NBC's New Fall Show Trailers: 'Go On,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Guys With Kids,' 'The New Normal' & More

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May 14th, 2012

Robert posted some trailers for the new NBC shows earlier, but here are more just sent out by NBC.

Are they the same as the earlier ones? Not sure, didn't watch them!

Go On

The New Normal

Chicago Fire

Animal practice


Guys With Kids

  • forg

    I like Go On, Animal Practice has a strong lead and Guys with Kids doesn’t look that horrible (compared to last season’s Work It where you knew from the start it would fall)

  • tomsman

    Not really impressed by any of them except “Normal” and that was due to 3 lines that made me laugh – one out loud, hard… Although, there were 2 lines in the “New Normal”. I love Justin Kirk and Bobby Lee, but… Chicago Fire – been there done that. Revolution – not with NBC’s history (or any other network’s for that matter. Matthew Perry is… Matthew Perry! Yawn.

  • carigis

    @Mickey 1.0

    “Guns do still work. That thing the militia had that went bang and shot someone when they pulled the trigger. That’s a gun.

    The thing is, the militia have all the guns. And I just learned from this other site, if anyone else is caught with a gun, it’s a “hanging offense.” I’d learn to use a crossbow too.

    I really wish people wouldn’t glance at a trailer and assume they know everything about the show.”

    Im assuming you were referring to my comment. I was not talking about some black powder 1 shot rifle.

    I was referring to the millions of military grade guns and ammo that would be out in the public if the govt’s were toppled as the armories would have been raided, and soldiers would have kept or stolen thier weapons and brought them home etc… people would have hidden weapons caches alot longer then 15 years later.

    seems one machine gun would take out the entire sword/bow/single shot wielding militia.

    and also there are other forms of electricity that are not grid dependent. but like my post said.. we will just have to wait to see how they explain these things. Never claimed to know everything about the show. Just simply stating the show is going to need to explain a few of these things.. as a virus that takes out the grid would not effect everything..

    I also said this is likely the only show that nbc picked up that really looks remotely interesting/watchable.

  • Sheena

    I know that most times trailers don’t do a show justice but…

    I am liking ‘Go On’ a lot right now. It seems not only funny, but like it will have it’s powerful moments too. I know that is not always a good thing with ‘comedies’, but I like the idea of serious stuff being mixed in. I really hope this works out for Mr. Perry. My favorite.

    ‘The New Normal’ Looks cute. Better than I thought. I just hope the characters have some depth and don’t turn into parodies of themselves.

    ‘Chicago Fire’ looks interesting. It looks like Mr. Spencer is dropping his accent. I just feel like I could eventually phase that show out. I don’t know why. The aspect of them losing a friend and blaming each other seems interesting as well.

    ‘Revolution’ Looks expensive. I wonder what the price is per episode. Hopefully, it will be a good series.

    I couldn’t get much from ‘Animal Practice’ But Mr. Kirk seems like he will make the show. The ‘Animal Practice’ version of Cuddy, whatever her name is, and the girl from ‘The New Normal’ look like the same person, but with darker hair.

    ‘Guys With Kids’ Looks like it will have it moments. I wonder if it will get the ‘Touch’ treatment, because of Jimmy Fallon.

  • Mickey 1.0


    No, I wasn’t referring to your comment at all. The comment I was responding to (in yesterday’s thread) said something to the effect that firearms would still work even if electricity did not, therefore the lack of guns in this world makes no sense. But as we can see in the trailer, there are guns, and they do still work. It’s just not everyone who has them.

    What happened to all the military ordinance is a fair question, one I wondered about myself. I’m assuming there were a lot of wars when the governments fell and warlords rose, as the VO in the trailer says. So perhaps a lot of that ordinance was spent during those wars, perhaps in their final moments governments destroyed weapons stockpiles rather than let them fall into the hands of the warlords, perhaps the warlords and militias have them all and are hoarding them, etc.

    Also, the description of the show says it is scifi/action, and that ALL forms of energy have been lost. So it’s not just the electrical grid that is down, the VO says even batteries and combustion engines no longer work. So there is probably a scifi explanation for why all forms of energy have been lost.

    But like you said, we’ll have to wait for the series to get all the answers.

  • Mi

    @Mickey 1.0 since we’re talking about JJ and Kripke, I have a feeling there’s a mythology behind it that would be explained to us via flashbacks, lol. I don’t expect the show to answer questions so fast.

  • Mickey 1.0


    I’d be disappointed if we did get all the answers right off the bat. Although I’m glad Kripke is there to temper Abrams tendency to keep putting off giving us answers. Kripke has actually said he didn’t like the way Lost kept dragging things out. Neither did I, I felt like they were teasing me with a story rather than telling me a story.

  • Mike

    Chicago Fire looks like trauma meets rescue me… Nothing original or amazing about the show (it wont last a full season so maby well see one of the mid season dramas take it spot earlier than expected

  • SJ

    Go On – I am actually surprised at how much I liked it! Definitely looking forward to it in the fall.

    The New Normal – Ugh… Way too preachy, plus I hate the fact that one of the guys is clearly the “woman” in the relationship. Also, a little note to Ryan Murphy (and Shonda Rhimes, while we’re at it – Grey’s fans will know what I’m talking about), most gay parents don’t want their sperm donor/surrogate/egg donor in their lives once they’re done with them. Two parents per family is enough. Probably watching the pilot, episode 2 TBD.

    Animal Practice – A monkey is one of the main characters. That alone should tell you what kind of clusterwhoops (thank you for that, Kenneth Parcell!) to expect.

    Guys With Kids – First cancellation of the season, anyone? Even CBS’s crap factory produces better material.

    Chicago Fire – been there, done that. Good cast, though. I’m a huge fan of Monica Raymund. Still I won’t be watching the show and I doubt many will.

    Revolution – not feeling it. The Event 2.0 (or Terra Nova 2.0, or FF or V… take your pick).

    After checking out some more clips for Do No Harm, I found myself getting intrigued. I think I will give that one a try. Too bad it doesn’t come on until January.

    …and before user Noname Rex comes in to give me some spiel about how I’d “call all these shows future hits if they weren’t on NBC”, know that’s not the case.

  • CP

    Chicago Fire, why is everyone on that show a supermodel?

    The “comedies” aren’t funny.

    Revolution looks okay. Could be the next Terra Nova.

  • Sheena

    SJ, I was thinking the same thing regarding ‘Guys With Kids’. I thought they would keep it to make Jimmy Fallon happy, but maybe not even that will work.

    Laugh tracks/live audiences bug me as of recent.

  • BJH

    The Good: “Revolution” (J.J. Abrams & Eric Kripke? I’m on board.)

    The Promising: “New Normal”, “Animal Practice”, “Chicago Fire”

    The I’ll Watch Because It’s Matthew Perry: “Go On” (I liked “Mr. Sunshine” and was disappointed it was canceled. Sadly, this looks about half as good.)

    The Bad: “Guys with Kids” (Some laughs, but the premise will age fairly quickly if not handled well enough.)

  • Justin121 Lots of Familiar Faces

    @Potato, I haven’t seen either.

    @It’sBroccoli, that’s the problem.

  • suza271

    Everything looks watchable except Guys with Kids. It looks like the new Whitney.

    –Animal looks good. Love the monkey. It could save the show IMO
    –Revolution looks the best by far.
    –Go On doesn’t look bad, MP is perfect for this part and it’s much better than his last two attempts at tv.
    –Chicago Fire looks so generic. It will be cancelled in no time
    –Guys with Kids–horrible title agree with the person that said the thing about the movie. They should’ve paired THAT with Whitney on Fri.

  • suza271

    Oh and the new normal looks really good. A little Modern Fam mixed with Arrested Development.

  • Eric_Philly

    As someone before me said: Everything but Revolution looks terrible. Revolution looks pretty good (granted, I did just finish reading the original trilogy of Dies the Fire/Emberverse about the same premise).

  • Greyer

    Chicago Fire is the only legitimate series on here the rest are flops except maybe Guys with Kids.

  • Demonstrable

    If these are the “good” comedy pilots I would hate to see the ones that didn’t make the cut.

  • den

    I like Revolution, Chicago Fire, Go On, Save Me and Next Caller.

  • Jack

    Parks and Recreation had a horrible pilot. Smash had a great pilot. Sometimes the best shows have terrible pilots. Sometimes the worst shows have great pilots.

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