Fox New Show Video Trailers For 'Ben And Kate,' 'The Mindy Project,' 'The Mob Doctor,' 'The Following' & 'The Goodwin Games'

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May 14th, 2012

Video trailers for the new 2012-13 Fox series are below.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC.

For Fall:

The Mob Doctor

Ben And Kate

The Mindy Project

And for mid-season:

The Following

The Goodwin Games

  • Josh

    Can’t wait for Ben and Kate and the following. Any idea when ABC will release there schedule and new shows? I am kind of surprised FOX is putting Glee up against Grey’s Anatomy. I hope they don’t leave Private Practice on Tuesdays because I will choose Parenthood over Private Practice.

  • SJ

    The Goodwin Games is now officially the show I’m most looking forward to (at least until I see ABC’s trailers). But mid-season + Fox = disaster. :( Why didn’t Bays and Thomas pitch this to ABC? It would be a perfect fit with their Wednesday block.

    The Following – I cannot believe I’m actually saying this, but I will probably watch the pilot. It’s not really my kind of show, but it has the potential to be great if executed well.

    The Mindy Project, The Mob Doctor – iffy on both. I might watch the pilots but the guy with the thick NY accent on Mob Doctor is going to be a problem long-term. I just never liked him.

    Ben & Kate – I’m just sorry the wickedly funny Lucy Punch (who I had no idea was British, by the way) not only does not have a show of her own, but is stuck in this unwatchable mess. However, her presence alone all but guarantees that I’ll give this show a chance. Reluctantly. The leads, on the other hand, are extremely unlikeable. Where did they find these people?!

    Conclusion: much to my surprise, it looks like I will be watching a lot more Fox than I thought I would. Raising Hope is the only returning show I’m definitely watching. I’ll make a decision on New Girl later.

  • carigis

    The mindy project looks to be the worst. They took the least funny actress from the office and gave her own show.. oh my.

    The goodwin games looks like a big hasbro advertisment.. I mean holy product placement batman.. trivial pursit, the game of life, and thats only in the trailer.

    Ben and Kate is a no go for me. too dorky.

    Ill give the following a shot. and maybe watch the pilot of the mob doctor to see if its any good. I don’t see any wow I got to see it shows coming up on fox.

  • Oliver

    The Mindy Project is a bit of a mess, a complete mish-mash of disparate concepts. I can see why NBC passed on it (although NBC’s shows aren’t exactly great either).

  • Bunny

    The Mindy Project is like if Penny Hartz from Happy Endings got her own series..

  • forg

    The Goodwin Games! Becki Newton is <3

  • alex

    The Mob Doctor ….. not good looking lead actress (to put it mildly)

  • forg


    I agree The Goodwin Games would have been better off with ABC, this could have been the post-Modern Family show they have been looking for: sitcom with young adult characters but with family warmth

  • Justin

    What are the days for ABC, CBS, and The CW to release their schedules and trailers?

  • Oliver

    I think The Goodwin Games premise is a bit too silly to catch on.

    The Mob Doctor is such an embarrassingly obvious name for a TV show, but the show looks fine.

  • Colin

    Mindy and Goodwin looks goos but there the two that moght drag out episodes… But ill watch them. FOX is the only network I watch live shows on other networks I DVR them

  • CrimTV


    ABC announce their schedule tommorow!

  • Jack

    Only The Following and The Goodwin Games have me interested.

    The Following – It looks like it could be a really great show.

    The Goodwin Games – The trailer actually made me LOL’ed. And just because of that, I will watch the premiere.

  • SJ

    The Mob Doctor is such an embarrassingly obvious name for a TV show

    Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  • Nevid

    The only show I’m really excited to see is The Following. I’ll maybe give a try to Mob Doctor. The Goodwin Games sounds really lame.

  • DJ

    Hmmm… not exactly anything to be much excited about there.

    Mob Doctor — implausible premise. But, awesome cast and great execution. Beautifully shot. That’s probably the show that women will be turning over to from the Voice. Probably an hit. Quickens the inevitable death of Revolution.

    Ben and Kate — dunno. Was bored after 15 seconds of the trailer and gave up.

    Mindy — despite the considerable efforts of Mindy’s overworked, redacting, Machiavellian publicist, Mindy still has no obvious talent. Can’t act at all. Can’t write. Isn’t pretty. Unwatchable; but I guess it will take half a season for America and Fox to realize this.

    The Following — stupid, stupid, stupid premise. Cliched direction. (Seriously, how many bad teenage slasher movies has the “oh the girl is dead and the serial killer is behind her” set-piece been done in?) Good cast, reasonable production. But still — canceled after its 15 episode run.

    Goodwin Games — meh. Not funny, not very interesting.

  • Terry

    I am really excited to see the Goodwin Games, which looks like a twist on How I Met Your Mother, the Following, and the Mindy Project.

    Ben & Kate and Mob Doctor looks DOA.

  • Nick

    My thoughts:

    The Mob Doctor: A
    The Goodwin Games: A-
    The Following: C
    Ben and Kate: D+
    The Mindy Project: F

    Total Grade: B-
    Not bad, considering not one of these looked good to me by just the summaries.

  • Sarah H

    There are some really terrible titles here.

  • Sophia

    Well The Following doesn’t look as exciting as I’d hoped it would but I’ll check out the pilot & see if it’s worth watching. The Mindy Project looks a lot better than I thought it would so I’ll give that a chance. I might watch The Goodwin Games pilot but I’ll probably get bored. The Mob Doctor & Ben & Kate- no.

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