ABC's New Show Video Trailers: '666 Park Avenue,' 'The Neighbors,' 'The Family Tools,' 'How To Live With Your Parents,' 'The Last Resort,' 'Malibu Country,' ' Nashville' & More

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May 15th, 2012

Here are the trailer videos from the new ABC 2012-13 shows. I understand that non-US folks cannot view them. They are all available on YouTube.

You can also check out the new series trailers for NBC, and from Fox.

666 Park Avenue

The Family Tools

How To Live With Your Parents

The Last Resort

Malibu Country



The Neighbors

Red Widow

Zero Hour

  • forg

    Serious question though for the foreign visitors here. How long does it take approximately for alot of these new American shows to premiere in your country legally on TV?

    Here in the Philippines, things got a little better, before we have to wait 6 months to 1 year but for the past two years cable channels here are stepping it up with airing American shows as early as possible. Sometime it just takes 3-5 weeks before we get it here and there are even shows that are aired on the same week or just a couple of days behind from the US airing. Shows distributed by Universal and Warner usually airs early.

    From ABC’s batch, I can see 666 Park Avenue airing here first since The Walking Dead & American Horror Story are well-received here (we even got The River aired here two weeks after the US launch)

    But still a lot people uses torrents but at least the local channels here (mostly cable since local content dominates broadcast networks) are stepping it up.

  • Eric_Philly

    They actually have more than 1 interesting new show! “Impressive”.

  • Networkman

    OMG! ABC has picked up the best dramas this year. All of them are on my to watch list.

    Last Resort:A In my opinion, this show looks WAY better than Revolution. It may have some elements of Lost being that they will have to make a home on a new island but issues about war and terrorism makes this all to realistic.

    666 Park Avenue:A- Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams looks like the perfect duo. There will be supernatural elements involved. This could get real spooky. ABC is hoping that there are those who wouldn’t watch this alone. More viewers are welcomed.

    Zero Hour: A- This does look like Missing 2.0. And that is a compliment because Missing was entertaining. But I like the mystery involved in this. It really has “spiritual” undertones. And deals with the destruction of the world itself. So this is bound to keep viewers more interested than they were with Missing.

    Nashville:B+ Hopefully this drama will pull in all those lovers of country music. This looks like an epic battle between Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. I can’t help but make comparison. Connie looks great. This could be the role that garners her the Emmy.

    Mistresses:B This looks hot and steamy. The perfect drama to place after The Bachelorette in the Summer. But it really is going to dig deep in the emotions of this women. Alyssa Milano and Yunjin Kim has got my attention. Rochelle Aytes is beautiful and also a very capable actresses. It has alot of potential.

    Red Widow:B- When my least favorite earns a B-, ABC must have done something right. I lead actress looks very capable. The husband was in a shady business and then the viewers are to see if she continues it. And we are to be concerned about how the death of the father effects the family. It has the task of drawing us in and keeping us interested.

  • Victor Hugo

    wow, how the hell Neightbors got pick up over Judy Greer or Mandy Moore’s project? This is AWFUL, it will crash and burn(hopefully) even with the best lead-in ABC can offer! Probably HTLWYP will replace it; but then how ABC would expand the Tuesday comedy-block in January?? They would have HE, Apt 23 and Tools!
    I hope they can do the same CBS did this season(If i’m not wrong they did this with Rob) and have a late pick up comedy; there was talking about redeveloping Judy Greer’s comedy, I hope this is true!

    Last Resort, Nashville and 666 Park Avenue, Malibu Contry seem be the best, I hope they can at least have the back-9, but I had higher expectations about 666, the trailer wasn’t that good, i hope it’s just the trailer, it has a great cast, but maybe that’s the why they didn’t lauch after OUaT at 9, which everybody thought it would happen, because the pilot isn’t that good!! (and what about being promoted as “of the producers of PLL and GG”??)

    Red Widow and Zero Hour seem good too, but I don’t know, it’s in mid-season after all, and if this spring had this awful ratings, what will be next years ratings?? #FLOPS

    Mistress, well, I don’t know if people is just that desperate about DH ending and needing a replacement, it could be a Summer hit(by Summer standards of cours), but it was bad!!!

    Family Tools looked so-so, but it will be canceled, inevitable!

    HTLWYP, this is my type of comedy!!! It was the best comedy of the bunch in my opinion and I LOVEEE Sarah Chalke, I hope this can be successful!

  • Networkman

    Malibu Country may very well be the funniest new comedy of the season. There were so many laugh out loud moments in that trailer it was ridiculous. Last Man Standing had better get better writers because it is going to pale in comparison to this. Reba and Lily were brilliant. And Sara Rue was icing on the cake. I’m really hoping this succeeds.
    Malibu Country:A

    The Family Tools: B I am so happy that Leah Remini is back on TV. The trailer was entertaining. And the goofiness of the leading man really worked. Because this has potential, this show should of gotten the 9:30pm slot after Modern Family. It would have been a better lead in to Nashville. ABC should put it there after The Neighbors get cancelled.

    How to Live with Your Parents:C I really did not see too much funny coming from Sarah. But Elizabeth Perkins really stood out in the trailer. It reminds me of Ben & Kate. It is nothing really that special but trying really hard to be a new type of family comedy. I’m going to stick with Raising Hope.

    The Neighbors:C- I applaud the unique concept. I’m glad that it is something different than all the other offerings. And I was really hoping that the trailer would show that this is of quality. But the leads don’t look strong. And after the reveal things just got to weird. I hope this show doesn’t just go for shock value. It would be better if the aliens kept it a secret from the new neighbors for awhile. And the leads just witness strange behavior.

  • Kavyn

    I’m never into Country stuff, but Nashville actually looks kind of interesting. The premise sounds a bit lame but the acting looks good from what I see.

    Other than that, 666, Last Resort and Zero Hour all look amazing. For the comedies I’ll only be tuning in to HTLWYP due to the fact that I’m a big fan of Sarah Chalke and Elizabeth Perkins. Never been a big fan of Brad Garrett though… Oh, I’ll also try Family Tools for Leah Remini :)

    ABC definitely wins in terms of pilots, for me.

  • I like this show

    Let’s review the trailers

    666 Park Avenue: On the fence with this one show looks kind of interesting not sure if I will give it a shot or not.

    Family tools: BIG PASS looks terrible.

    HTLWYP: I think the name of this show gets shortened or at least I would hope. On the fence with this one as well. Not a Chalke or Garrett fan only thing that is giving me a little hope here is Grazer is producing and seems to have a little dead pan raunchiness to it. Still big time on fence whether I give it a shot or not.

    Last Resort: Yes going to give this a shot for sure. Just looks really good with a unique premise.

    Malibu Country:…..some of you thought this was funny….BIGGER PASS than FT. Worst trailer yes worse than Neighbors.

    Mistresses: Could work but not for me pass.

    Nashville: Another pass noticed the lady from AHS is the co lead hopefully that means AHS is canceled BORING SHOW.

    The Neighbors: LOL this looks so stupid it may succeed. Whoever the male lead is here is pretty terrible. Still wasn’t the worst trailer of the group. At least it was unique.

    Red Widow: The premise is interesting but the trailer wasn’t very interesting something just didn’t click for me here gonna probably pass.

    Zero Hour: On the fence if I give this one a shot or not. Could be good or could be very bad.

    My ranking in order of what I would give a short or not

    Will Watch
    Last Resort

    May watch
    Live with Parents…(much shorter)
    666 Park Avenue
    Zero Hour

    not for me

    The Neighbors
    Red Widow
    Family Tools
    Malibu Country WORST

  • landon

    without doubt, last year’s trailers/shows were more exciting.

  • Fischer

    NASHVILLE looks great!! So far my favorite pilot (although I don’t lk stupid realtionship drama in TV shows)… I will also give The Last Resort a try, though it looks like a show that could get bad after first few episodes.

  • Mike

    how did zero hour get picked over Gotham

  • 1454

    Thank’s ABC for block in my country.

  • James

    I am bummed Jonathan Jackson is only in like 4 seconds of the NASHVILLE trailer. But I’ll watch as long as GH is still on…

  • Bright

    In what I think is one of the years with the most stupid decisions in the pilot pick ups, I’ll create a new network that everyyear fill its gaps with the shows the other networks don’t pick. I bet them I would better than some, and here is my fantasy schedule:

    devious maids
    pan am
    the playboy club

    mockingbird lane
    beautiful people

    midnight sun


    the manzanis
    downwardly mobile
    gilded lilys

    sarah silverman’s
    friday night dinner
    american judy
    the smart one
    the selection

    and scripted shows on Saturday as well:
    counter culture
    better with you
    i hate my teenage daughter
    harry’s law


  • joel

    @i like this show, “Malibu Country:…..some of you thought this was funny….BIGGER PASS than FT. Worst trailer yes worse than Neighbors.
    The Neighbors: LOL this looks so stupid it may succeed.”

    We have a winner. The absolute worst and/or lowest budget non-genre shows go straight to Fridays, not behind Modern Family.

  • jenny

    Does anyone know when the cbs and cwtv trailer will be online?

  • It’sBroccoli

    It’s annoying the youtube videos are blocked outside US. Especially when you still can view the videos on the shows’ facebook pages; it makes the block totally pointless. >_>

    Anyway, I’m surprised about all the negativity towards “The Neighbours”. (I don’t think there’s a single positive comment on its facebook page.) I laughed a lot just watching the trailer so I’m definitely looking forward to it! :D Guess I’ve got weird humour…

    “Last Resort” and “Red Widow” seems promising too.

  • Tyler

    Malibu Country is going to be a hit and How to Live With Your Parents looks really funny.

  • SmG

    @jenny, CBS is expected to declare its schedule in an hour.

  • jenny

    thanku SmG, normally I dont really care for CBS but the other networks dont really have much to offer next season.

  • Fuzhi

    The only show I really look forward to is Last Resort.

    I will sample The Neighbors aswell. I dont really get the hate for the trailer and like Lenny Venito in his roles on Sopranos and Bored To Death.

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