'Rules Of Engagement' Not On CBS 2012-13 Schedule, Discussions Still Underway

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May 16th, 2012

Rules of Engagement was nowhere to be found on the CBS 2012-13 schedule just announced.

Asked about it during the CBS schedule presentation, CBS' Nina Tassler said "We're still discussing, haven't made a decision yet".

  • Ram510

    CBS renew Rules of Engagement!!!! Stop screwing this show over

  • J

    I wish a different network would pick them up and TREAT THEM RIGHT!

  • Lisa

    Seems like a fairly useful show they can stick in the schedule when another comedy doesn’t do well. But I don’t like comedies, so I don’t really care what happens to it.

  • Liam

    CBS has treated Rules very badly since it started.

  • Oliver

    CBS has treated Rules badly, but then its ratings have only just been good enough to narrowly avoid cancellation season after season. It’s the very definition of schedule spackle.

  • F.R.

    Some reporter at the upfronts should ask Nina Tassler or anyone else from CBS about the possible Netflix deal regarding Jericho.

  • Geoff

    IMO Rules Of Engagement had its best and funniest season in 2012. I laughed more watching ROE than 2 1/2 and BBT combined….

  • jr

    Let them hit 100

  • Gustavo

    How many episodes has this season of RoE anyway?.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “If CBS’s intention is to cancel it they wouldn’t have necessarily announced it by now because the season finale airs tomorrow night. They just have to stall for two more days.”

    That is irrelevant to their decision/final outcome.

  • Michael

    Look.. at least one of their new comedy shows will be a stinker and get cancelled. Surely they know that. RoE could easily be held out as a replacement for a cancelled show because they know it can bring in decent numbers.

  • Martel

    this really pisses me off. It’s really sad that it gets treated as the red headed step-child of CBS when its considerably a lot funnier than 2 Broke Girls. its still sad that 6 seasons in and they haven’t broke the 100 episode barrier yet. SHAME on you CBS. if it wasnt for NCIS, TBBT, HIMYM I wouldn’t watch you.

  • Carmen

    @ Ben

    “t will Probably get renewed. If CBS was going to cancel it, they would have announced by now, similar to Unforgettable, Rob, and CSI: Miami. It will probably be the show they network uses to fill a new half hour show’s time slot that did not work out.”

    That’s a reasonable guess. I don’t have much confidence in either Partners or, especially, Made In Jersey surviving for long.
    There will an opening for a spackle show such as ROE before the end of the season.

  • john s.

    Rules is the second best comedy on right now behinde Big Bang.YOU HAVE TO BE CRAZY NOT TO RENEW IT.Keep it on it’s hilarious, thanks for listening

  • chscott

    I have to say all this indecision is really taking a toll on everyone involved with ROE and it shows which is to bad because it really is a very funny show @ times. I think it will be one of those shows like Yes Dear or King of Queens or even Drew Carey that a TBS type will pick up and will open up a whole new audience for ROE. Since the show has returned it has (in my opinion) not been half as funny and there are two gaping plot holes. 1. The surrogacy (sp) with Sara Run. Not even mentioned for 4 or 5 episodes then brought up in a kinda tacky (yes even for them) storyline with Jeff not wanting Brenda to have sex…Really? and 2. NO LIZ. That is just ridiculous. Her chemistry with the whole cast often made the show and to not even mention her……just stupid. I’m guessing the people are missing because they’re doing other work cause if you ain’t making shows you ain’t making money and no one in this economy can afford to wait for a maybe soooooooooo, advice to CBS; Poop or get off the pot~ thanks for listing…c

  • TVDude

    I keep hearing how CBS treats Rules poorly, but I wouldn’t blame CBS for treating the show poorly. By having discussions, they’re trying to find room for it. If they wanted to cancel it, they would have done it with Rob and CSI: Miami. They’re trying to make it work. As the matter of fact, I have to say that CBS is helping the show. I don’t consider that “poor treatment”.

    It not being on the schedule is not a good thing, but there’s still hope for the show. It’s rare for things to last this long, but the fact they’re still working things out shows that both CBS and Sony want Rules back. If they want it back, it probably will be back in some shape of form or else they’re just wasting their time.

  • BigFan

    I’m 38 and Rules is my favorite 30 minute sitcom. My wife likes it so much, we did a getaway to LA to see a taping. (It was a blast).
    Gotta keep this show.

  • TomKH

    They’d be stupid not to renew with the ratings it gets. Not to mention all the syndication money.

  • Me

    When will they air it if it’s renewed? On Sundays?

  • SJ

    If I had to guess, the following will likely happen: They’ll renew the actors’ options until November, then they’ll see how Partners does. If it warrants a back-9 (or, more likely, a back-11) order, then they’ll renew Rules and pair it up with Big Bang, push Men to 9pm and launch Friend Me at 9:30. I’m guessing whatever show they put on Fridays at 9 likely won’t make it past Feb sweeps so they can just move Person of Interest there. If Partners should fail, then Friend Me takes its spot and Rules is cancelled.

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