ABC's New Show Video Trailers: '666 Park Avenue,' 'The Neighbors,' 'The Family Tools,' 'How To Live With Your Parents,' 'The Last Resort,' 'Malibu Country,' ' Nashville' & More

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May 15th, 2012

Here are the trailer videos from the new ABC 2012-13 shows. I understand that non-US folks cannot view them. They are all available on YouTube.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC, and from Fox.

666 Park Avenue

The Family Tools

How To Live With Your Parents

The Last Resort

Malibu Country



The Neighbors

Red Widow

Zero Hour

  • Bubu

    lol, i can’t believe that they are promoting two shows with the line “from the writer of gossip girl”. if their aim is to get people to NOT check out their new shows, they are doing a pretty good job. “from the screenwriter of the twilight movies” and “from the producers of g.i. joe and transformers” don’t really sound like ringing endorsements either.

  • Terry


    Wtf is Zero Hour suppose to be about?

    Its a mashup of Missing and the DaVinci Code.

  • Bee

    after these trailers, i feel like 666 park avenue should’ve been given the wednesday 10PM slot since it looks like it could be a self-starter and it would fit well with (the awful-looking) the neighbors and its aliens. it’s also got familar ABC faces to help it out. and nashville should’ve been given sundays at 10PM, paired with revenge and it’s soapyness. it also just gives off the vibes of a sunday show. it’s easily the best-looking show here, but i’m scared it won’t grab people’s attention and seem interesting. i will scream if the neighbors ends up hurting nashville.

  • joel

    No, it’s 1. The Neighbors, 2. How to Live With Your Parents, 3. Family Tools.

    I don’t care enough about the dramas to rank them and need to cut back on my TV watching, but I’ll sample 666 Park Avenue.

  • SJ

    Not cool with the blocking, ABC! I suggest using ProxTube. It unlocks YouTube videos and is very handy to have – especially in Germany, which even blocks music videos from German artists (!).

    666 Park Avenue – It looks decent enough, and the star power alone should be able to secure it a back-9 order at the very least. Also, for the TV promos, I’d leave out the line “from the writers of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars” if they want the show to be taken seriously.

    Last Resort – It looks really good and fairly ambitious. It’s so great to see Dichen Lachman from Dollhouse on TV again! I’m worried about the crappy time slot ABC gave it – it doesn’t even look like an 8pm show to begin with, but then again, none of their new shows do. Another problem is that it is very un-ABC, which makes me question its staying power even if it had a better time slot.

    Zero Hour – The DaVinci Code for TV? It actually looked a lot better than I expected and I will definitely give it a try. Again, very un-ABC and the mid-season start is troubling.

    Nashville – Is it bad that I barely got halfway through the trailer and already wanted to click the little red X button in the upper right corner of the screen? I will watch the pilot, but beyond that… I’m guessing ABC will miss their 2011-2012 Wednesday night line-up before long.

    Red Widow – I’m not usually one to judge a show by the physical appearance of its cast, but my god, that is the ugliest bunch of people I’ve seen on a prime time show in ages. Between the two new mob shows, I’ll try Mob Doctor. This one just doesn’t seem appealing. The lead actress is the main problem here. She’s like Kelli Giddish 2.0

    Mistresses – Really, ABC? Stooped this low, have ya? I really hope this doesn’t make it to episode 6. And poor Alyssa Milano. She deserves better.

    How to Live with Your Parents… – Hold up, this is a single-cam? Well why the hell didn’t it get paired up with Modern Family in the fall then? It was funnier than I expected and finally, Sarah Chalke seems to be playing a different character from what she usually plays. The parents are also very well cast. But hey, there’s still chance for it to get the post-MF slot. More on that in a bit…

    Malibu Country – Yeah, totally Reba 2.0 but I’ll still watch it. And likely enjoy it. Can’t go wrong with Reba and Lily Tomlin!

    The Family Tools – Is Leah Remini supposed to be playing JK Simmons’ wife or daughter? Because option #1 is a little bit on the creepy side. Well this show has Kyle Bornheimer so it will by definition get cancelled after one season. Hopefully ABC didn’t order 13 episodes of it. Looks pretty bland and I can’t remember the last time a show that aired between DWTS cycles actually made it to a second season so, good luck!

    The Neighbors – Really? No, but… really? This is a show? This is a thing? Like, somebody actually sat down, wrote this, sold it to a network, found some 7-8 people to star in it and it actually made it on the air and will get the time slot following the number one entertainment program on television? Yeah, How to Live with Your Parents will get this time slot in January. Not even Modern Family is going to be able to save this mess. All I can say is, good luck, Nashville!

  • Matt

    the neighbors looks absolutely TERRIBLE and i dont understand how its a real show. i really dont

    and 666 sounded good before, but the trailer makes me not want to watch it

    bad showing this year ABC

  • Julia

    will check out last resort and 666 park avenue.
    red widow looks like it has an interesting plot, but that it could drag and get lost in making things more complicated than necessary. nashville looks like it should be a movie and not a tv show. I don’t really watch comedy so i’ll be avoiding malibu country, the neighbors, the family tools and how to live with your parents. though i did find the trailers for family tools and how to live with your parents amusing. Couldn’t even bring myself to watch the trailer for mistresses…and i did watch the trailer for zero hour but it looks pretty terrible…could just be a bad trailer though so I might check it out if in the fall the reviews speak positively of it.

  • Terry


    Well this show has Kyle Bornheimer so it will by definition get cancelled after one season.

    Haha, I was also thinking the same thing but I couldn’t remember his name so I didn’t comment. His track record is abysmal and I will also predict a 3 for 3 for early cancellation.

  • joel

    The Neighbors is pure genius. How soon people forget the phenomenal success of Mork & Mindy, and ALF.

  • Liz

    Zero Hour: For people who thought The Event made way too much sense.

  • rob60990

    @Terry, he will be 4 for 4. Worst Week, Romantically Challenged, and Perfect Couples.

  • carigis


    did country music come back in again or something and I missed it? Not into that or tough soccer moms…ala missing. So ill give 666 park avenue and last resort a shot. Ill skip the rest. maybe Ill check out the zero hour pilot too. but the rest Ill definatly pass.

  • Bubu

    The Neighbors is next season’s Work It…

  • CrimTV


    Totally not true, here in the UK we get most shows from 1 day to one month behind the US, sometimes we are well behind (Revenge premiering this month grrr)

  • DJ

    Well, so far, out of Fox NBC and ABC, this looks like the best crop of new shows (i.e. the only ones that are at all watchable).

    However, other than Last Resort, none of these actually looks good.

    I had hopes for 666 PA — but after seeing the trailer, I’ve changed my mind. Looks cliched. Probably watchable for the cast alone — but not actually any good.

    Nashville — well, casting Hayden Panettiere (and all of the horrific baggage that comes with her) is a terrible mistake. I guess they better hope she doesn’t made internet headlines again.

    The rest are mostly meh — Mistresses will be canceled in about 3 episodes, I’d think.

  • Her0inaction

    For those outside US, most of the trailers can be here ( only Mistresses and Red Widow missing):

    And for those of you commenting on non-US citizens downloading new tv shows, well.. you’re kinda right.. the situation got a little better in past two years in my country (Czech republic), but often it takes more than ‘six months to one year’ (as someone mentioned) before the show is bought and put on air.
    e.g. HIMYM S5 is on for the first time or Brothers & Sisters started its run half a year ago with S1 (six months after its final episode on ABC)..

    I’ll be more than happy if you could tell me if you personally do have a problem with us downloading or you think we should wait till the show is brought to our country? (putting the ‘illegal download’ subject aside, yes, it is wrong, don’t want to argue about that:) )

  • DonJ1973

    Mistresses is a Summer 2013 show…although it’s odd they would announce a summer 2013 show so soon. With a 13 episode order and little competition, I think it will at least finish it’s 1st season.

  • Agnes

    Well, I’ve found my pick for first show to be cancelled – Neighbors.

    666 Park Avenue – American Horror Story without Jessica Lange = FAIL

    Nashville – Connie Britton can’t save this bore

    Last Resort – looks great – certain to be cancelled

    Malibu Country – just meh. I think ratings wise, it will meet expectations though.

    Mistresses – DH without the humor?

    How to Live with your Parents… – This looks great and should be after Modern Family. Not that arggh nonsense

    Zero Hour – looks great – certain to be cancelled

    Red Widow = The Mob Doctor

    Family Tools – not even remotely funny

    Is ABC trying to plummet to NBC rating ranges next season? If so, its on the right path!

  • DonJ1973

    @ Her0inaction
    I don’t want to argue about the subject either. It’s a touchy subject for some. But, I do thank you for being candid about it. There is 1 poster here who is pretty damn obnoxious about how he loves to pirate and doesn’t give a crap about the ramifications. Someone like that pisses me off.

  • Travis27 in Virginia!

    Can’t wait for Malibu Country! Hate to admit it but Reba could spend a half hour being taped reading the phone book out loud and I would still tune in! Fans like myself will make it a hit on Friday! May not be huge numbers being it is on Friday , but it will be good enough to last at least 5 seasons!

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