CW's New Show Video Clips For 'Arrow,' 'Beauty And The Beast,' & 'Emily Owens, M.D.'

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May 17th, 2012

Here are video clips for (some of) The CW's new series for the 2012+13 season.

You can also check out the new series trailers from NBCfrom ABC, from CBS, and from Fox.


Beauty and the Beast


Will add when available.

Emily Owens, M.D.

The Carrie Diaries

Will add when available.

  • HB


    I cant even state my opinions?And No I am not talking about the PULL UP scene .Its actually the LAST scene which I liked.Plus my watching CW doesn’t make a difference.I dont LIVE in US.So yeah WHATEVER!

  • therock

    i’m concerned cw is not giving enough budget to arrow…it a superhero show…cw should dump some money in it

  • SarahL

    If nothing else, one can count on the TheCW continuing to churn out low rate rubbish shows.

  • Jay

    Emily Owens MD sounded terrible, but after watching the trailer it actually looks like it could be decent. I like how the hired a realistic looking person for the lead and not a model.

  • SarahL

    Egads, if TheCW is going to insist on hiring these same bad actors over and over again, they could have least paid for acting lessons for Kristin Kreuk and Britt Robertson.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The Arrow clip is good because it shows, first, that the actor playing the part has the physical chops to do it, and second, because it shows some attention to detail.

    I’m still concerned that the focus is going to be too much on Queen’s family rather than the villains and his company as is the case with the current comic. It should be a SUPERHERO show, NOT a family drama!

    The Beauty and Beast clip did not impress me much. There’s two guys with guns, only one guy shoots the mother ONLY, and only THEN do they try to shoot the daughter – not to mention she’s crouching down and an easy target – and THEN she manages to elude them into the woods for God knows how long. Very bad directing…on a par with the constant stupid stuff going on in Ringer…

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’m also not much impressed by the Beast’s appearance, such as we saw…At least the original gave Ron Perlman some major makeup…

  • Ashley

    The Arrow clip looks like a perfect match with SPN (jumping over fences, naked exercise like Robo!Sam, even the cinematography is similar). Emily Owens looks way cuter than I thought it would be, and I love Justin Hartley. Beauty and the Beast is hard to tell so far, so I’ll need to see more.

  • Rachel

    I can’t even tell what the beast looks like. Just looked like a silhouette to me.

  • WB

    The BEAUTY AND THE BEAST clips looks the best! I’m so looking forward for this show!

  • Jay

    @SarahL – I agree. The voiceovers in the Beauty & the Beast and Arrow trailers showed so little emotion and depth. It was like they were just reading their lines…hmmm…

  • A

    UGH wtf is this, CW? These are whole new failures.
    And Beauty&Beast is doomed to be the next secret circle. Im calling it. NOBODY wants to watch another show after an intense episode of Vampire Diaries.

    Im only sticking around for the final season of GG and Vampire Diaries.

  • A

    Arrow; at least the guy is hot. They’ll attract some viewers cause of his shirtless scenes.

  • Noah

    Arrow should be called Abs.

    Beauty and the Beast clip wasn’t terribly impressive, and neither was Emily Owens, M.D. (of all the names they could CREATE, they name their antagonist Cassandra Coppleson?), but that one doesn’t seem to be taking itself as seriously anyway.

    Their overall schedule still seems interesting, though.

  • Mike

    boring.. i hope they put up better trailers today

  • Bubu

    the dialogues in emily owens were terrible. who writes that crap? and which real person talks like that?

  • ron

    i just see a black window -.-!

  • Bee

    i liked all 3! promising clips. hopefully the trailers are even better. love that the CW is finally darn expanding to shows that don’t focus on teens. now it just needs quality to be there, which ringer didn’t have despite the grown up cast.

    also, the CW REALLY needs to have an overhaul of its promotion methods. why does every episode end with just a 20 second promo? and why do all the promos suck? and promote these shows this summer as different and good and interesting. STOP showing all cast members with big, fake hair lying seductively in a corner or on a bed. it makes all your shows seem stupid and the same. all these little things go toward helping change the image of the network.

    but above all, it’s gotta be quality so i really hope this new batch has some good shows in it.

  • RG-X

    Not enough trailer for Arrow – though it has a “DC Comic / Dark Knight” feel to it – I will watch it’s debut.

  • pete5125

    Sadly Emily Owens had the best trailer, will be watching Arrow, of course Emily Owens stars the green Arrow from smallville ironic

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