CBS New Show Video Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 16th, 2012

Here are the trailers for CBS's new series from this afternoon's upfront meeting.

You can also check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • Sheena

    @Christian Oh yeah, and ‘Big Brother’ too. Although, if ABC’s ‘The Glass House’ makes it without a lawsuit, I could be switching to that one.

    I wish these laugh-tracks/live audiences would go away. Maybe it is a generational thing (I am 22), but I always thought it took away from the show. Is CBS the only network that has almost all this format for their comedies, if not all? I know NBC does with ‘Whitney’ but I can’t think of a ABC show that does, although, I am sure they exist.

    I agree that CBS needs to switch it up a bit.

  • Dan

    Definitely watching Partners for Sophia. The rest of the shows im not sure just yet.

  • Nick

    What I thought of this:

    Elementary: A-
    Interesting… I might just watch.

    Made in Jersey: C
    Nothing special… I have other things to watch.

    Partners: D
    Won’t watch. Period.

    Vegas: D-
    I liked Jason O’Mara in Terra Nova, so I may watch an episode, but I doubt I’ll continue.

    Average Grade: C
    Oh, CBS, just when it looked like you were going to kill FOX in the ratings, you give a mediocre selection of pilots. Such a letdown. Partners will be this year’s ROB, pulling average #s in a good slot. Vegas will be this year’s Unforgettable, slowly sliding towards doom. MIJ will be this year’s AGM, a Friday night disaster. And Elementary will be this year’s TGW, barely pulling enough eyeballs to get to syndication. Why did you have to repeat your biggest fails, CBS? Why?

  • Nick

    Sure ABC has laugh track comedies. LMS is one, and I think there are a few pilots with them.
    Laugh tracks aren’t that bad, although I see your point. For instance, a laugh track would make The Middle or Modern Family very cheesy.

  • BJH

    Elementary: I’ve always liked Sherlock, in his many TV incarnations. This is a tough sell for me, because I like Lucy Liu, but I don’t think I’m buying her as Watson. I’ll watch the pilot and maybe 2-3 episodes depending on how it goes.

    Partners: the new Will & Grace? Hardly, but I’ll give it a shot. I like Michael Urie.

    Vegas: No. I stopped the trailer halfway through I was so bored. I was tempted to check it out thanks mainly to Carrie-Ann Moss. Vegas shows hardly ever interest me…

    Made in Jersey: Stopped the trailer. Feels like a hundred other shows I’ve either seen or not seen. The lead doesn’t have enough charisma. It looks to be a bit lightweight.

  • Mark

    I will give them all a try but Vegas looks like the only good one.

  • Andrew

    Will definitely check out Partners!

  • Blake

    I don’t really watch sitcoms or comedies. I prefer dramas, but there has been a couple of occasions when I tune in to a comedy, get captivated, stick with it for a whole season, and then they get canceled. All three times that this has happened to me the comedies were on CBS lol; Out of Practice in 2005, Accidentally on Purpose in 2009, and Mad Love last season. Let’s hope 4th time is a charm with Partners.

    Elementary- the preview didn’t excite me.

    Vegas- again, the preview did not excite me.

    Made In Jersey looks cute, but it doesn’t really seem like a CBS show. I think it would fit more on FOX paired with Bones or on ABC paired with Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Drew

    Wow, some of you people are so overly dramatic. While some of these shows don’t really interest me, to call them all garbage based on a couple minutes of behind the scenes clips is a bit premature don’t you think? These aren’t even actual trailers, just some footage of cast interviews. Based on some of these comments I’m reading, you’d think some of you guys don’t like anything on TV. I’d rather wait for the actual pilot episode or at least an actual complete trailer before I make any judgements.

  • Ray

    Bored now.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    Elementary – AWESOME! Hope it turns out to be as good as it looks!

    Vegas – Dennis as a cowboy in the 60s…EPIC!

    Partners – David Krumholtz returns! This looks to be a male version of 2BG with some alterations….Looks like it could be another hit for CBS. :)

    Made In Jersey – I don’t like the female lawyer led show CBS has now(TGW)…this looks a bit different..maybe more appealing. But it could go down the drain quickly.

  • Sam

    Vegas looks terrible that because Dennis Quaid is horrible actor. Probably won’t survive the first 3 episodes.

  • Jiji Moran

    Here’s my opinion of the new series:

    “Elementary”… why can’t show developers can’t think of new ideas for shows? This show reminds me of “The Mentalist”, but with more bull…and the accents are headache inducing charmers. It may work, but I will not watch.

    “Vegas”… again, why if networks are after the 18-34 demographic they create shows that only over 50 will relate to? Will definitely not watch.

    “Made in Jersey”… seems promising. It’s a “Legally Blonde” with a brunette meets “Ugly Betty” meets “Ally McBeal.” Will check it out.

    “Partners”… another “Will and Grace” but without the endearing characters. Too many sex jokes, hard to tell which of the three is the gay one. Will not watch.

  • Jack Russell

    I didn’t know that so many people dislike Lucy L.
    Johnny Lee Miller (sp?)seems interesting in the trailer.
    He was great on Dexter S5.
    Vegas has an awesome cast so I hope the writing is good.
    Partners seems like Will and Grace 2.0… however if it’s more like Will and Grace Seasons 1 and 2… that’s actually a good thing.

  • Jack Russell

    Jiji… actually two out of three men on Partners is gay. That may be why you had a hard time figuring out which “one” was gay. However, the trailer stated one was gay… and another was his boyfriend… thus two gay.

  • bluelp85

    Elementary looks like it’ll be more interesting than I originally thought, possibly check it out. Partners I’ll check out cause it’s between HIMYM and 2BG but the clips made me not that impressed, so hopefully Friend Me is quickly moved into that spot if the first few episodes are just plain bad. The other two dramas I had no interest in before or after seeing the clips. CBS continues to be the network I try the least shows with.

  • Nikolas Mitchell

    Elementary: I’m so tired of New York City being the setting! Pick a new city, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, any city besides NYC. Other then that, this looks good.

    Vegas: Not really into that cowboy sheriff thing, kinda annoying, actually.

    Made in Jersey: Looks good.

    Partners: Doesn’t look that funny.

  • Sheena

    @Nick thanks for mentioning that one. I knew there was one at least. I have never seen an episode, so I kind of forgot about it.
    And I see your point as well. I think the shows that have more one-liners are better with laugh tracks.

    The only two comedies I even think I would possibly like on CBS don’t have a trailer/been written yet, but have been green-lit;

    -Untitled Louis CK Comedy (centers on an ensemble of young people who are trying to achieve their creative dreams in these tough financial times.)

    -Untitled Nick Stoller Comedy,(described as a twenty-something ensemble comedy about a guy who gets his heart broken by his girlfriend and now has to work one cubicle away from her at an ad agency.)

  • Lord Seth

    Out of curiosity, what was the last CBS sitcom that had one of the main characters be gay?

  • Sheena

    I know of one ‘Some of My Best Friends’, with Danny Nucci and Jason Bateman, but that was back in 2001. So, I am pretty sure there has been one since then.

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