NBC's New Fall Show Trailers: 'Go On,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Guys With Kids,' 'The New Normal' & More

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May 14th, 2012

Robert posted some trailers for the new NBC shows earlier, but here are more just sent out by NBC.

Are they the same as the earlier ones? Not sure, didn't watch them!

Go On

The New Normal

Chicago Fire

Animal practice


Guys With Kids

  • juan

    I think Go On looks really funny, much better than Mr Sunshine two years ago. I’ll try it and also Revolution and maybe New Normal

  • Sophia

    With these extended trailers Go On & Chicago Fire look better. Guys with Kids looks a little funnier. Still excited about Revolution.

  • Potato


    “Did NBC forget how to do multi-cams?”

    As someone who saw “Whitney” and “Chelsea,” yes, yes, OH MY GOD YES.

  • Potato

    Go on + Animal Practice – animals = Scrubs

  • Mi

    Chicago Fire looks better with the trailer but.. I already watched Third Watch and don’t feel like watching Third Watch part II. It’s a show I’d watch once in a while if I got bored and it was on but no more than that.

    I’ll stick to just Revolution for now until the rest of the trailers are out.

  • Brandon

    I kinda wanna see the pilots of all of these shows, except for Chicago Fire. Animal Practice seems like the show I will like the most, and also leads me to believe the new season of Weeds will actually be the last. The New Normal and Revolution look good. Go On and Guys With Kids probably won’t be that great, but I’ll watch them at least once. NBC is my favorite network out of the big four by the way.

  • Oliver

    Go On is uncannily similar to Community.

  • SmG

    By the way, the trailers of the shows which will premiere in midseason are still missing. I would love to see Hannibal’s trailer.

  • BOTR

    That Guys With Kids image with the babies strapped in front of them reminds me of that Huggies commercial with the dads and their babies.

  • It’sBroccoli


    “Guys With Kids – Did NBC forget how to do multi-cams? Pass.”

    Actually “Guys With Kids” IS multi-cam.

  • Mi

    @SmG Hannibal doesn’t have a pilot and doesn’t have a trailer nor a full cast yet, they didn’t even find the actor to play Hannibal yet..
    That show was closed in a deal with some other company (don’t remember which) and bought without a pilot for a season of 10 episodes.

    Personally, I’m not even sure if it’ll be good or a total flop..

  • rob60990

    Guys With Kids actually made me laugh! Too bad its paired with Animal Practice which looks unwatchable.

  • SmG

    @Mi, Personally, I’m not even sure if it’ll be good or a total flop..

    I agree, but I am surprised that they haven’t even completed the casting yet. I hope they will give it a fair chance and it won’t end up like the firm or awake.

  • Adrian

    Nothing interests me but Revolution.

    Why did they hold the better shows for midseason? ugh

  • Mickey 1.0

    This trailer for Chicago Fire looks way more interesting than the clip they released yesterday, which was just a snippet of drama. Looks like it has a lot of action and some comedy as well.

  • bluelp85

    Watched the clips last night, but the trailers give them a few more redeeming qualities but still iffy. Will definitely check out Revolution and Animal Practice…Justin Kirk, Bobby Lee, and a monkey…what’s not going to be funny about that, probably check out New Normal and might check out Go On only cause of the support group cast, Guys with Kids is a big maybe. The rest of the new NBC shows…eh.

  • Mickey 1.0

    Yeah, these trailers inspire me to watch the shows way more than the clips did. Animal Practice, Go On and The New Normal all look really funny, and in the kind of quirky, colourful, whimsical funny that I love.

    It’s been a long time since I connected with a new comedy, so I will definitely give them a good try.

  • Paulo

    Animal Planet best trailer! 15/20

    Revolution some years ago could be fresh, now looks a bunch of ideas from others shows. But i think it could suceed. 14/20

    Guy With Kids could be the first family friend sitcom on NBC in years. Finally! 14/20

    The New Normal looks like the NBC version of The Modern Family. 12/20

    Go on firsts look crap, but then it improve, maybe it could be escape from the cancelation bear. 11/20

    Chicago Fire is the weakest link! Maybe ten years ago it could be a hit, but now just looks boring. 8/20

  • Seth

    Chicago Fire has that “been there, done that” feel to it.

  • FOX is Boring

    Chicago Fire, Revolution, and Guys with Kids.

    The rest are boring and will flop especially Animal Practice.

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