Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon A Time', 'Family Guy', 'Survivor' Adjusted Up; 'Survivor: Reunion', 'Dateline' Adjusted Down

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May 15th, 2012

Once Upon a Time, Family Guy and Survivor were each adjusted up a tenth while Survivor: Reunion and Dateline were adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Sunday broadcast ratings

Sunday's Final Broadcast Ratings for May 13, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millions)
7:00 ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.6/6 6.35
CBS 60 Minutes 1.2/5 9.39
FOX The Simpsons - R 0.9/4 2.13
NBC Dateline 0.7/3 3.39
7:30 FOX The Cleveland Show 1.3/5 2.79
8:00 ABC Once Upon A Time (Season Finale) 3.3/10 9.66
CBS Survivor: One World (8-10PM)(Season Finale) 2.9/8 10.34
FOX The Simpsons 1.9/6 4.07
NBC Harry's  Law 1.0/3 7.64
8:30 FOX Bob's Burgers 1.8/5 3.69
9:00 ABC Desperate Housewives (9-11PM)(Series Finale) 3.2/8 11.12
FOX Family Guy 2.4/6 4.94
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 1.8/5 5.48
9:30 FOX American Dad (Season Finale) 2.0/5 4.13
10:00 CBS Survivor: One World Reun ion 2.3/6 7.72

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  • Harris

    Yay OUAT!

  • Dillan

    Wow, surprised OUAT beat DH. I might actually start watching OUAT, the trailer looked okay when it I saw it before the show started, but considering the ratings are so high, I’m assuming it’s a very good show.

  • Neto


  • TimsDale4ever

    So glad DESPERATE went out with a great rating. Good show all around. Sad to see it go only to be replaced probably by some dumb new docu-drama. Lord help us….

  • John A

    No adjust up for DH? Thats bad for its finale.

  • CrimTV


    It’s actually being replaced with Revenge.

  • Brian

    WHOO HOOO! Ouat finishes with a 3.3. I think it’s been a good season. See you all in the fall, enjoy the summer :)

  • MoHasanie

    Too bad for DH. Its premiere was the same as its finale. Oh well, in total viewers, its only 2 million behind the highly promoted Lost finale. I guess its only at a 3.2, because over the 8 years, a lot of the target audience of DH (women 40+) have left the demo. And I would imagine mothers day would have affected it, like its done every year.

  • Gabe

    Can someone give me the half hour breakdowns for Survivor and Desperate Housewives?

  • DenverDean

    @Dillon – just because a show has a high rating, doesn’t mean it’s good – e.g., DWTS, AI, TAHM, MF, etc.

  • ImperfectFighter

    People need to stop moaning and groaning about DH finale numbers and face facts.. the rating were not going to magically go through the roof because it was their series finale.. why would a ton of viewers who fell off during the years want to watch a show they haven’t in ages?

    Just focus on what we did get; they got their final Season, got to plan and execute an ending the way they wanted it, and they left being the top show of the night.

    That’s more than enough for me.

  • DW

    some of those numbers up there look like friday night numbers especially at 7:00. sad.

  • Jane

    I’m still crying. It were wonderful 8 years, Thank you!

  • Clarke

    WOW. OUAT actually beat the DH series finale. And deservedly so, imo. OUAT’s finale was superb and I can’t wait for next season !

  • Mi

    I’m glad to see OUAT winning the night again. Hoping for at least 3.5 for season 2 premiere.

    “Wow, surprised OUAT beat DH. I might actually start watching OUAT, the trailer looked okay when it I saw it before the show started, but considering the ratings are so high, I’m assuming it’s a very good show.”

    OUAT had one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen. Some episodes were meh (like Grumpy..) but from 1.15 onward every episode was great, and it’s a great show imo.

  • Masterbreel

    Normally prime-time starts at 8, why at 7 on sundays?

  • Neto

    The problem with OUAT is it has some filler episodes (Grumpy, Genie) because the show must have 22 epis, a complete season, so….
    But 22, just 3-4 a bit awful (although enjoyable) and many amazing stories, so don’t be worried ;)

  • Danielle

    Eeee, Once won the night! Love it!!

  • Guy

    Woohoo. Good to see Once get 3.3. Its only going to grow i feel. Paired with Revenge Sundays are going to be great next season. Can’t wait.

  • MoHasanie

    Wow, its crazy to think, that if OUAT was DOA like most people predicted in October, than ABC would really have to start from scratch on Sundays next season…

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