ABC's New Show Video Trailers: '666 Park Avenue,' 'The Neighbors,' 'The Family Tools,' 'How To Live With Your Parents,' 'The Last Resort,' 'Malibu Country,' ' Nashville' & More

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May 15th, 2012

Here are the trailer videos from the new ABC 2012-13 shows. I understand that non-US folks cannot view them. They are all available on YouTube.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC, and from Fox.

666 Park Avenue

The Family Tools

How To Live With Your Parents

The Last Resort

Malibu Country



The Neighbors

Red Widow

Zero Hour

  • DonJ1973

    @ SJ

    Radha Mitchell on Red Widow is by no means ugly. She’s actually a very good Australian actress.

    The guy who played her husband in the clip…Anson Mount has to look that way because he also stars in the AMC show Hell on Wheels as a rugged scruffy cowboy and can’t shave since the show got renewed.

  • Sophia

    Misstresses is still a yes for me :D & I’ll still try Last Resort & Zero Hour. But I’ll have to say ‘no’ to the rest.

  • JRG

    For all the clueless, Mistresses is a take on the BBC show that ran 3 series(16 episodes). That was actually well done, but American takes on British shows have a bad record.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Everyone – They are not promoting two shows from the writers of Gossip Girl. Critical reading skills are a necessity.

    666 Park Avenue is from Alloy Entertainment, the production company behind Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. And Mistresses is by K.J. Steinberg, who wrote four episodes of Gossip Girl, three of which aired in the first season. She also wrote for Judging Amy and created The Nines, so it’s not like Gossip Girl is her only credit… but it is the one you mention when you’re promoting a show about unashamed mistresses.

  • Dana


    wow, I didn´t know there was another czech person who geeks out about US rating system and scheduling:D Ahoj.

  • tv#1

    A lot of these shows look really good, especially 666 Park Ave. and Last Resort. Of the new shows we have seen so far I think ABC has the best.

  • Revenge

    Planning to watch!!
    666 Park Avenue
    The Last Resort
    Red Widow
    Malibu Country

    How To Live With Your Parents(NEEDS A BETTER TITLE!)

  • Bee

    random: connie britton was trending on twitter earlier! yay nashville! :)

  • Sheena

    Oh dear… ABC. Who banged whom to get ‘The Neighbors’ on that channel at that time? It could make for a great ABC family show, or Disney, or maybe even a movie. At first I thought it could possibly be well executed, but they seem to be going more for the ‘parody’ alien. It will be out about as fast as ‘Work it’ Maybe that is why it got such a great timeslot, since it is the weakest show?

    ‘666 Park Avenue’ reminds me of a lesser version of the British show ‘Bedlam’, for some reason. If it makes an effort to focus on character development/conflict, it could be good. I will give it a try.

    ‘Family Tools’ does not look as good as it’s British counterpart ‘White Van Man’ But I really want this to work for the male lead, so his curse can be broken. I want to give it a try. It looks promising to me.

    ‘How to Live with Your Parents…’ I LOVE Ms. Perkins in this! She was great on ‘Weeds’. She would be my sole reason for watching this show. I hope it works. I am looking forward to it. A lot.

    ‘The Last Resort’ Made me think of ‘Lost’ (toward the latter end of the trailer), except the government is how they got on the island instead. But this is not really my genre so I really have no room to say anything.

    ‘Malibu Country’ I could only see working because it is almost a complete rip-off of ‘Reba’. The cheating husband… the teen daughter who likes the dumb boy… the blonde next door.

    ‘Mistresses’ seems interesting… people seem to like sex. And now that Desperate Housewives is gone, maybe this is their answer to it. Other than that, I am not sure. But, I will give it a try. It could be good.

    ‘Red Widow’ Seems interesting to me. I could picture it following ‘Revenge’. I will give this a try as well… but I am not as hopeful about it.

    I wish ‘Zero hour’ were about more than just a clock. I am having a hard time understanding why I should care about a clock, or why his wife had to be kidnapped in order to get the clock.

    ‘Nashville’ seems like something more suited for CMT. I could picture it being a hit over there. I think I may watch a couple episodes, but I am not sure I will stick with it. The concept of the younger girl with less talent/older woman with more talent seems like an interesting concept, though.

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    So will people be nicknaming 666 Park Ave as “666” or “Park Ave”?

    Also why do the aliens on The Neighbors act like the Solomons from 3rd Rock but their actual alien bodies look like something a 6 year old can make using iMovie? Needless to say I won’t be watching and after what I thought was a bad season of MF I probable won’t keep up with the DVR recordings on that show. So MY Wednesdays are now scheduled as Animal Practice, (maybe) Suburgatory, SVU then chicago Fire.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I try to avoid these trailers, since they give way too much away. I did watch the one for Malibu Country, since I know I won’t be watching that one. It looks good in comparison to Guys with Kids, I’ll give it that much. Even still, didn’t laugh once.

    I wasn’t going to watch anything else, but seeing the backlash over The Neighbors made me bite the bullet and watch it. And holy hell, I cannot believe ABC is giving that piece of crap the post-Modern Family timeslot. It looks like the Work It of next season.

  • Nick

    My thoughts:

    Last Resort: A+ A keeper.
    Malibu Country: A- Good.

    Red Widow: B+
    Zero Hour: B+
    666 Park Avenue: C+ All three interesting, to say the least.

    Nashville: C OK

    How To Live With Your Parents: C-
    The Family Tools: C- Both made no impression on me at all.

    Mistresses: D- OK, but just not my kind of thing.
    The Neighbors: F– Horrible. Just plain horrible.

  • Nick

    @SVU: Fringe Division
    I nicknamed it “666 Park”. lol

  • SarahL

    None of these look to me, but 666 Park is the best of the lost. Most of the dramas seem like mini-series, not regular series. Odd.

  • SarahL


    I saw the BBC Mistresses and hated it.

  • Dahne

    666 Park Avenue – looks better than it sounded but from the creator of Gossip girl may not be the best way to sell it ABC.

    Family Tools & How to Live w/ Your Parents – good cast, stupid characters. How does one get kicked out of seminary school anyway?

    Last Resort – intense. Not sure about this one so it will depend on the pilot’s writing. I’m not a fan of entertainment pushing a political agenda so if it is more a humans banding together story I’ll watch. If it’s one political party is killing America’s future, I won’t.

    Malibu Country – sounds exactly like Reba but in Malibu. I’m good with that. Guess Nikita goes to online viewing next season.

    Mistresses – No. And what’s with ABC’s fascination with all things Gossip Girl this year.

    Nashville – gets 6 episodes from me because of the cast. I doubt I’ll make it through the season though.

    The Neighbors – Wow! That was terrible.

    Red Widow – no opinion yet. Will wait until it gets closer to airing.

    Zero Hour – I’m in. Anthony Edwards, historical mystery, genre show. As long as there is decent forward movement through the whole season and we get answers instead of countless questions, this may become appointment TV for me.

  • BJH

    The Most Promising (in order): 666 Park Avenue, Red Widow, The Family Tools, How to Live with Your Parents, Zero Hour

    Unsure It Will Work As A Continuing Series (but looks good): Last Resort

    The Mediocre (but will check it out): Nashville, Malibu Country

    The Bad Ones Chosen Over ‘GCB’ (sorry, I really liked this show): Mistresses, The Neighbors

    How is it that even the bad ones on ABC are better than the good ones on FOX/NBC?

  • The Mike Factor

    My must sees are Red Widow, Mistresses, 666 Park Avenue, and Malibu Country, the last one mostly because of Reba, the trailer was lackluster. Red Widow fascinated me far more than I thought it would and the other 2 dramas could be great. Last Resort, Zero Hour, Family Tools, and How To Live With Your Parents just don’t interest me enough to even watch the trailer, we’ll see if I warm up to them. The Neighbors just ruined Jami Gertz for me, that must be the worst thing to ever be on television and I found Work It’s trailer funny!

  • forg

    I’m in the minority when it comes to The Neighbors, yeah it’s silly and could be something that you’ll see on Disney Channel but it’s the type of sitcom that family will watch. It’s cute although I wish they had more recognizable faces in the cast. I disagree that its Work It 2.0

    Although I would prefer if ABC chose to use How to Live With Your Parents for the post-MF slot instead. Good casting and solid premise that would complement

    Kyle Bornheimer has a string of flops I know but he’s a solid comedy actor and Family Tools looks OK.

    Last Resort’s trailer is phenomenal and unlike most of you I don’t think it will be DOA on its slot. It’s a difficult timeslot I know but ABC CAN LAUNCH a high concept 8 PM show just look at Lost and Once Upon a Time. Even failures FlashForward, V and No Ordinary Family started well at 8 PM and arguably these 3 shows failed because of creative reasons and Last Resort has Shawn Ryan so I’m confident that this show will do fine.

    Red Widow & Zero Hour are not that appealing but the trailers made them look a little better but good decision to held them back for midseason

    I agree Nashville looks a little boring but I like Hayden vs Connie story, might work.

    666 Park Avenue has a strong cast that makes me want to watch it right now :D

  • forg

    And Malibu Country is Reba 2.0 and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Hopefully Last Man Standing and Malibu Country can do well on Fridays

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