Fox New Show Video Trailers For 'Ben And Kate,' 'The Mindy Project,' 'The Mob Doctor,' 'The Following' & 'The Goodwin Games'

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May 14th, 2012

Video trailers for the new 2012-13 Fox series are below.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC.

For Fall:

The Mob Doctor

Ben And Kate

The Mindy Project

And for mid-season:

The Following

The Goodwin Games

  • ron

    i really have a good feeling aboy teh goodwin games looks really cool, ill give it a shoot the mob doctor i dont think its gonna alst more than 1 season e.e, nothing can replace house

  • Mike

    i crazy that ill be watching the CW more than Fox This Year

    This is my take

    1. CBS
    2. ABC & NBC
    3. CW
    4. FOX

  • Networkman

    The Mob Doctor: A+
    The Mob Doctor looks excellent. The trailer was entertaining. I really wasn’t interested until watching the trailer. But now, this is a show I can sink my teeth anything. She looks like a strong female lead. And I love the conflict between her personal and professional life.

    The Following: A
    The interaction amongst Kevin and James is going to be dynamic. Those scenes look intense. This really could turn into FOX’s version of Criminal Minds. It has that potential to appeal to a mass audience.

    The comedies are a bit of a mixed bag. Mindy has appeal and is able to keep one’s attention. She is cutesy but the material seems weak. So, I’ll give The Mindy Project a C. It is just not for me. But there are some who likes this concept.

    I was really excited that Goodwin Games was picked up to series. But the trailer left me disappointed. I didn’t imagine that the game they would have to play would be Trivia Pursuit. Watching the family play board games is not going to keep my attention. I want to see the children carrying out wild, crazy tasks that are supposed to embarrass them and pay them back for how they treated the father while he was alive. It has potential but from the trailer I’m giving it a B-

    FOX had better make these two new dramas work. Bones is on its way out so they need replacements. There are strong actors involved in both but most importantly they look entertaining.

  • Hessian

    Funny – didn’t the big mob guy in Mob Doctor play Capone in the syndicated series of The Untouchables? I laughed when his face showed up after someone mentioned Al Capone…. I think women will watch this one….

  • SarahL

    The Ben and Kate promo actually made me laugh so I bet the funniest bits were in the promo. LOL!

  • AlanandGigi

    Prediction: Mindy will be canceled before it airs.
    Prediction: Mob Doctor will air 3 episodes, then will be canceled
    Prediction: Goodwin Games is going to survive the entire season, but will not be renewed.
    Prediction: Kevin Bacon will show his junk at one point during the show (will be fuzzed out of course)

  • lotusguard

    Only the Goodwin Games looks decent to me. It doesn’t let me see Ben and Kate but from the comments guess I don’t need to.

  • Ryan

    Will be watching The Following. Nothing else.

  • Matt

    Not watching any new FOX shows because I’m trying to ween myself off their network for good. All I have is New Girl left. Rot in hell FOX. CBS will always kick your ass.

  • Harmiel

    All Fox’s new shows are really interesting! I have a feeling that The Following will offer more fast-paced drama than Touch. If New Girl will perform great, the combination with Mindy Project can be lethal! Ben and Kate is the only show I think will be cancelled.

  • Dahne

    Mob Doctor looks more dramatic than I expected but it’s still a no go for me. I tend to like shows were I can like/respect at least part of the cast. I don’t think this will be one of those shows.

    Ben and Kate – The trailer is awful because the characters come off as really annoying. However, I’m a sucker for sibling shows so I’ll give it a couple of episodes to see which one trumps – irritation or heart.

    The Mindy Project – absolutely not. This looks terrible.

    The Following – I’m a wuss so the trailer made me jump. I’ll be watching this one….with every light in the house on and possibly only when family is at home.

    Goodwin Games – Not originally on my to watch list but I liked the trailer. I hope the lawyer is in it more than it appears. She made me laugh.

  • Anthony

    That trailer for The Mindy Project is a mess. First of all terrible title, but that’s a separate issue. So she used to date a guy who dumped her, and she is still friends with him but she feels the need to insult him in front of his family at his wedding? Then she is trying to turn her romantic life around with a guy (Ed helms) who clearly isn’t going to make it past the pilot- since he is on a different show! And at the same time she is sleeping with a different doctor while she takes relationship advice from her doctor friend (who I would guess she will have a will they or won’t they relationship with during the series). What a mess.

  • Networkman

    I finally got to see the trailer for Ben & Kate. What I will say is that its heart is in the right place. The producers want a show for the family to watch, where you will be touched by the relationship amongst brother and sister. The two leads seem to have great chemistry with one another. I just didn’t find it too amusing. It does not draw me in to have to watch every week. The writers were going for immature with the character Ben but from the trailer he comes off really jerkish. So the actors get an A for effort but with the poor material the show gets a C. Still it is better than some of the offerings over at NBC.

  • A

    Im only interested in Ben and Kate.

    Mindy Project looks dreadful.. Whats up with the main actress? Very ugly. Sorry. I give it 5 weeks

  • Jenny

    People saying the lead actress on The Mindy Project is very unattractive is hilarious. She looks like a normal person, and not like a model.But of course people want to see models.

  • Mi

    “That’s probably the show that women will be turning over to from the Voice.”

    You do know The Mob Doctor will be aired during the Voice, right? And these singing shows are always stronger in their last half, more people tune in then but not tune out..

    Both The Mob Doctor and The Following look okay but I’m not sure on either of them how their premise could be stretched for more than 2-3 seasons. I don’t see a long running show potential in neither of them.

  • Darcy

    I think The Mindy Project is being put across as a New Girl companion, so the trailer is trying to hook that audience. Hopefully the show is much better than that trailer, because I love Mindy and her episodes of The Office are some of the best.

  • Person of Interest

    The Mindy Project looks so boring i wont bother watching, i will watch the other comedies and The Following. The Goodwin Games looks great and if its created by How I Met Your Mother creators did this it can last more seasons than we expect just look at How I Met Your Mother it is in season 7 and still going and its still awesome and the best comedy so people should watch this show because after How I Met Your Mother we will need some show the creator did and maybe this show is it.

  • Brandon

    All of these shows interested me before the trailers, and now after watching all these, only The Following and maybe The Goodwin Games interest me. NBC looks a lot better this season. Animal Practice!

  • Cand.B

    the goodwin games…i like the idea

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