'Body Of Proof' Outruns Cancellation Bear In The Renew / Cancel Index's Biggest Prediction Miss This Season

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May 14th, 2012

A few weeks ago I asked our readers to guess what would be the Renew / Cancel Index's biggest prediction goof of the season. (results below)

Harry's Law led by a small margin in the poll over having a likely or certain renewal predicted show get cancelled. We know what happened to Harry's Law, and no show predicted as likely or certain renewal was canceled.

With all the broadcast renewal and cancellation results in for scripted shows (except for final word on Rules Of Engagement, which wouldn't be a big miss regardless of what happens), the renewal of Body of Proof was clearly the biggest miss among my predictions this season.

Body of Proof didn't run very fast, but it was faster than all the canceled ABC shows, which earned it another season instead of being a meal of the cancellation bear.

How did Body Of Proof get renewed with such low ratings relative to the rest of ABC's scripted shows? Not clear to me yet, but if I can figure it out, I'll incorporate that into future year's prediction methods.

Note to whiny/crazy Fringe fans, I had the show predicted as a "toss up" all season. Sure, no guts, no glory, but apparently all the whining from crazy fans!

Note that Robert's Bubble Watch predictions were similar, but not exactly the same, this was just covering my predictions.

  • Cleo

    What about the CSI NY goof, you predicted it would be cancelled over CSI Miami and it happened in reverse! Everyone was way off base predicting the demise of CSI NY.

  • danny94

    Glad you were wrong about Body of proof really love that show… but i have to admit how the heck did a show getting 1.2’s get renewed where abc’s pilot’s really tha awful…

  • Liam

    I was prepared for Body of Proofs cancelation. I did think that there was a very small chance it would be renewed and when I saw it was I was over the moon. I just hope thet ABC made a good decision in renewing it.
    I do think ABC will put it on Fridays and that season 3 will be its last.

  • zerg

    Run Bop!! Run !!…the syndication will save u even for 4th season

  • Dottie

    Some article in one of the trades says it does very well for ABC Studios for international sales

  • rob60990

    Keep running Dana! :D

  • danny94

    @ Zerg- Unlikely at the end of season 3 body of proof will only have 42 episodes under its belt certianally not enough for sydication!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “What about the CSI NY goof, you predicted it would be cancelled over CSI Miami and it happened in reverse! Everyone was way off base predicting the demise of CSI NY.”

    Hardly a big miss.

    I had it predicted as a “toss up” all season. Knew at least one CSI child would go, but had really no idea which one. Forced to guess at the end, acknowledged that the difference between Miami and NY was largely economics hidden to us, went with Miami slightly over NY.

  • zerg

    Uh..just 44 ep. with 3rd season so no syndication :>

  • RobertN

    Renew Chuck!

  • were123

    The truth is that I stopped watching BoP because I thought it was certain cancellation, but now I can watch it again. There are some shows that just can survive any rating, some for syndication, but what’s the case for BoP? I heard that it made a lot of money to the Studio. How did it made money? I don’t know, internation sales? DVDs? Not for sure, but this makes one thing clear: soemtimes numbers does define the future of a show, but you can’t rule a show out jsut because of it, there are other factors involves, just in this case we don’t happen to know what the factor is

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Some article in one of the trades says it does very well for ABC Studios for international sales”

    If that was the real reason, instead of the generic “it does well internationally” bs that is never substantiated, we’ll never be able to incorporate that into predictions because good public data on international sales is non-existant (unlike crazy fan claims, which are everywhere).

  • Doris

    I love BOP. I’m happy it was renewed. I don’t know why it skews so low in the ratings. It’s better than
    a lot of these other shows with higher ratings.

  • danny94

    @ zerg- 42 episode not 44 9 in season one 20 in season 2 and 13 in season 3 = 42!

  • Doris

    I always liked CSI NY but never knew it was moved to Friday and honestly didn’t watch it this season. I watched CSI Miami only because I found it on my TV on Sundays. I am not a Friday tv watcher. I’ll DVR it if it stays on Fridays next season.

  • profTV

    Good job. You guys were pretty much right on…impressive calls.

    Thanks for keeping me updated all season…one of the best sites on the internet.

  • TomSFBay

    I’m not surprised by this. I had a feeling this was going to be the surprise renewal because it seemed to rebound somewhat when following DWTS this spring. As I recall, it was hovering between a 1.8 and 2.1, which is way up from the lows it saw during midseason. That, I think, is probably what saved it.

  • One

    facepalm.jpg *headdesk*

    That’s all I have to say on this show’s continued existence. If it really is international sales, it would be nice to have a deeper insight to that. If only there were more leakers among the studio guys…

    [postscript heh-heh at use of “leakers”]

  • Melanie

    Maybe its one of those ‘Boston Legal’ type things where it does really well in the +$100,000 income demo? I can’t imagine it skews male.

  • Paulo

    Not a surprise for me: I vote for BOP in this poll…

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