Cable Beats Broadcast Continued... 'Fox And Friends' Still Beating 'CBS This Morning' In 5 Of Top 20 TV Markets

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May 17th, 2012

In yet another in a series of "cable beats broadcast", in the eighteen weeks since it launched in early January, CBS This Morning (interestingly, a show that CBS's Les Moonves yesterday called "the best broadcast we have ever had in the morning") is still getting beaten by cable's FOX and Friends in five of the top 20 national TV markets in total viewers & in the adults 25-54 news target demo (slightly different set of 5 cities for the two demo groups).


CBS This Morning viewership continues below the The Early Show (which it replaced) from the same period a year ago.

Here's how all the broadcast morning show viewership stacks up against each other, as well as Fox & Friends nationally:


  • kyle

    CBS is the opposite of NBC. CBS great in primetime, bad with morning news.
    NBC great in morning news, terrible in primetime.

  • Oliver

    Shameless Drudge-bait. They don’t really care about CBS, though.

  • JC

    Actually CBS is great with the morning news. Problem is that America cares more about where Princess Kate farted than the current state of our economy/government.

  • Joe

    CBS has a real good morning show. These numbers surprise me. I wonder what the problem is. Captain Kangaroo where are you????

  • AV

    Fox & Friends is actually worth watching!

  • Bill Gorman

    “Shameless Drudge-bait. They don’t really care about CBS, though.”

    We work with what we have.

    They didn’t link the Piers Morgan ratings debacle news yesterday, which I thought had good potential. They may already be in “summer” mode. ;)

  • HT

    CBS This Morning is excellent – CBS say they’re sticking with the format for the long-haul and I really hope they are. It’s intelligent and the anchors are great. Refreshingly different from ABC/NBC drudgery. The American public mainly want gossip type news, hence ABC/FOX New Channel and NBC doing so well. Charlie and Erica are doing a great job on CBS.

  • Former CNN fan

    I agree, CBS This Morning is a huge improvement in morning news. They are so much better than ABC or NBC. I hope they give it time to let the buzz build and ratings grow. Charlie and Erica are great!

  • TVGuy

    Actually, I’m a fan of CBS This Morning, since I like its specific news focus. I hope CBS sticks with it for a while, and doesn’t do another huge revamp.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Joe: >>> Captain Kangaroo where are you???? <<<

    Bob Keeshan IS sorely missed. I grew up watching it and watched it with my pre-school children back in the late '70s and early '80s.

    Before the Good Captain, THE best news show aired on CBS, "The CBS Morning News…with Mike Wallace." Later, Joe Benti, an anchor with the CBS owned station in Chicago, took the reins when Mike stepped down.

    Back to what Moonves said about having ""the best broadcast we have ever had in the morning," Les apparantly never watched "CBS News Sunday Morning."
    Maybe he and Julie sleep-in on weekends. First Charlie Kuralt, then Charles Osgood, this broadcast is hands-down the best thing CBS News has to offer.

  • DW

    i can see where fox is beating cbs in the AM. with cbs you have to pay a little attention to. the other three , not so much. :)

  • Chris

    CBS This Morning is refreshing and intelligent. Stay the course CBS, you have a winner here.

  • Kyle

    No CBS This Morning is boring. The hosts all are so boring and don’t know how to entertain.

    Good Morning America is the place to be. They report REAL news yet they know how to make it funny as well.

  • Sam

    While I think that CBS does have the best quality news program in the morning, I am guilty of being more into fluff and sensational stories at that time and watch GMA. Maybe the morning time is just not the right time of day for a too much of a PBS-like news presentation for Americans.

  • HT

    @ Kyle – maybe news shouldn’t be funny Kyle? There are comedy shows for laughs on multiple cable channels early in the morning. Some of us actually want news and information, not gossip. Shocking, I know…

  • Rich

    I don’t understand watching Fox & Friends. Its a trio of twits.

  • Morgan Wick

    Worth noting that the CBS stations in Atlanta, Detroit, and Cleveland are basically the scraps CBS was forced to pick up after the mid-90s affiliate shifts.

  • mike

    People watch Fox because they’re tired of getting a liberal slant on the news

  • Denise

    Posted May 17, 2012 at 8:46 PM

    I don’t understand watching Fox & Friends. Its a trio of twits.

    But the twits are ahead……and will continue to surge ahead. People are waking up to the miss information put out by the socialists.

  • Nicholas

    I can’t bear to watch CBS this morning. It is dull, repetitive, and does not hold my interest at all. While the news content may be worthwhile, a vast majority of viewers do not want this type of hard-hitting, no-fluff reporting first thing in the morning. I have tried to watch on several occasions, but always find myself switching the dial to Good Morning America. It is lively, upbeat, and yet still manages to inform. I’ve had enough Charlie Rose to last me a lifetime; together with Erica and Gayle, the rapport seems phony, and at best, forced. I don’t expect this current iteration of a terrible morning news show to last much longer.

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