'30 Rock' Final Season Confirmed By NBC's Greenblatt

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May 14th, 2012

After what were several back and forth's of "final season", "not necessarily final season" for 30 Rock over the past few days, the news is now official.

During the NBC upfront presentation today, NBC's Bob Greenblatt confirmed that 30 Rock's next season will be its final one, with 13 episodes including a one hour finale.

  • Kyle


    By far the most over rated show.

  • SteveO

    Such a fantastic show, but glad to see that it’s getting a proper farewell. Excited to see what Tina has up her sleave for the final season!

  • SoundableObject

    I wonder if the one hour finale means it will be 14 episodes split up or if it is just 12 and 13 together.

  • Greg

    God, make up your mind already.

  • Greg

    In that case, NBC should have saved Community for midseason since they’re using Thursdays to dump these low rated sitcoms.

  • peter

    And just when it found its voice again. But better that way. On a high note at least in quality.

  • Tommy

    Again, I feel dizy everytime I read news from NBC in the last couple of weeks. Can they not make up their minds, or are people ignoring the memos from legal?

  • SG

    Their LIVE shows are always great.

  • psychic

    Oh, snap.

  • Mycathatesfox

    I really tried to like this show in it’s first couple of seasons but found it painfully unfunny and grew sick of super ultra liberal Baldwin’s mugging. I wish Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip would have lasted.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    Hey…as long as its no Community’s final season, I’m happy.

  • Justin121

    The real question why isn’t being burnt off on Fridays instead of Whitney or Community that could run for years to come.

    More importantly, that 8 pm THursday slot will be more vulernable than ever with a new time / new comedy instead of the same comedy occupying it all season long.

  • Mr Mumble

    Bizarre. Why put “30 Rock” on the Thursday instead of “Community” or “Whitney” if Rock definitely finishes in November/December? NBC will not want to air a new comedy up against TBBT mid-season. Perhaps one of the middling performing September starters will be shifted into the slot in January to see if it sinks or swims.

    With “Up All Night”, “Community” and “Whitney” all potential bombs in their new timeslots and three of the four season starting comedies potential “Free Agent”-type bombs (a Matthew Perry comedy shown immediately after “The Voice” must be pretty secure, right?!) the scheduling could become messy. No wonder NBC has so much comedy paint to throw up against the scheduling wall!

  • Ralph Hahn

    @mycathatesfox: >>> …found it painfully unfunny and grew sick of super ultra liberal Baldwin’s mugging. <<<

    I agree, "Cat," 100%. IN addition to Baldwin's politics, he has had too many mini-breakdowns in public that probably drew more negative attention to "30 Rock." Let's see: "Daughter-gate," "Airline-gate," "NYC-Mayor-wannabe-gate," "I'm-gonna-move-out-of-USA-if-GWB-elected-President-in-2000-gate."

    And, the list goes on. Baldwin's a loose cannon and I feel for Tiny Fey. "30 Rock" was concieved by this talented lady, but Lorne Michaels was still looking over her shoulder.

    After this coming season, "30 Rock" will be gone from 'THe Axis of Michaels', where cross-promotion of Lorne's others shows (SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Community..) is to the point of insanity.

    And as far as "30 Rock" being the "critically-aclaimed" comedy," it's only so because of its liberalism. The networks and TV critics never review or award statues to shows that appeal to so-called 'Flyover Country', which if the great land mass known as outside of Manhattan to the east and L.A. to the west.

    BTW, "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip," (another TV show about a TV show, set in Hollywood,) came from Aaron Sorkin, who produced "The West Wing" during its long run on NBC. It was a good series that came from the movie "The American President," which starred TWW's Martin Sheen as Chief-of-Staff to President Michael Douglas. The back-story of that movie was legislation to take away guns from law-abiding Americans. Alas, criminals would still get guns on the so-called Black Market.

  • kev

    I wonder if they put 30 Rock in the Thursday slot before deciding that it was definitely only getting 13 episodes. That’s really the only way this situation makes any sense whatsoever.

    But even without that thought process, 30 Rock got pounded slightly worse (on average) than Community has in its short stint in the Thursday 8pm warzone this spring. I guess that was with Idol on as well, so maybe they are hoping 30 Rock retains more viewers without Idol than Community would? I can’t imagine that making a huge difference, though.

    As much as I don’t care for it, Whitney seems like the natural choice for Thursday 8pm, especially in the Fall and with Up All Night following it. (Besides actually not putting a comedy at that time, which apparently nothing will make them do.) It seems like it has the audience that would be the least affected by TBBT. And it’s not like they weren’t running it against Idol in the Spring already.

  • forg

    Good thing I was surprised when I read the article that 30 Rock was included in the “not final season yet” talk because come on let this show have a graceful exit, creative wise. 30 Rock was never a ratings superstar (it survived thanks to the Office) but the show gave NBC prestige with all those Emmys so I’m quite glad that even if it will be a ratings loser at 8 PM it will on a good night than just be placed to pasture on Fridays

  • disney rocks

    Whitney should have been saved for midseason Sundays.

    30 Rock should get Fridays at 8 followed by Community.

    Or they should have made Fridays a new block (with Grimm being the exception) and put 1600 Penn (family sitcom) at 8, followed by Isabel at (family, supernatural sitcom, so it would probably be compatible with both 1600 Penn and Grimm), then Grimm at 9, then Hannibal at 10 (don’t know anything about it; heard it was for Friday, so why not have it on in Fall)

  • Sports Preemption

    I get that a lot of people don’t like 30 Rock because it panders to the whole “NY educated liberal” crowd, which I wasn’t really buying until I heard a joke about SUNY Oneonta and realized that 97% of Americans just wouldn’t understand it. Lucky for me, I’m an educated liberal from NY and it was right up my alley and had me laughing.

    But I don’t really get the hate on Alec Baldwin as a liberal, since the character he plays, Jack, is a conservative. If anything, the hate should realistically be on Tina Fey’s character, Liz, but it seems Tina Fey is above reproach, so it automatically falls on Alec.

  • Androme

    Why does 30 Rock have to air on Friday for its final season?
    Doesn’t really make sense to me.
    Nobody said Desperate Housewives had to air on Friday or any other day for that matter.

  • Holly


    30 Rock will be on Thursdays, not Fridays…

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