Discovery Has Cable's Highest Ratings Among Men as 'Deadliest Catch' and 'The Devils Ride' Lead the Night

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May 16th, 2012

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DEADLIEST CATCH ruled the seas and new hit series THE DEVILS RIDE was in the fast lane with a big Tuesday night for Discovery Channel. The 9pm May 15th DEADLIEST CATCH premiere episode, Vital Signs, pulled a 2.01 household and a 1.83 in persons 25-54 delivering 2.68 million viewers P2+.


For the sixth week in a row DEADLIEST CATCH was the #1 primetime cable telecast among Person and Men 25-54 and Men 18-49 delivery (excluding NBA Playoffs on TNT).


In its second week, THE DEVILS RIDE rev’d a 1.07 household and a 0.99 in persons 25-54 delivering 1.49 million viewers P2+. The 10pm May 15th DEVILS RIDE premiere episode, Vegas Repo Mission, was the #2 original primetime cable telecast among Men 25-54 and Men 18-49 in delivery, behind only DEADLIEST CATCH (excludes NBA Playoffs on TNT).


All new DEADLIEST CATCH and THE DEVILS RIDE continue next Tuesday, May 22.
  • Dave Mazz

    ‘The Devil’s Ride” has to be the worst scripted-reality show on TV. Real biker-gang members must me laughing their collective asses off when the “Devils” try to show how tough they are by breaking light tubes, and playing paint-ball games. I suggest the club change it’s name to “Lameass Devils”, and then try to act like adults!

  • duh

    Yeah, because committing felonies while cameras are rolling would be such a smarter way to show “how tough they are”. Idiot.

  • jim jangles

    not sure about the show — but the theme’s awesome. howabout a full-length version? is there a free download?

  • SxExSxD 1905×1904

    If you can’t tell this show is fake, then you must think “Operation Repo” is real. First off it’s produced by an old school wrestling tv show producer. Second, look where they meet and hangout. The bar in the first episode is called “Alibi.” Everyone in Dago knows “Alibi” is a gay bar in Hillcrest. Third, this club claims Downtown and Old Town. Those are the trendest, hipster, parts of San Diego. I know thanks to Jesse James, every goober thinks all it takes to be a biker is to shave your head and get some arm tats, but this is just ruining it even more. It’s enough bikers image isn’t tough no more because they’re all fair weather weekend warriors, but now a fake show on top of this.

  • OneFastBusa

    And they’re riding around on slow ass Harleys!! Most of today’s “bikers” are 9-5ers who wanna feel like they’re something more than a beat down husband of an ugly chick they had to marry cause they knocked her up their senior year. I’m done now

  • NoFaakeNoMake

    It’s an ok show. Sandman seems to be a genuine badass like the bald guy, but Gypsy is a million percent real to me.

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