NBC's New Fall Show Trailers: 'Go On,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Guys With Kids,' 'The New Normal' & More

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May 14th, 2012

Robert posted some trailers for the new NBC shows earlier, but here are more just sent out by NBC.

Are they the same as the earlier ones? Not sure, didn't watch them!

Go On

The New Normal

Chicago Fire

Animal practice


Guys With Kids

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    nope, these are different. oops, maybe not. well, for those who missed them yesterday then!

  • SteveO

    Haha, Ryan Murphy loves Ohio way too much.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    Everything but “Revolution” looks horrible.

    And even with “rev”, it has a couple “rough” spots.

    NBC has a couple clips for “1600 Penn” though…that looks funny!

    Oh, and does anyone else think that they took the trailer for “What to expect when your expecting” and just made a sitcom out of it and called it “Guys with kids”?

  • Bobby

    Revolution, The New Normal, and Chicago Fire interested me the most. Animal Practice looks like something I could grow to enjoy so I’ll probably give that a shot too. Go On and Guys with Kids don’t look appealing to me though.

  • rob60990

    These are the trailers I wanted. Thanks. :)

  • Cobalt Blue

    Should we expect trailers for the rest of the new line-up (midseason replacements and whatnot) later today?

  • RG-X

    Revolution looks interesting but – again you can tell it’s sampling the Hunger Games – the bow is becoming popular – My fear is like AWAKE & ALCATRAZ – it will be gone by season 1

  • LivingProof

    Ok , CHICAGO FIRE , Go On , The New Normal & REVOLUTION , Looks GREAT !

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Cobait: not sure if something different will come out this afternoon, but at least of a few mid-season show previews were released yesterday:


  • RG-X

    The comedies ALL look like CRAP.

  • rob60990

    NeNe in The New Normal!

  • Salman

    When will the CW announce their 2012-2013 schedule?

  • carigis

    ok.. so the only one that appears to be interesting is revolution..

    the one with the guy from arrested development might be funny, and the animal doctor one looks like it has some funny parts but is not something I see myself tuning into weekly.

    all the rest of the shows look like garbage this season.

    Guys with kids just looks stupid. Im predicting it only goes a few episodes in (but then again, I thought up all night was dumb and it got renewed)..

    firefighters.. (who cares?).

    The New Normal looks annoying and preachy. go on just looks lame.

    The lady who speaks to god looks aweful, though we had a broken window near my house that fogged up and looked like the mother mary and we had 1000’s of nut jobs flying all over the country to see it .. so it may be a hit. but Ill be skipping it.

    all in all. not much thats very good. Hope revolution is good. but even that doesn’t explain why people have bow and arrows and not machine guns.. they don’t run on electricity last time I checked. and what noone has solar panels. eh.. we will wait and see I guess.

  • yooooo

    i like trailer of revolution, the new normal and chicago fire

  • Justin121

    NBC is Comedy King

    Go On looks like a movie – good

    Animal practice looks like a movie – good

    The New Normal – looks terrible. Pass – the Julianna Marguilies / The Good Wife refernce will make me have to check it out :D

    Chicago Fire – at first looks like the next Grey’s Anatomy or, after the first minute, like the next Three Rivers. Pass.

    Revolution – also hurt by the long trailer – next year’s Event/FlashForward. Pass

    Guys With Kids – Did NBC forget how to do multi-cams? Pass.

  • Babygate

    Go On actually seems very touching. Not what I expected. Revolution has potential but the execution is flawed. Chicago Fire seems compelling enough but not sure… The rest, I couldn’t even get through the whole clip. Guys with Kids, I didn’t even try. Worst. Ever…

  • SmG

    Chicago Fire looks like Trauma (especially the paramedics parts), ironically the guy in Trauma is in this one too :)

  • mandi

    They all look totally boring to me. Might check out Revolution though, but thats about it

  • JC

    Animal Practice concerns me a little. Justin Kirk is fantastic on Weeds. I hope this doesnt end his time there.

  • Data

    I really, really kind of liked the Go On-Trailer. I think this could be my new most wanted sitcom for the fall next to Mindy Kalling’s project over on FOX.

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