What Does 'The Mentalist' At 10pm Sunday & 'The Good Wife' At 9pm Tell Us?

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May 16th, 2012

The typical amount of carping from fans of The Mentalist about its announced move away from the Thursday 10pm timeslot, but if you figure that CBS's two best timeslots to launch a new drama are 10pm Tuesday and 10pm Thursday, moving The Mentalist makes complete sense.

But why move it to Sunday at 10pm instead of Sunday at 9pm (an hour with more people viewing TV, and where the best rated shows of the night typically slot)?

Two possibilities:

1. CBS puts an absolute premium on making as few changes to their schedule as possible. Likely a factor, but they did make other moves (CSI:NY to 8pm) that weren't essential.

2. CBS doesn't own The Mentalist (Warner Brothers does), and they do own The Good Wife, and still haven't been able to sell it into syndication, and they're going to do everything in their power to give it the best ratings they possibly can as they try and get it sold, current ratings consequences be damned.

I think it was probably 10% reason 1 and 90% reason 2.

  • Christy

    I think Darcy is working for Red John.

  • CC Scarbrough

    Granted, Sunday football is the pits for taping later programs. I tape at least the next program after The Good Wife to make sure I get it. Having the Mentalist follow just means I will tape the next couple of shows too. I never miss either show and won’t when The Mentalist moves to Sundays.

    Question? Who was the man killed in the limo? It is bugging the fool out of me.

  • Tess

    Well, since I watch Masterpiece Theatre on PBS on Sunday night…it’s not an issue…I just watch The Good Wife on-line. So now, I’ll just watch The Mentalist on-line also.

  • Ford

    If CBS doesn’t own the Mentalist then why can’t WB move the show to another network? Putting the show on on Sunday is a slap in the face to the millions of viewers that watch the show. There will be Sundays when it doesn’t end until near midnight. If I owned the show I would not be happy. Does WB sign iron clad contracts that force them to keep the show on the network even if its time slot is poor?

  • Holly


    f CBS doesn’t own the Mentalist then why can’t WB move the show to another network?

    CBS doesn’t own it, but they do have a contract to air it. WB cannot break that contract without a LOT of trouble and huge fines. Definitely not worth it.

    Even if they could move it with little trouble, why would they want to? There is absolutely no reason to think the show would do better on another network. Not that it matters to the WB since they get paid the same regardless, but there is zero evidence that the delays result in lower ratings (seriously, look at the ratings for TGW and Miami when there were delays versus when there weren’t. And neither had abnormal year-to-year declines.)

    And who, exactly, is banging down the WB’s door to pay more for the show than CBS is?

    The Sunday timeslot isn’t ideal, but CBS has to do what is good for the network overall, even if it isn’t as great for one show. It’s not a really a death slot either. Miami lasted two seasons after moving and was canceled as much do to rising costs as to low ratings.

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