CW's New Show Video Clips For 'Arrow,' 'Beauty And The Beast,' & 'Emily Owens, M.D.'

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May 17th, 2012

Here are video clips for (some of) The CW's new series for the 2012+13 season.

You can also check out the new series trailers from NBCfrom ABC, from CBS, and from Fox.


Beauty and the Beast


Will add when available.

Emily Owens, M.D.

The Carrie Diaries

Will add when available.

  • Networkman

    What I can say is that each clip held my attention.

    Arrow: A- The lead actor is very appealing. I love the look of the show. Now I have to see more.

    Beauty & The Beast: B I really didn’t care for the opening scene but I’m curious to know why they shot the girl’s mother. Also at least the action was entertaining.

    Emily Owens M.D.: C+ There is potential if it is done right. If they are going for campy then they have to go all out with it. I don’t mind seeing a comedy with some drama in it. But from the clip, acting seemed a bit forced. And it seems as if the show is simply planning on showing these doctors acting catty/childish. Anyways, I do like Justin Hartley.

  • NYC_Lover

    Arrow looks okay…ill try it. Of course they give their worst new show their best lead in. M.D. looks horrible, it was sickening to watch. So amateur.

  • Carlos

    Katniss, Hawkeye, and now Arrow. Archery is the new vampire/zombie

  • ron

    Emily Md looks like the early seasons of grey`s anatomy.

    Arrow looks good, its gonna be like smallville so i hope the Cw give more money to make better Efects and stuff like that.

    B&TB looks ok i can see a future there its the follow of TVD so they have to give the best this year

  • Bill Gorman

    “Katniss, Hawkeye, and now Arrow. Archery is the new vampire/zombie”

    I like that meme!

  • Blake

    Arrow looks good. I will definitely check it out.

    B&B has me interested.

    EO, MD looks WAY better than I thought it would be lol. I had season 1 flashbacks of Grey’s Anatomy (back when the show was great!). It seems very WB-ish. LOVE that.

  • huldu

    How about uploading them to youtube or something. They’re only trailers so nobody gives a crap about copy protection.

  • Charmed

    The only one that looks not terrible is Beauty And The Beast, not that it looks great though! Disappointed by Emily Owens, M.D., I thought it would be like Grey’s, but it looks bad. And I never was interested in Arrow anyway, and the trailer didn’t do it any favors. I can’t wait for Cult and The Carrie Diaries, especially The Carrie Diaries.

  • Zerg

    Arrow tell me nothing .-.

    Beauty and Beast..waste TVD lead-in

    Emily Owens, M.D….The WC grey’s version..Uh is on dead slot..

  • Fringe Fan

    Another medical drama for me to not care about then. Seriously, after House, Grey’s, Private Practice, ER and all the other hospital type shows, how many interesting stories can possibly be left to tell about people getting ill and then either being cured or not? It’s equal parts boring and depressing!

    Green Arrow (yeah, I went there…) is yet another DC property that I have no interest in. DC have one good character, and until they make a modern day Batman show, I’ll leave it!

    Now Hawkeye and Mockingbird? That I would have watched!

    Beauty and the Beast? Needs more Ron Perlman! Might be okay but apparently the Beast is going to be able to switch to a typically overly handsome human form, which for me takes away a lot of the angst of the original version of the character. I’ll give it a go though!

    Bring on Cult!

  • rehabber

    OK, looks like Arrow will be a keeper for me and love the SPN tat and those great chinups. lol Still wish Justin Hartley was playing Oliver.

  • Dillan

    I was hoping we would get trailers that would tell us about the shows. These clips didn’t really tell me much.

    Arrow – the main guy is very good looking, and it has Kate Cassidy in it, I’ll give the first episode a shot, not expecting to love it thought.

    B&TB – okay, they’re replacing TSC with this? It looks okay but again, not expecting to love it.

    Emily Owens – this looks the best to me. Looks cute and fun.

  • TVfan

    “Nice to see that Kreuk still hasn’t picked up any acting skills since Smallville.”- kneejerk

    You seriously don’t know what you’re talking about, she was fantastic!

  • judie harris

    all 3 will be on my must watch list thank god for DVRs

  • LivingProof

    CW’s Emily Owens, M.D. against NCIS : Los Angeles (CBS) , New Girl + The Mindy Project (FOX) , Go On + The New Normal (NBC)

    CW’s ARROW against Survivor (CBS) , X FACTOR (FOX) , Animal Practice + Guys With Kids (NBC)

    CW’s Beauty & The Beast against Person Of Interest (CBS) , GLEE (FOX) , The Office + Parks and Recreation (NBC)

    CW’s SUPERNATURAL against Criminal Minds (CBS) , X FACTOR (FOX) , Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)

    CW’s 90210 against How I Met Your Mother + Partners (CBS) , BONES (FOX) , The Voice (NBC)

    CW’s GOSSIP GIRL against 2 Broke Girls + Mike & Molly (CBS) , The Mob Doctor (FOX) , The Voice (NBC)

    CW’s Hart Of Dixie against NCIS (CBS) , Raising Hope + Ben & Kate (FOX) , The Voice (FOX)

    CW’s The Vampire Diaries against The Big Bang Theory + Two and a Half Men (CBS) , X FACTOR (Results on FOX) , 30 ROCK + Up All Night (NBC)

    CW’s America’s Next Top Model against CSI:NY (CBS) , TOUCH (FOX) , Whitney + Community (NBC)

    CW’s NIKITA against Made In Jersey (CBS) , FRINGE (FOX) , GRIMM (NBC)

  • Bookworm


  • rob60990

    While these are obviously just clips, they could have chosen a better one for Arrow. Stephen Amell’s body is not the only reason why people will watch.

    @LivingProof, LOL you didn’t even mention the ABC shows they are going against?

  • Mark Wilkins

    so another year and the only thing I’m watching once again is Supernatural on the CW, nothing else that seems interesting.

  • Silvio

    Arrow, I like DarkAngel-ish look and IronMan-ish self-made superhero feel. I hope they’ll keep focus on Green Arrow and villains … but that’s CW, whiny and/or drug-abusing teenage characters will find the way to crawl in first, then later they’ll overtake the show.

    Beauty and the Beast clip looks amateurish. I know it probably isn’t final version, but editing doesn’t help here, neither would better (than this awful) directing – as Richard said, scene is completely illogical, only rewriting, then reshooting helps here.

    That third show … I never watched single episode of Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m definitely not interested in teenage rip-off of it. And not qualified to give opinion – I know nothing about wish fulfillment flick … except how to recognize it and avoid it.

  • DD

    I only plan to watch Emily Owens (wish they would’ve stuck with the First Cut title) the rest of these look pretty boring

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