'Rules Of Engagement' Not On CBS 2012-13 Schedule, Discussions Still Underway

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May 16th, 2012

Rules of Engagement was nowhere to be found on the CBS 2012-13 schedule just announced.

Asked about it during the CBS schedule presentation, CBS' Nina Tassler said "We're still discussing, haven't made a decision yet".

  • ken

    Partners has a bad premise and a very bad cast, and is incompatible with the CBS audience. If it gets decent ratings it will be because of its timeslot, but it never should have been made.

    CBS should have Rules of Engagement ready to replace Partners as soon as possible.

  • Ryne


    I would call Person Of Interest a hit or at least potential to be a hit drama, If they do decide to move it, no way it will be Friday. More likely to happen that either “Partners” or “Friend Me” will be next seasons How to be a gentleman and Rules would replace it on the schedule.

  • JIMspins

    I love Rules of Engagement…..great chemistry…I hope it gets renewed

  • Ryan Schwartz

    Partners has a rock solid cast of season veterans and newcomers to the sitcom format. Should be fun to watch develop, and it’s a perfect show to segway with from HIMYM to 2BG.

  • joel

    “That is irrelevant to their decision/final outcome.”

    I agree, but it might be relevant to when they’d let their decision/final outcome be known publicly.

  • mark

    Why do they have to keep screwing with this show for years now the have ben puting it on hold for other showes that don’t last three weeks and then they bring it backwhen they fail. Just leave it alone and order a full seasion and poeple will watch it.

  • AllMediaReviews

    just cancel it. It’s the most unfunny, unwatchable show on network television. It really never should have been brought back for a 2nd season, let alone now a 6th, lol. LORD…

  • Owen

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that any Happy Madison tv production has the ability to surprise. Remember, Breaking In came back late last year with 13 episodes!

    I think the company does great television work, and ROE I’ve observed to be one of the most well liked multicamera sitcoms out there. I’m very hopeful that CBS has the sense to renew this great, thoroughly enjoyable ensemble show.

  • Austin

    I honestly think they are just keeping it just in case one of their new shows bombs.

  • Rebecca

    I’d like to see it back on Monday nights. Maybe the show after HIMYM will not do well and can then be replaced.

  • Gustavo


  • Andy

    Just send it to The CW so they can start a comedy block.

    Send it to NBC to get their multi-cams going. Stop wasting Rules’ time CBS.

  • Bart

    I hope/pray “Rules” comes back as a mid-season replacememt!!!

  • steve

    Leaving ROE on CBS’s back burner is a good thing, because not every show is going to be a hit. I wish NBC had done the same with Harry’s Law. Only time will tell but I think ROE either gets canned or a 13 episode order to replace a fall show that fails or show it in the spring.

  • ToXiX

    I don’t watch RoE but am a David Spade fan, CBS should definitely renew it, it came in handy last season, How To Be A Gentlemen was a male eccentric cast with two opposites, which is the same premise as Partners, only different at the same time. Partners could fail, but has a much better shot than HTBAG.

  • debbie

    come on don’t be stupid….it’s a great, funny show. Why pull the plug especially in a good line-up? This sucks

  • Networkman

    Rules of Engagment will be needed because Partners is horrible. Also I believe the writers already have scripts prepared. Let them wrap up the storyline that they would like to tell and then cancel it after it has reached 100 episodes.

  • TVDude

    From what I’ve heard, CBS will renew Rules for a seventh season, but they aren’t sure where it will go on the schedule yet. I think it makes sense. In other words, they want to wait and see how their fall shows perform. A comedy block expansion still might happen in the mid-season if the Monday lineup performs well with Two and a Half Men bumping back thirty minutes on Thursdays with Rules and the other comedy moving into the lineup. Keep in mind this is not news, just a rumor I’ve heard, but I think it makes sense.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Dear Sony,

    After all the money you wasted keeping the lost-cause “Breaking In” on life support for 2 years, it’d be nice if you could just agree to whatever it is CBS wants so we can have an ending and all those unproduced scripts from this season can get used.


  • Jeff

    Rules of Engagement is one of the best shows on television! If CBS wants to stay the #1 network, it needs to keep the shows the put it there! Rules needs to stay and you can bet I’ll be watching!

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