'Chuck' Fans Launch Movie Effort That Isn't Complete Nonsense Like Other "Save Our Show" Efforts

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May 17th, 2012

Ah, 'Tis the Season for futile fan "Save Our Show" efforts. Let's review all the kinds of efforts that have absolutely no chance whatsoever to have any effect:

Online petitions? Meaningless!

Twitter campaigns? Useless!

Facebook pages? Futile!

Sending various flotsam to networks? Messy and worthless!

However, Chuck fans, in their drive to get a feature film made have a campaign going that while highly unlikely to be successful, isn't by definition completely useless like all the kinds of efforts above.

They're pledging money to fund a potential movie in a sort of Kickstarter-style effort.

Will they raise enough money? Probably not.

But here's the difference between their effort and all the other kinds of "Save Our Show" efforts you usually hear about. Were they to raise enough money, something might happen.

On the other hand, no number of petition signatures, Tweets, Facebook likes, or packages filled with mailed in junk will have any effect whatsoever!

That's "Save Our Show" innovation baby!

Thanks to alert reader Shelby for the tip.

  • Lisa

    Chuck the T.V. show was saved by the fans!! It was slated to be canceled the year before it the actual finally. Zachery Levi and Josh Gomez thanked the fans in an online interview. There was a “Subway” campaign among other things.

  • Kat

    ^^That’s the reason this could work people seem to really be rabid for this show and will give what they can…I stress could because no fan campaign is a sure thing but heck wasn’t Chuck the fans that saved their show by Subway? Bet no one thought that campaign stood a chance either. Im not counting them out

  • June


    Man I heard Law & Order: Criminal Intent fans are going to storm the 30 Rock NBC building this summer. NYPD gonna be on alert soon probably!

  • Harris

    Also remember, they can get bucks from product placement sponsors like Subway. Chuck fans expect that. Its part of the show culture.

  • iknowgoodshows

    not if it was a dvd or tv movie for 5 million….if they series sold well perhaps…prison break and 24 and battlestar had some forms of tv/dvd movies…in the past there was tv movies for saved by the bell, growing pains, alf, alien nation after the shows ended ….no way a big screen version happen though

  • Kat

    I think i saw like 4 episodes of this show and it was cute just havent had time to catch up but I plan to someday. Regardless I went ahead and pledged 20 bucks it would be fun to say you were apart of making it if it does somehow happen. :)

  • DJ

    UGH! This is a totally futile campaign, unless — as may be the case — the reason why Chuck’s ratings were so low, is because most of its fans were under the 18-49 demographic.

    Movie demographic: 12-25 Mainly concentrating on 14 year olds, as a rule. And especially for action adventure type shows like Chuck.

    If Chuck had a LOT of teenage viewers, this could work. However, take note, if you were one of the fans in the 18-49 demo, you will NOT like this movie. It WILL be dumbed down for 14 year olds, even more so if in 3D.

    It’s the only way studios make money on movies.

  • James

    NO! If we are going to spend money on bringing back a tv show, not this one. this show got 91 episodes over 5 seasons and a proper wrap up. the same can’t be said for AWake or boomtown. Spend money on those.(yes I know its been 9 years since boomtown ended, but you never know ;) )

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Man I heard Law & Order: Criminal Intent fans are going to storm the 30 Rock NBC building this summer. NYPD gonna be on alert soon probably!”

    Some of those people are CRAZY.

  • Herb Fine

    er,how can THEY raise money for a property OWNED by Warner Brothers? I expect we’ll hear of a C&D sooner than later.

    As for the whole JERCHIO thing – there was more than “the nuts” that brought the show back – it was on-the-bubble, it could have gone either way but CBS opted to cancel it, and all the fan campaign did was show them they should give it another chance. The problem with brining it back as it was held for mid-season (when it could have replaced Viva Laughlin in October!) so they would have content when the writers strike hit, and then they put it in the toughest slot on the network – Tuesday at 10pm – during primary season with BIG BROTHER as a lead in! (JERCHIO would have benefited by NCIS as a lead-in, which even then was a strong show) Now, would it have stayed flat,or increased if it wasn’t canceled or brought back in the Fall – who knows, In the end if was a perfect storm for Failure.

  • Fake Me Out

    @Bill Gorman

    … want to poke people engaged in futile Save Our Show efforts …

    I agree 110%! These folks should get a grip and move on with their lives.


    Help save Endgame and watch season 1 on Hulu

  • Scott Johnson

    Plan craziness for “Chuck” fans I might have to say

  • Matt

    Chuck fans, You got closure. Let it be and be happy with it. The show has run its course.

  • Dawnie

    Now a movie franchise with Chuck wouldn’t be a bad idea, if done similar to the show but in the light fun kind of vein as the Naked Gun movies, Charlie’s Angels, or Get Smart (hey I liked that movie – sue me).

    If wouldn’t be a horrible idea – and I would kick in $5 to get it made – hell I’d even kick in the price of the movie and popcorn combo – and the price of the DVD to get it made.

    Not a rabid fan – just a fan.

  • Ally

    @Bill Gorman

    ““Wasn’t Jericho saved from cancellation from fan petitions or whatever it was for a season two (and then it got canceled and revived back from Netflix) ???” The only show that can reasonably claim to have been saved by such fan nonsense. It returned for another season and immediately cratered in the ratings. Networks learned a lesson from that very quickly.”

    This is false. USA canceled La Femme Nikita after 4 seasons but by popular demand it was renewed for an abbreviated 5th season. The story is well documented at Wikipedia, for example.

  • Julia

    No, I am not thinking of Save our Seeker. I’m talking about something from several years ago. Maybe it was Angel?

  • milaxx

    Wasn’t Jericho saved from cancellation from fan petitions or whatever it was for a season two (and then it got canceled and revived back from Netflix) ???”

    The only show that can reasonably claim to have been saved by such fan nonsense…….

    Not the only show La Femme Nikita was also revived thanks to a fan campaign and fans mailing in sunglasses to the network

  • Redmachineg

    I love how it’s nonsense when it’s not a show you personally care about and a person reading comments online says to move on and get a life. Never before have fans had a voice and many are tired of becoming emotionally invested only to have their shows cancelled. Chuck got 5 seasons after being told to wrap it up every season. It is a show that had forced resolutions every year and sometimes mid season. I am sure many of you who call this nonsense speak Vulcan and put on pointy ears in celebration of another short lived show.

  • Lord Seth

    @ Julia

    Stress on might. Wasn’t there a show where the fans raised a large amount of money to continue the show and they were still unable to get anything made?

    That might have been Enterprise.

  • Julia

    @Lord Seth
    That sounds right.

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