Cable Beats Broadcast Continued... 'Fox And Friends' Still Beating 'CBS This Morning' In 5 Of Top 20 TV Markets

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May 17th, 2012

In yet another in a series of "cable beats broadcast", in the eighteen weeks since it launched in early January, CBS This Morning (interestingly, a show that CBS's Les Moonves yesterday called "the best broadcast we have ever had in the morning") is still getting beaten by cable's FOX and Friends in five of the top 20 national TV markets in total viewers & in the adults 25-54 news target demo (slightly different set of 5 cities for the two demo groups).


CBS This Morning viewership continues below the The Early Show (which it replaced) from the same period a year ago.

Here's how all the broadcast morning show viewership stacks up against each other, as well as Fox & Friends nationally:


  • Steve Perry

    Here’s the actual numbers:

    NBC Today – 5,244,000

    ABC GMA – 5,168,000

    CBS Morning – 2,682,000

    Fox & Friends – 1,050,000

    Fox doesn’t even come close to Broadcast News.

  • Sharon

    I like the CBS news format without the fluff and stuff of the other morning news shows. Tweak it and give it a chance to develop before going back to the tired old cooking and makeover segments.

    I don’t watch the second hour much because Gayle is constantly interjecting her personal opinions and notes into the interviews or news content, AND she never lets us forget she is Oprah’s friend. It is very distracting and sometimes annoying.

  • Red in Denver

    Although I watch most programs on Fox News (and some on Fox Business as well) I don’t watch much of Fox & Friends – either on the weekdays or the week ends.

    There’s something about the format I just don’t care for. I think at least part of it is that they have so many non-news/political stories and also that not enough time is given to those segments which actually ARE news or politics related.

    I generally end up switching back and forth between F&F, Morning Joe and CNN.

  • Chuck

    CBS this morning is too liberal in their jokes – and Charlie is creepy looking – he would do best in a vampire movie. Actually ABC and NBC are also too liberal to gain my attention. They should be neutral and they would all do much better.

  • Kay Taylor

    CBS has totally screwed up their morning show and after 40 years of being a fan, I can no longer stomach it!! Charlie Rose is a grumpy old man who chums it up with Gayle King while treating Erica Hill like an outcast! Erica Hill has been treated very poorly by CBS! They took her top position away from her and gave to Charlie Rose and Gayle King who has no experiece as an anchor. Since when is it appropriate for a morning news “person” i.e. Gayle King, to use words like HELL and DAMN while reporting the news?? It is obvious she thinks she is superior to Erica Hill which isn’t the case at all. Erica Hill is the only one of the three who sounds and acts like a true professional. Gayle King implied on air that SHE was “going to save the show”!!!! She is overly confident and arrogant!

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