'I Just Want My Pants Back' Canceled By MTV After Rookie Season

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May 16th, 2012

Rookie comedy series I Just Want My Pants Back has been canceled by MTV after its rookie season. The ratings for the show started strongly, but the last time it appeared in our daily top 100 cable ratings was in late March, when its viewership had fallen by almost half compared to a month earlier.

  • Michael

    Nooo! =( I mean, the way season finale ended, it could also double as a series finale. There were very few loose ends and Peter did find his pants.

  • Kelly

    It’s a shame. This was a really good show. I think it suffered in the 11pm slot, even if it did come after Jersey Shore. Not the same audience, plus Pants had to contend with the NCAA tournament during the month of March, which probably contributed to the loss. Sucks.

  • Jenna

    What!? That’s a shame…one of the few really good shows on MTV.

  • Steve

    HBO should pick up the show and pair it with Girls, since both shows have a similar theme.

  • Bookworm

    Never heard of it; the title sounds a littls stupid. Maybe I should check it out though.

  • Jason

    11 PM time slot is no excuse as Awkward did outstanding with the same slot.

  • Kelly

    Jason, you’re right, Awkward did do great in that slot (eventually), but it also aired during summer (no school) and was a different audience. Plus MTV’s numbers now are very different than they were a year ago. Will be interesting to see how the show does this summer.

  • joel

    Does this mean there will be a save our show movement that uses the rally cry “I just want ‘I Just Want My Pants Back’ back!”?

  • Randle

    It wasn’t in your top 100 because you guys miss reportings sSometimes of later shows. Clearly it’s ratings were in the top 100. It won its time slot all season and averaged 1.5 for full series and that’s including 1130 airings. Bad reporting here.

  • Jimmy

    While it sucks that it was cancelled, I believe MTV has a new show coming called Underemployed that is about post-grad adults working in clerical jobs. It would have been redundant to have two shows with similar themes.

    Also, like someone else mentioned, the show ended well. There was one plot point about Stacey and Eric’s relationship being strained since Eric decided not to continue his medical school training. That could have been expanded upon in season 2.

    And yes joel, there is a save our show movement for I Just Want My Pants Back.

  • boogke

    This was a great show, and ratings weren’t bad for 11pm, especially considering MTV ratings lately, surprised they’re not bringing it back. Disappointing move.

    And yes, after Jersey Shore was not compatible audience wise but it still did pretty well

  • msupdate

    Interesting. Pants’ ratings were rising/stable while its lead-in Jersey Shore’s numbers were plummeting. Of course Pants’ ratings fell of late season though. This is a surprise for me.

  • crapcity

    Sort of a bizarre decision. #’s were good enough and reviews were excellent. Maybe underemployed scripts were so good that they Sophie’s Choiced it? Underemployed is an hour tho.

  • Scott

    Bill, can you weigh in on Randle’s #’s? If it really avged a 1.5 then it beat everything MTV has had on all week.

  • chrisjozo

    The show was good and I’m going to miss it. It definitely did not mesh with Jersey Shore and should have been tried at an earlier time on a different night.

    It reminded me a lot of the also canceled How To Make It In America.

  • Lane

    It was actually an okay show. But I would rather have Awkward or Teen Wolfe to this.

  • Lane

    Weird they cancelled it though and Liz and RJ got a couple of seasons with really bad numbers.

  • EatMorePez

    Are people supposed to send pairs of pants to MTV to get the show uncanceled?

  • johnny c

    Randle’s numbers are right, it was 1.5 season avg not including 11:30 airings, 1.46 including them. Those are more than solid for MTV. I’d like to hear the network defense of this decision. I’m sure it could be made based on trends, show went way down last few weeks (but then so did lead in), but the show sold well internationally and had to be making $. Be interesting to see in this brave new world if it goes somewhere else.

  • Evanmav

    I think the thing that makes its ratings seem a lot worse is the fact that it had Jersey shore as its lead in and the show could only manage .6-.7. Awkward ended up pulling 1+ towards the end of its first season AND aired i’m pretty sure at least 2 episodes at 11:30. Still I am shocked to see the show canceled as the numbers were pretty even with Teen Wolf’s

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