 100% should have been cancelled; also realize that AGM should have been renewed but they had to cancel it to free up the schedule

  • Raykov

    And ABC loves Vanessa Williams obviously – Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and now 666 Park Avenue

  • Chris

    Not surprised about NYC 22. The other rookie show died quick too. Unforgettable… was forgettable. Rob would be a good Friday night show. It was ok but not something i would miss if i were going out.

    A Gifted Man could have been the new House if they hung out a bit longer.

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