ABC's New Show Video Trailers: '666 Park Avenue,' 'The Neighbors,' 'The Family Tools,' 'How To Live With Your Parents,' 'The Last Resort,' 'Malibu Country,' ' Nashville' & More

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May 15th, 2012

Here are the trailer videos from the new ABC 2012-13 shows. I understand that non-US folks cannot view them. They are all available on YouTube.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC, and from Fox.

666 Park Avenue

The Family Tools

How To Live With Your Parents

The Last Resort

Malibu Country



The Neighbors

Red Widow

Zero Hour

  • Holly

    And now we know why Scandal and BoP were renewed…

  • Dilou004

    Anyone has a link to watch the trailer, they don’t work here !

  • Paulo

    Only 666 Park Avenue on youtube! Again a show similar to some movies and a rich version of American Horror Story!

  • bluelp85

    Neighbors looks horrible, Mistresses and Red Widow look boring, the trailers made Zero Hour, How to Live with Your Parents, and The Family Tools better so will now check them out when they come in during midseason. Was already going to check out 666 Park Avenue, Malibu Country, and Last Resort…even though that trailer made that last one look worse. Nashville I’m just not interested in.

  • Jack

    666 Park Ave is great. I can’t wait of the premiere.

  • CrimTV

    Guys if your outside US you can watch the trailers on Spoiler TV

  • NYC_Lover

    Ill watch all the drama pilots but zero hour and mistresses. Mistresses looks HORRID. Nashville looks pretty good, i like how they actually use Nashville. Last Resort looks GREAT. Best ABC Drama of the year. Red Widow looks okay

  • Blake

    666 trailer

  • Mike

    i think the neighbours is trying to copy a family version of 3rd rock from the sun… i ill check it out but my expections arnt very high

  • Still good shows on tv

    The shows I like the most are

    Malibu Country-I really liked Reba’s first show Reba and this looks just like it.

    Last Resort-Wasn’t really interested until I saw The trailer

    Neighbors- Cute show you can watch with your whole family

    Nashville- Look decent will give it a few episodes

    Zero Hour-looks like a good mystery, conspiracy thriller.

  • Bright

    Well done ABC!! blocking people from outide the US, cause you might be losing lots of money if you let us see your stupid trailers.. unbelievable.

    By the way @Bill, you say about 25% of the visitor come from outside the US, could you tell us what countries visit you the most? could be really interesting to know that. Thanks! :)

  • SmG

    I haven’t watched the comedy trailers. For the dramas;

    Last Resort- I’ll definetly check out the pilot because it is from the producer of The Shield, but I have mixed feelings about this one. I don’t know how they can drag out this story for many seasons. I think this would have been a good movie plot.

    666 Park Avenue- I think this will be more than spooky. It has a great cast, lost of familiar faces. The girl from Charlies Angels, the guys from Lost, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters. I will watch, but I think people watching this with the expectation of a supernatural thriller or a horror like American Horror Story will be disappointed.

    Nashville-This looks like a more soapy version of Country Strong with less tragedy. I think this may be one of those roles like Julianna M. in Good Wife. If it is executed well, we may be talking about Emmy nominations in the future.

    So, Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue and Nashville for me.

    I agree with the comments saying ABC will do well on Sundays. Last Resort and Nashville have difficult timeslots, I hope they’ll do well.

  • DonJ1973

    I think ABC has the best looking new dramas out of all the networks so far.

    Interested in:

    Last Resort (worried about the timeslot)
    666 Park Avenue
    Red Widow
    Zero Hour

    Nashville looks cheesey and looks like Country Strong, but Connie Britton is such a solid actress and I will support her work anyday.

  • capslocke

    The Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue look amazing!
    Zero Hour and Red Widow look pretty good, too. HTLWYPFTROYL really surprised me, will probably give that a shot. Yunjin Kim looks so out of place in Mistresses, but I’ll probably give it a shot, for the sole fact that its a scripted summer show.

    Looks like ABC’s gonna continue being my most watched network.

  • zerg

    O.o i save only 666 Park Ave…Last Resort maybe…the rest just baaaaaad…

    Nashville and Neighbors will crush and burn….
    WTF? Zero Hour?

    Mistresses = Desperate Housewives of the CW….ABC should pick up NOW devoius maids

    Totally disappointed :(

  • stefan

    They all look terrible.

  • DonJ1973

    Bill Gorman= About 25% of our viewers are outside the US.

    Translation= About 25% of this site’s visitors pirate new American TV shows because they won’t show up in their country anywhere from 6 months to 1-year after they air here.

  • Bee

    NASHVILLE! YES! so excited! looks like it could be awesome. CONNIE BRITTON<3 hayden looks sexy. and i already like the voice of that unmentioned blonde girl that was singing.

    666 park avenue is interesting, but whether or not it works depends on how they execute all this supernatural stuff. awesome cast though.

    last resort looks kinda great. wow, that's one ambitious show. but having someone like shawn ryan behind it is definitely reassuring. great cast too.

    how to live with your parents looks like it could work and grow to be a good show. the trailer showed potential. the cast is great and i've missed elizabeth perkins so much!

    the neighbors? L M A O WTF!? HAHAHAHA HOW THE HELL DID THIS GET THE POST-MF SLOT!? OR EVEN PICKED UP?! omg. so weird and annoying. ABC PLEASE switch this and how to live with your parents RIGHT NOW. omg.

    malibu country is definitely nothing ground-breaking and is like a variation of reba (i mean, hello! another ditzy blonde neighbor? lol shoulda just brought barbara jean back), but it should be an enjoyable enough simple half-hour and it's great to see reba back and with lily tomlin too no less.

    the family tools looks whatever. the guy with the foot hate made me laugh out loud though.

    mistresses was just kind of there. no idea what it's about still. just saw a lot of concerned faces and friends hugging lol. will have to decide after the pilot.

    red widow looks interesting. could be good depending on how how it's done. i don't think "twilight screenwriter" will help the show at all though.

    zero hour made me roll my eyes. not hopeless, but.. eh. it'll be hard to pull off.

  • Jack

    People said the same thing last year about Revenge and that is a great show.

  • zerg

    Laugh Track oh dear lord -.-

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