Updated: 'Unforgettable' Canceled by CBS; 'NYC 22,' 'Rob' Too

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May 13th, 2012

Update: Rob has now been canceled too.

Not close to a surprise, but CBS has canceled freshman UnforgettableNYC 22 now officially dead too, along with other freshman A Gifted Man.

The daily ratings might not give you a full read on a show's popularity, but they still give a pretty full read on what shows will be canceled and renewed.

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  • tvfreak

    @Bill, Robert: How would you like me to cook the egg on my face? ;)

  • Carm

    Cannot believe it’s cancelled. I LOVED The show Unforgettable. CBS you suck!

  • arial

    What a joke! Private Practice and Body of Proof, in the same time frame on ABC, pull in half as many viewers, but each is renewed. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if whatever replaces Unforgettable turns out to be a boon to ABC programming. If Body of Proof returns in the same Tuesday time slot, I will no longer have to choose between the two networks; I won’t be watching CBS.

  • Gary


    You need to seriously get a life. I love TV but to get that bent out of shape is rediculous. Its ok to be bummed but to get wild, crazy and seriously upset is absurd. To all you people who get this upset you might wanna try going out on a date or changing the priorities in your life

  • Montecore

    I tried to watch Unforgettable but got bored after the second episode, I still miss Prime Suspect though. I really wish they would get rid of all the trash talk shows though!

  • Leonard

    I honestly think that Unforgettable and Rob were bad cancellations. CBS’ new dramas are not really good this year. I don’t know why they didn’t just keep these shows it really makes no sense.

  • kaslad

    WHAT about Rules?????

  • Nicholas R

    Come on Rules, I know you’ve got a renewal left in you! :)

  • darius

    Robert,what s going on with Rules of engagement?Csi Ny is like a cat with 9 lives,fools death everytime you think it s over

  • TVDude

    It looks like CBS is trying to work Rules into the schedule some how. If they wanted to cancel it, they would have probably did it with Rob. If it gets canceled now, it’s not because they didn’t want it back or weren’t trying. I think it’s all up to negotiations. Things do seem to be the show’s favor though, from what I’ve read.

  • Mikey

    Rob! was the best comedy I’ve ever saw. Rob Schneider was hilarious. Why cancel such a great show.

  • Jamie

    sucks that Unforgettable was cancelled! it had over 10 million viewers so why would they cancel ikt? we should start a petition to bring back Unforgettable! who’s with me?

  • Jill

    I was into Unforgettable and really routing for the romance. Dylan Walsh and Poppy Montgomery are awesome.

  • Steve

    NYC22 Was a good show with some reputable actors and actresses. Unlike CSI:Miami and NY, which are just mainstream shows and they churn out episodes like fodder for the masses. 4 episodes was hardly enough to give it a fair test, the show was just getting started.

  • Networkman

    Unforgettable was lucky to last the entire season with 22 episodes produced. I remember many who were predicting its doom last fall. The concept was probably just not appealing for many. I thought it still had a chance to return on Friday nights but I rather see Poppy in a better series.

  • Hello

    Ugh, Unforgettable/Poppy needed to go. Her lips looked extremely weird.

  • jbourne5181

    dont understand your cancelation of unforgetable. this show had a nice twist on the remedial cop shows we are always seeing. where are these neilson votes coming from, west virginia?

  • Ben

    CBS was renewing almost everything, and something had to go to make room for new programs that CBS has more confidence in. Unforgettable was a gimmick (a person who remembers Everything like Marilu Henner), a waste of the talent in front of and in back of the camera, and it did not get the quality reviews that The Good Wife gets. Sure it’s ratings were decent, but, that’s almost a given considering the NCIS/NCIS: LA lead in. The cancellation of Unforgettable Was predicted weeks ago by Zap2it. It was not a bad show, but, it was not very good either. I am sure that the people who made Unforgettable Will have no trouble finding work doing something else.

  • sally

    i like csi ny and csi miami,i like unforgettable but i thought nyc 22 was with a boring cast

  • William


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