Updated: 'Unforgettable' Canceled by CBS; 'NYC 22,' 'Rob' Too

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May 13th, 2012

Update: Rob has now been canceled too.

Not close to a surprise, but CBS has canceled freshman UnforgettableNYC 22 now officially dead too, along with other freshman A Gifted Man.

The daily ratings might not give you a full read on a show's popularity, but they still give a pretty full read on what shows will be canceled and renewed.

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  • Lynne

    CSI Miami failed because Caruso is too arrogant. He thinks he is moving and acting like a detective. Way too dramatic. He was good in NYPD Blue. I liked him in that, but he got too big for his britches and quite a good thing. Lost a lot of followers. Tried the big screen. Wasn’t good enough. Should have stayed with a sure thing. I don’t know what he was paid for this show, but it was way too much. Not worth it! Wont watch him in anything else.

  • Carol

    It is one of the few shows I looked forward to.Come on!

  • Gingotts

    “It’ll probably get the usual treatment: exiled to some horrible spot on the schedule at some random moment of the television season (like how CBS planned to send it to Saturdays this most recent season, which was hilarious)…only to be brought back to primetime when some godawful comedy gets the ax.”

    Yeah, that’s pretty likely. As Paul stated there, that’s pretty much how the show has been treated at every opportunity so far. Why would CBS change now?

  • Jon

    it’s too bad about unforgettable it’s a good show. Had it been on another network, there is no way it would be cancelled with the numbers it pulled all year. I remember the day other networks would rescue shows. Maybe this one will be rescued by one.

  • mj

    I cannot believe “A Gifted Man & NYC22″ are being cancelled. I truly enjoyed A Gifed Man since TNT cancelled “HawthoRNe” A Gifed Man replaced what myself and other work colleagues liked in a medical drama series and now it is gone. CBS you are making a BIG mistake by taking away these shows. I did not miss one episode of the listed shows above and and even recorded them so I can enjoy its plot and storyline. Each time a show that captures the audience the television networks pull the plug. I have strong feelings when it comes to watching certain broadcasts and CBS you are making a HUGE mistake by releasing these shows. I finally enjoyed something I could indentify with and it is now gone. I am not sure who you have writing these series but believe me if CBS does not start realizing that people what good quality shows instead of all this reality tv more and more people will not go to RED Box and NetFlix instead of watching CBS programing; however, I can not say I blame the viewers. WE ARE TIRED OF REALITY TV!!!

  • mj

    follow correction more and more people will not go to RED Box and Netflix for more television enjoyment along with programs that fit his/her need.

  • GoBlue

    I can’t believe they cancelled Unforgettable – CBS really doesn’t have a clue on programs – which is why they are always last!

  • azk

    I agree with the following viewer CBS is making a big mistake by cancelling shows many viewers enjoy. I think many people enjoy watching Red Box and Netflix because reality television has now really gotten out of hand. Way to go CBS!

  • shuteski

    The show Unforgettable was my favorite show on T. V. It had a unique skill that is actually a real condition. The chemistry between the lead characters was electric. In my opinion I consider cancelling this show a mistake and hope you will reconsider. If not then someone else should snap it up.

  • manisha

    Absolutely LOVED I mean LOVEd unforgettable and I cannot believe it will not run for episodes! Not a good day!

  • manisha

    Sorry meant to say I cant believe that no more series will be made. ANNOYED ANNOYED ANNOYED ANNOYED

  • Unforgettable fan

    I totally agree I reall, really enjoyed unforgettable an the last episode was totally amazing. I was completely looking forward to next season see what happed next if carrie n al would get together n where next the story would go n then u go cancel it there more crap shows then good show on that list an most good shows have been canceled BRING BK UNFORGETTABLE

  • Carlee

    SJ84, ur right CBS DOES SUCK!!!! I loved unforgettable from the beginning though too. I watched near almost every episode and it was great! CBS DOESN’T KNOW A GOOD SHOW IF IT HIT THEM IN THE FACE!!! I am no longer watching CBS and I hope another network will pick it up. 2 1/2 men went down hill since sheen left and CSI MIAMI should go with NCIS LOSANGELES. Both boring shows where you can predict what they are gonna say next!!! Unforgettable had good ratings, viewers and running time. SHOULD OF HAD 2ND SEASON!!!


  • Dallas

    Rob! was insulting to the Latino community and mostly pointless.
    Unforgettable had a dull leading man in Dylan Walsh. I won’t
    cry over these!

  • Dallas

    Overall, CBS is the most anti-Latino of the big 3 networks.
    They consistently portray Latinos as Janitors, Maids, Illegal
    Maids and Gardeners. On the Big Bang Theory, their writers
    can imagine Russian, Black, White, Jewish, and Indian scientists.
    When it comes to Latinos, they can only imagine lunch ladies and
    janitors. Unforgettable didn’t have a single Latino, nor does
    the Mentalist, except for the annoying District Attorney who is
    portrayed as incompetent and unlikeable. I can’t imagine why any of the 50 million U.S. Latinos would watch CBS!

  • tedmiami

    I agree with SJ84. Thoroughly enjoyed Unforgettable and yes it was different from most police procedural programmes.
    It’s very weird that CSI Miami should be cut short to give way to NYC22 and then cut NYC22 after just 4 episodes. I will never understand the people whose jobs it is to decide what programmes we will like. If NYC22 had been given a half season of 11 or 12 shows we could have decided for ourselves, but only 4 shows isn’t enough to make any lasting decision.
    Thank you American TV programmers for being both brilliant and bemusing.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Les: Okay, guys. Robert De Niro is here. One of you has to tell him that his show is cancelled.
    Nina and Kelly: Not it!
    Les: Well, one of you has to do it. Draw straws, flip a coin, rock paper scissors, whatever, just hurry up and decide because whoever it is is telling him right now.
    Nina: Kelly, you tell him. You’re the MMA fan. You can take a punch.
    Kelly: Yeah, I know. I was the one who had to tell Kevin Dillon in person that we were cancelling “How to Be a Gentleman,” remember? I still have the bruise! No, YOU tell him. He won’t hit a woman. I’m… almost sure he won’t hit a woman.
    Nina: The man would hit a puppy! You know what, fine, I’ll tell him but only if you give me a raise first.
    Kelly: Yeah! I want a raise too!
    Les: You talkin’ to me?
    Nina: Yes, I’m talkin’ to you!
    Kelly: Yeah! I’m talkin’ to you too!
    Les: Now, guys, I can’t give you a raise. If I give you a raise it’ll have to come out of my salary. And, as you know, I only make 70 million dollars a year. Do you expect me to live on less than that?
    Nina: Well, then… I quit.
    Kelly: Yeah! I quit too!
    Nina: We’re outta here. This job ain’t worth it. Get the Chenbot to tell him.

  • Mona

    I love Unforgettable. Why in the hell is it being cancelled. So many other shows deserve it more.

  • jerry

    Bring back unforgettable and startusing your imagination to expand the types of cases/scenarios!!

  • nancy fennessey

    I really like Unforgettable. Good casting, great storyline. Hope another network will pick it up.

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