TV By The Numbers Is More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine...

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May 14th, 2012

While the claim that TV by the Numbers' predictions kill shows by influencing large numbers of viewers to stop watching* them are pretty routine in our comments, Harry's Law executive producer Bill D'Elia thinks we're a lot more powerful than we actually are too!

*Conveniently ignored by the claimants is the fact that we make our predictions *after* the low ratings are in, and the adults 18-49 viewers that advertisers pay for have *already* stopped watching. Where's the hate for the critics who tell people to not watch in *advance*?

Update: italics added above for the particularly sensitive.

  • BobG

    If a series has a long plot arch that won’t be resolved in a season, then I won’t start watching that show if By the Numbers says it will be cancelled. (That is, The River vs. Harry’s Law.) So in that sense, By the Numbers does have power. On the other hand, I doubt that vast numbers of people actually log on to By the Numbers, so they probably can’t kill a series. (Are there any stats on how many people log on?)

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