CBS New Show Video Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 16th, 2012

Here are the trailers for CBS's new series from this afternoon's upfront meeting.

You can also check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • dd

    I like all of them.

  • hubertwentland5

    VEGAS looks really great, MADE IN JERSEY pretty good, too, while ELEMENTARY seems like the most boring show on earth, eh. couldn’t find the avaible promo for PARTNERS, yet, although i don’t think it’s gonna be worth watching. abc has the best new shows yet i guess, but the really best of them will fail, like GCB or Pan AM.

  • Fooz57

    Elementary looks boring. There is no chemistry between Holmes and Watson. This is just another run of the mill detective show….nothing that hasn’t been done before. There are far better adaptations of Sherlock Holmes to watch.

  • Fooz57

    Elementary is nothing more than another run of the mill detective show. There are far better adaptations of Sherlock Holmes to watch. The trailer was just plain boring.


  • Bob

    I am surprised that with CBS being the best network on TV they would risk these four shows. I did watch the behind the scenes look on all of them and MAYBE partners might be ok because of the time slot. The Jersey Legal show might be ok because it is on a Friday. The other two I believe will have an early grave.

  • Truncated

    What is the point of Elementary?

    The BBC’s Sherlock has done this already and is far, far better.

  • salim

    to be honest with you nothing really jumps at me for all the network, i remember last year i was excited to watch 2bg,apt23 and other shows not this year the shwos are either boring or cliched

  • Go to hell

    MADE IN JERSEY is amazing!

  • Ignatius

    To all the BBC fans, if you look at Sherlock’s US ratings, you will see that they are abyssmal. You might say Sherlock is better, but that’s irrelevant if no one is watching. People will watch Elementary because it’s on CBS, and will cater more to US watchers. Jury is still out, but Sherlock’s supposed superiority doesn’t matter. To Americans, Sherlock is nonexistent.

  • Mary

    @Ignatus, it makes sense that Sherlock is nonexsitent to us Americans. I can’t imagine BBC America being part of a standard cable package. You’d have to pay extra for it. I don’t see millions and millions of people doing that.

  • Mary

    Crap, Vegas looks good. I mean, really good. But I’m already watching Parenthood & Private Practice then.

  • Lord Seth

    @ ignatius

    To all the BBC fans, if you look at Sherlock’s US ratings, you will see that they are abyssmal.

    I think that may have more to do with the fact that the channel it’s on is on extended cable, which I have to pay a lot extra for. Can’t watch what you don’t even have access to.

  • Lord Seth

    Ignore my previous post, I got mixed up on what channel sherlock was on in the US…I thought it was BBC America, but it looks like it’s actually PBS.

  • Christy

    I think Elementary is just like The Mentalist only without Simon Baker..If CBS
    does not care for The Mentalist any more ,what makes them think thy will like
    the new show Elementary any better.

  • Joh

    Since a lot of you don’t like The Mentalist anymore, what makes you think the
    new show Elementary is going to be better. The only think different is no Simon
    Baker. and the show is more of the times. Elementary looks like an old fashion
    show and very boring.

  • Susan

    I think Simon Baker is a very hansom man I would rather watch him any day than
    watch the people in Elementary. Both shows are a like.
    Elementary is like it came from the dark age.
    It looks really boring. They should save that show for cable.

  • Thad

    Shows like Elementary don’t interest me. I don’t like the old shows. they are really boring. It’s like watching a western. and I hate westerns.
    Thy should have saved Elementary on cable.
    I don’t know the people who picked out this show, but there not very bright.

  • Jiji Moran

    They are not very bright.

  • Ignatius

    Looks like Elementary really irked some fans of Sherlock. Can’t judge a show by a 2-minute preview, folks. Also, 10-15 million people will watch regardless of who it “ripped-off.”

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