'I Just Want My Pants Back' Canceled By MTV After Rookie Season

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May 16th, 2012

Rookie comedy series I Just Want My Pants Back has been canceled by MTV after its rookie season. The ratings for the show started strongly, but the last time it appeared in our daily top 100 cable ratings was in late March, when its viewership had fallen by almost half compared to a month earlier.

  • Daw Johnson

    This was the best scripted MTV show by a country mile, so this news is a shame. What other MTV show actually has REALISTIC characters and dialogue?

  • JW

    I would be categorically happy if every show on MTV was to be thrown into the big, fiery pit of cancellation…but I did catch a couple of episodes of this show and found it quite funny. Oh well.

  • 90210

    I don’t care I just want my freakin pants back! they jacked them last night!

  • Mr Mikey

    Sucky show deserved to be cancelled. Never watched more than ten seconds of that garbage with that awful theme song.

  • DamC

    @Daw Johnson


  • davie

    well that just sucks. MTV needs to keep some of their rookie scripted series. that really really sucks

  • boogke

    Who is so ignorant that they judge a show by its theme song, deem it sucky however admit they never watched it for more than ten seconds?

    Must be a Jersey Shore fan.

  • Walter Bishop

    So, did he ever get his pants back?

    I remember when MTV was a network that played music videos. Why dont they change the name of their network. Almost nothing on it has anything to do with music.

    Thank God for COOL TV – what MTV used to be.

  • Jay

    That’s a shame…I actually grew to quite enjoy it despite the overly-hipster nature of it… Thematically, it was actually very similar to Girls on HBO.

  • Jared

    Bring on AWKWARD!!..

  • Mr Mikey

    Your ignorant for watching that garbage. Yeah i do watch jersey shore because it’s entertaining. That panta garbage only got ratings for riding jersey shores cotails.

  • The Real Situation

    @Mr Mikey

    An appropriate response from a Jersey Shore fan… but I have to ask, what exactly are ‘cotails’ Your first post confirmed you are a moron, the second, that you’re an ignorant one! Oh yeah, it’s you’re not your genius!

    Too bad… really good show! The book is definitely worth a read too.

  • Vasedroos

    Noooo…it was a fantastic show….common guys….

  • Tom

    Here in the UK it aired at 10pm Tuesday’s. Dont see why it didn’t get aired that time in USA. They should definitely bring it back and change the viewing slot.

  • Taco

    MTV cancels everything, every good show on there they cancel it for example all of these good shows were cancelled:
    Good Vibes
    RJ Berger
    I just want my pants back
    and there has too be more i didn’t mention
    point is that whenever MTV has a new original show that is good, they cancel but then shows like 16 & pregnant are still on, DOES ANYONE EVEN WATCH THAT EVEN MORE!

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