CBS New Show Video Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 16th, 2012

Here are the trailers for CBS's new series from this afternoon's upfront meeting.

You can also check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • Nick

    I thought CBS picked 5 news shows

  • Nick

    Correction: 6 shows. What happened to “golden boy”
    and “friend me”?

  • Bill Gorman

    “Correction: 6 shows. What happened to “golden boy”
    and “friend me””

    No trailers made available for them.

    They’re mid-season shows, and apparently CBS didn’t want to feature them today.

  • Ashley

    Sherlock looks like a mix between House and Gil Grissom, and Lucy Liu doesn’t seem to have much of a personality yet. Not impressed

  • Fabrizio

    Partners and Made In Jersey aren’t available outside USA, damn.

  • Holly


    Sherlock looks like a mix between House and Gil Grissom

    Well, since I think both of those characters were consciously based on Sherlock (really many modern characters have been), that makes sense.

  • Holly

    OK, I don’t really watch a lot of sitcoms to begin with, so I’m not the best judge, but…. Partners is supposed to be a comedy, right?

  • Ashley


    Oh, I’m sure. I guess at this point it just feels redundant on American TV, you know?

  • Revenge

    Yawn.. Behind the scenes?? I dont care about how there making it.

  • Ignatius

    Made in Jersey feels like Fairly Legal on USA. But with a slightly more recongnizable cast.

  • Mike

    As always i hate CBS’s behind the scenes trailers

    i will not be watching Partners But will be watching the other shoes

    1. Vegas
    2. Elementary
    3. Made In Jersey

    Also Vegas is not what i expected but im sure itll be good… i wish NBC would have picked up The Frontier for a richer western series which we havent had in a long time

  • Rachel

    elementary was the only trailer i could finish.

  • Holly


    I get it, it’s just kind of ironic. Like all the reviews of John Carter saying it felt like a retread of so many sci-fi movies before it….movies which were based on elements from the John Carter/Barsoom novels.

  • rob60990

    Made in Jersey is just a bad fit for in between Blue Bloods and CSI: NY. The only similarity is that it’s close to NY. I see this failing.

    Vegas- will be sampled because of the cast but like Pan Am will crash in a few episodes. Will be replaced by Golden Boy.

    Elementary- definitely has the best chance to succeed. I’m not interested but it seems like something CBS viewers would like and you can’t go wrong with Lucy Liu.

    Partners- seems like a solid fit for in between How I Met Your Mother & 2 Broke Girls.

  • Petar

    Well now when i saw all new ahows i can say that there are only two hit dramas revolution and Nashville. Everything else looks bad. CBS 10 pm dramas will perform well(bad competition) but man elementary is not even close to Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch. Will be really hard to find worse female watson then Lucy Liu.

  • Mike

    Too bad they didnt put friend me on the fall scheduel instead of partners which looks horrible

  • joel

    Snoozers. ABC has clearly been doing the best job of developing new shows the past couple of years. If someone held a gun to my head and forced me to sample one of these though it would be Vegas.

  • Bill Gorman

    “OK, I don’t really watch a lot of sitcoms to begin with, so I’m not the best judge, but…. Partners is supposed to be a comedy, right?”

    Best friends growing up, one’s straight, one’s gay.

    Now they’re adults.

    Hilarity ensues!

  • ethan

    made in jersey=next good wife?…and btw so happy that Cabot from SVU is in it!

  • SmG

    I watched all of them and none of them impressed me.

    Vegas looks like a cable show. Sophia Bush is hot as always, but thats all I can say about Partners. I think Elementary would be better if Watson was not Lucy Liu. But I still think it has the most chance to be sucessful among these. Made in Jersey looks like a fun show to pass the time, but after watching a quality drama like TGW, I expect more from lawyer shows.

    I think I’ll stick with TGW, Mentalist and POI next year.

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