'Chuck' Fans Launch Movie Effort That Isn't Complete Nonsense Like Other "Save Our Show" Efforts

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May 17th, 2012

Ah, 'Tis the Season for futile fan "Save Our Show" efforts. Let's review all the kinds of efforts that have absolutely no chance whatsoever to have any effect:

Online petitions? Meaningless!

Twitter campaigns? Useless!

Facebook pages? Futile!

Sending various flotsam to networks? Messy and worthless!

However, Chuck fans, in their drive to get a feature film made have a campaign going that while highly unlikely to be successful, isn't by definition completely useless like all the kinds of efforts above.

They're pledging money to fund a potential movie in a sort of Kickstarter-style effort.

Will they raise enough money? Probably not.

But here's the difference between their effort and all the other kinds of "Save Our Show" efforts you usually hear about. Were they to raise enough money, something might happen.

On the other hand, no number of petition signatures, Tweets, Facebook likes, or packages filled with mailed in junk will have any effect whatsoever!

That's "Save Our Show" innovation baby!

Thanks to alert reader Shelby for the tip.

  • pete5125

    Star Trek Enterprise tried this approach, when Paramount said they could afford to make the episodes raised at least a million before they gave the money to charity

  • alcalde

    Bill, there’s no mention here of the one noticeable exception: my discovery that food-related save our show efforts have had a 100% success rate so far, from Chuck’s Subway Tie-in to Jericho’s peanuts and now Fringe’s original Observer-Tabasco Sauce promotion. Culinary S.O.S. efforts seem to always renew shows despite all conventional logic or even bring them back from the dead.

  • Melanie

    “No, I am not thinking of Save our Seeker. I’m talking about something from several years ago. Maybe it was Angel?”

    Everwood, Angel, Veronica Mars all had fan campaigns that bought ads or rented ferris wheels or rolling signs . . . . Moonlight, the CBS vampire show w/ Alex O’Laughlin had a campaign where they collected money and I think someone ran off with the funds. Fans of Firefly were collecting money also and I think star Nathan Fillion had to get a C&D because of it.
    I was not directly involved in any of those fandoms and my recollection or information may be faulty.

  • James

    A good case of a “Save our Shows” campaign would have to be The Game. After the show was cancelled back in 2009, it took two years before BET brought it back to life. In between that period were lengthy negotiations between CBS TV Studios, castmembers and the higher-ups of the network and fans stuck to it in great numbers to voice their support. Fortunately, when the show did return with new episodes, it brought huge numbers for BET.

    Although I don’t think the show is going to live past Season 6 next year. News broke early this week that Tia Mowry was fired from the show while Pooch Hole is sorting out how he could do both The Game and Showtime’s Ray Donovan.

  • Rishi

    @ alcalde, I think Roswell fans sent in tobasco also (and got it renewed at least once if not twice).

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Moonlight, the CBS vampire show w/ Alex O’Laughlin had a campaign where they collected money and I think someone ran off with the funds.”

    The person who ran off with the Moonlight money was one of the first really crazy fans to contact TV by the Numbers. We’re part of crazy fan history!

    “I love how it’s nonsense when it’s not a show you personally care about “

    The Save Our Show efforts are always nonsense, regardless of whether you care about the show or not.

  • Dana

    Wow, what an assy article. You’re probably making fun of the Ringer and TSC campaigns, which is sad because at least the TSC campaign is making noise like no other in a while. Get over yourself. The arrogance in this site is disgusting, and it comes even from the writers. I’m out.

  • Neil

    Buy Buy Dana.

  • André

    I thought the final season was bad enough but I guess not.

  • psychic

    … whoa.
    Why can’t Fringe fans do something like this?
    (Or Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye fans… wait, forget I said that.)

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “You’re probably making fun of the Ringer and TSC campaigns,”

    I didn’t have any particular futile Save Our Show efforts in mind, but if the shoe fits….

  • Mary

    People keep bringing up Jericho which I still consider a failure. Yes, it was renewed for a second season but no one watched and it was cancelled again. In my opinion, that means CBS was right to cancel it the first time.

  • Max

    Would it be deductible from the movie ticket? Or do I still have to pay to see the movie I helped finance?

  • Ben

    I thought about this in the past but a movie costs millions and a Chuck movie would probably cost at least $25 million and I highly doubt this campaign will be able to raise that amount.

  • Tom

    Jericho-type issue seem to arise too often because networks don’t take risks. They support the shows that get immediate good ratings and let the rest fall through the cracks. A good example is Southland which is arguably one of the best cop shows ever made. This show was going nowhere on its network but, fortunately, got picked up by TNT. Ringer and TSC had the misfortune of being on the CW. Both shows were improving as the season progressed but, being on the CW, pretty much evaporated. I believe both shows would probably have done better on cable which tends to support more creative content. The same could also apply to Alcatraz which had a really unique plot going before it was summarily axed. As it currently stands, innovative programming on the networks is virtually doomed. Personally, I’m going to avoid anything on the CW for at least the foreseeable future because I doubt if that network can sustain consistently good programming. And one more thing Bill: Quit dumping on fans who support their shows through online petitions and other gimmicks. In the case of the CW, that amounts to much more of a courtesy than that network deserves, particularly in light of the way it ambushed TSC fans.

  • Jadon

    The budget of Serenity was around 39 million

    It would be more like $13 per person not 5….

  • tjw

    I think the Jericho thing is often overblown. My interpretation of that decision has always been that CBS was anticipating the Writers’ Strike (which ran from October to March of that year) and decided that renewing Jericho was the easiest way to get schedule spackle for the Spring in case of the strike.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman


    Networks take risks with every new show. When the show fails, they cancel it and take risks with a different show.

    Southland demonstrates that there are indeed shows who’s ratings are too low for the economics of broadcast and yet work fine in the economics of cable. Those moves do very occasionally happen, but they have nothing to do with nonsense fan campaigns.

    “Quit dumping on fans who support their shows through online petitions and other gimmicks. In the case of the CW, that amounts to much more of a courtesy than that network deserves, particularly in light of the way it ambushed TSC fans.”

    “Dumping” will continue as long as ridiculous Save Our Show campaigns do, or I tire of it, whichever comes first (almost certainly the latter).

    How exactly is that a courtesy to a network?

    The CW “ambushed” fans by canceling a show? That’s the most nonsensical thing you wrote.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I think the Jericho thing is often overblown.”

    They are *all* overblown.

    Chuck was renewed, ergo it was the ridiculous Subway thing. No, it was Warner Brothers slashing their license fee!

  • Chad

    file this under #BitchPlease. Gimme a break Bill.

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