Fox New Show Video Trailers For 'Ben And Kate,' 'The Mindy Project,' 'The Mob Doctor,' 'The Following' & 'The Goodwin Games'

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May 14th, 2012

Video trailers for the new 2012-13 Fox series are below.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC.

For Fall:

The Mob Doctor

Ben And Kate

The Mindy Project

And for mid-season:

The Following

The Goodwin Games

  • kiwi

    The only show that piqued my interest was The Following. I might actually tune in if I don’t forget about it. Should not have been banished to mid-season.

    Ben and Kate looks more like a movie trailer than a TV show. In other words, it should have been 90 minutes and done.

    Out of all the trailers, The Mob Doctor was the only one that had me moving my mouse to see how much longer was the trailer going to be, repeatedly. BAD sign, especially since it wasn’t the longest one.

  • TVLUVER6996

    The Goodwin Games would work much, MUCH better as a feature instead of a series.

  • BJH

    The Good: “The Following”
    The Mediocre: “The Mindy Project”
    The Bad: “Ben and Kate”, “The Mob Doctor”

    The Uncertain because I don’t think I understood what it was trying to say, but will watch because it intrigued me: “The Goodwin Games”

  • SarahL

    I can’t wait for The Following. I love Kevin Bacon and Jame Purefoy. I think The Mindy Project looks good. I don’t know what to say about The Mob Doctor.

  • Fringe Fan

    Far too many new comedies and not enough quality drama. The Following is the only show I’d even consider.

    And whoever thought that ‘The Mob Doctor’ was a clever name for a television show needs sacking. Just glad they didn’t name some of my other favourite FOX shows or I’d have been watching ‘Alien Hunting FBI Agents’, CTU Agent Who Does Stuff Within A Day’ and ‘Special Team That Deals With Scientific Anomalies And An Alternate Reality’ over the past few years.

  • Justin121 Lots of Familiar Faces

    Lots of familiar faces.

    Sharon from Lost on The Following with Kevin Bacon.

    I wish I didn’t start checking out trailers this year.

    All shows look bad.

  • Pepper

    None of these look very good, except for the Following.

  • Sheena

    None of these looked as good as I hoped it would.

    I picture the ‘Mob Doctor’ being a hit initially and then falling. I like the concept though. I am looking forward to it, for now.

    ‘The Mindy project’ is something I could picture growing on me, it is just a matter of how long that takes. But I want to give it a try.

    I worry that ‘The Following’ will start to get old after awhile, especially if they don’t focus on the killer much, but more the effects of him. I hope it does not get too procedural. Otherwise, I want to try it.

    ‘The Goodwin Games’ Looks okay, I worry the characters will become grating, but as long as they become likable and not just in it for the cash for too long, it could be good. Fresh concept, which is good. I want to try this one I think.

    ‘Ben and Kate’ The brother seems funny, but that is about the only thing. I would only watch it for him. He seems very Schimdtt to me.

    Overall, does not seem like a promising bunch, but I would want to see more to know for sure. I will give them all a look, though.

  • Polar Bear

    following looks a lot better than revolution, imo
    goodwin games looks like the best comedy so far (that’s quinn from himym right?)

  • NYC_Lover

    I think the Mob Doctor looks alright, I’ll try it. Seems unique. The Goodwin Games kinda grew on me, but i’m not sure if it grew enough that I would try the pilot. Mindy Project looks alright ,i’ll try it. The Following looks eh. Ben and Kate will be gone before christmas

  • Penny

    Goodwin Games is the only good thing IMO

    The Following is like a rip-off Halloween/Prom Night meets Black Christmas.

  • Austin

    All of them look great honestly. I think the Mob Doctor is going to be cancelled after a few episodes. I don’t think anyone were too terrible. I think all of them look like they’ll be great. Ben and Kate looks hilarious but everyone says it looks bad so IDK.

  • Charles

    The Following looks as good as I thought it’d be. Just hope that the show itself is as good as the previews make it look.

  • MattCO

    THE GOODWIN GAMES was the only one from the bunch that was good. Finally a FOX single-cam that I actually laughed at and watched the whole thing.
    THE FOLLOWING was okay. I dont think it’s the next 24. I may give it a shot but I dont see how good it is.
    THE MOB DOCTOR I was confused. Is it a medical show? Or is it just a mob drama?
    MIND KALING is basically New Girl 2.0, even though its not that great it has Mindy Kaling and has New Girl as a lead-in.
    BEN & KATE im kinda dumfounded with this one. Why did they even pick it up? The cast just tries SO damn hard its just not even funny!

  • Jay Gee

    The Mob Doctor – Didn’t care for it much, reminds me of Lonestar, probably interesting storyline, but too slow to take off, people won’t watch. **Here’s hoping it fails and they move Touch to Mondays. **

    Ben and kate – Didn’t see it. “Private video” whatever that means.

    The Mindy Project – stopped trailer after 47 seconds, got annoying.

    The Following – Seems more like a movie, but with the people involved, I’ll give it a try. Reminds me of The Mentalist.

    The Goodwin Games – 50/50 on this one, but best comedy of the bunch, trying to have heart, but I don’t think the same caliber of New Girl and Raising Hope.

  • Oshdhshshdh

    I actually like all of these shows :p! I will tune into all of them!

  • Aaron

    Well clearly, The Mindy Project will probably be one of those surprising “hits” that doesn’t hit a mass audience. I still think it can do well in 18-49.

  • Tessa

    The Ben and Kate video says “private” and won’t play.

  • rob60990

    Try this one.

  • Hugh

    Mindy looks good.

    Like a better version of New Girl

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