Updated: 'Unforgettable' Canceled by CBS; 'NYC 22,' 'Rob' Too

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May 13th, 2012

Update: Rob has now been canceled too.

Not close to a surprise, but CBS has canceled freshman UnforgettableNYC 22 now officially dead too, along with other freshman A Gifted Man.

The daily ratings might not give you a full read on a show's popularity, but they still give a pretty full read on what shows will be canceled and renewed.

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  • Dan

    Has CBS made a decision on Rules of Engagement?

  • pepper

    I loved Unforgettable. CBS I thought it was a big hit.

  • shawn

    Cbs is starting to piss me off

  • Tim

    I actually liked Unforgettable, but with it’s numbers I expected it. Rob sort of surprised me.

  • Gingotts

    What of Rules of Engagement? Conventional wisdom is that it depended on sitcom time and would be decided alongside Rob, but no mention yet suggests differently. Maybe kicked to mid-season replacement status again?

  • Greg Chenoweth

    I thought for sure that CBS would renew “Unforgettable” for a second season, but I was wrong. I’ll eat crow.

  • Jimbo

    “What of Rules of Engagement? Conventional wisdom is that it depended on sitcom time and would be decided alongside Rob, but no mention yet suggests differently. Maybe kicked to mid-season replacement status again?”

    It’ll probably get the usual treatment: exiled to some horrible spot on the schedule at some random moment of the television season (like how CBS planned to send it to Saturdays this most recent season, which was hilarious)…only to be brought back to primetime when some godawful comedy gets the ax.

  • I like this show

    “POI is a crap show” LOL no the show that got canceled…Forgettable is sorry WAS crap. At least there weren’t too many morons besides the person that thought POI is a cop show lol.

  • DT

    CBS very upset about Unforgettable really liked this show, so tired of all the reality shows. This is another CBS show you have cancelled that my husband and i watched together and we don’t watch very many CBS show because you always get rid of the ones we like. VERY BAD CBS.

  • Ryan

    Give it a rest, whiners. Unforgettable was hammier than Easter dinner, god awful waste of production dollars. Poppy is as untalented as they come, and not even hair-in-the-fan-with-slow-motion-cam one liners could entice the Caruso-esque gluttons that watch garbage like this.

  • Mark Wilkins

    yeah NYC got boring after the pilot, and its too bad for Unforgettable. At least they kept CSI:NY, hopefully for a final season to wrap things up.

  • Laura

    I really enjoyed watching the show! Not pleased at all that CBS cancelled the series!! That was the only 1 out of 2 shows I really liked. Oh well guess it is back to 1. O and as for CBS…. No longer turning that on my T.v. Not liking anything else on it anyway!

  • morningtvwatcher

    Even Patrick Wilson is happy that A Gifted Man was cancelled!! He said on his Twitter page that he is relieved that it’s not coming back this fall!

  • carigis

    Unforgettable was a good concept but unfortunatly the show itself was very forgettable. I watched a bunch of episode in the beginning and it just got old very fast… I think I got like 5 episodes in one day when I was bored and got tired of falling asleep watching the show. best part of the show was the shot of her backside..

    and lol. I agree with the other commenter.. she has weird lips.

  • Paul

    So, CBS has announced the fate of every show on their lineup but one, Rules of Engagement. Not surprising they’d let it twist in the wind without an answer as its been the one show they seem to do everything to abuse but I guess performs well enough they keep bringing it back.

  • Shirley Verbeck

    Boy, cancelling Unforgettable. So i guess it ends on a cliffhanger. Thats great. You people end a good show like this and keep crap on!!Pretty soon there will be nothing on TV but reality shows and I will never watch TV again. Guess that will give me time to read and catch up on other things. You people are pathetic and horrible. Cancel good shows and keep REALITY SHOWS. You people SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ralph Hahn

    It was a longshot, at best, on my part, to go against the so-called “conventional wisdom” here and fought hard to get “Unforgettable” renewed for its sophomore season. CBS, in its infinite stupidity, cancelled the Poppy Montgomery-starring series after all.

    A show with 10-million viewers, the winner in its timeslot in terms of viewers, but the networks and the Mad Men of advertising keep trying to convince people like me OVER the age of 49, that THEY had more buying power. Probably, half of those 18-49ers, moved back to stay with their parents after completing college, to be mong the unemployed and under-employed.

    To those who are saying on this page that “CBS sucks for canceling Unforgettable,” I say: Where was your righteous indignation BEFORE CBS officially axed U/F??? Did you write, e-mail or phone CBS to offer your support for the show as I had asked here many times in the past few months?

    So…as a FAN, I say, I don’t regret doing what I had done in retrospect. I feel more sorry for a LOT more of you who had thought that CBS was going to load up the 2012-2013 season with more “comedy” sitcoms. CBS chose NOT to go in that direction.

    My attorneys were successful in getting the name of the series now known as “Vegas,” changed. Ralph Lamb sounded too much like my name, and I couldn’t have that! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • sally

    i wish all the realty shows whould be cancelled, undercover boss was phony,shonebody in one of the undercover show said it was stayged(spelled wrong)im glad csi ny stays on but i dont watch csi anymore because of ted danson

  • Hank Ill

    I watched and enjoyed Poppy and Unforgettable every week, but I have to say it was the only Primetime show that I fell asleep to more than once this season.

  • Lynne

    Unforgettable was never my favorite. Poppy dresses too slutty and didn’t have to account to anyone. She wasn’t real. What I watched, she didn’t have any failings. Not real.

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