Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Thursday

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May 17th, 2012

The current 2011-12 season officially ends after next Wednesday night's programming, so we'll wind down this season with a night by night look at next Fall.  First up Thursday (since it's Thursday today).  Check back tomorrow for Friday, Saturday on Saturday, etc.

Unlike Fall 2011, when The X Factor results show crashed into Thursday among a total of seven new shows, Fall 2012 scheduling changes seem minor, with the most noteworthy change being Two And A Half Men moving to 8:30.

At least early on I expect most interest will be for:

  • How does Two And A Half Men do at 8:30? Can it help put CBS on top the adults 18-49 ratings for the entire night?
  • How will the addition of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato change the ratings for The X Factor?
  • Will Last Resort be the next Lost? Or the next Missing / FlashForward?
  • Will Beauty And The Beast do better than The Secret Circle?
  • How will the other relocated veteran Glee do?
  • How low can NBC go on "The Night Formerly Known As Must See TV?"

For a trip down memory lane, check out 2011-12's Thursday Fall schedule:

  • psychic

    I clicked expecting to see The Mentalist.
    2 seconds after clicking: “Oh, RIIIIGHT…”

  • Roberto

    I only want my precious Grey’s Anatomy to hold up well against the heavy competition.

  • Mike Geary

    NBC destroyed Thu nights long ago. It’s not a question of destroying at this point; it’s a question of salvation. I doubt that this line up will give NBC the salvation that it needs.

  • Linda

    what a network……they bump harry’s law to the night before Memorial Day. who will be watching tv that night? most people will be celebrating a long weekend. I guess nbc wants to be able to say…”see why we canceled it, it’s because of low ratings””
    actually, the ratings for harry’s were twice as good as most of nbc shows except the reality stuff. it had highest “total” ratings of all the nbc scripted shows. too bad networks think anyone over age 49 is not worth bothering with.

  • Pizza Hut

    That Mork & Mindy curse has destroyed so many shows since 1982 for ABC on Thursdays at 8pm. NBC Must See TV got started because of that curse with Cosby in ’84.

    @ tvfreak: You sounded a bit hesitant there but at least 30 Rock is ending so there’s no shame with that one or The Office but to still be watching yes its embarrassing now in days.

  • tvfreak

    @Mike Geary: NBC’s salvation will, if the current level of buzz holds strong, come on Mondays at 10.

  • tvfreak

    @Pizza Hut: I don’t watch The Office, never really cared much for it. What about Community? I don’t watch that one regularly but I still enjoy it.

  • Mary

    “That Mork & Mindy curse has destroyed so many shows since 1982 for ABC on Thursdays at 8pm. NBC Must See TV got started because of that curse with Cosby in ’84.”

    Or maybe NBC Must See TV got started because they shows were really good.

  • Leonard

    @ tvfreak: I was really just joking trying to mess with some of the fans of those shows. There’s no shame for anything you watch on television.

    @ Mary: That too but a lot of it had to do with the fact that ABC was no longer competition for NBC at 8pm.

  • Holly

    NBC is waving the white flag on this night. They will probably beat the CW…

    This is the CW’s best night, so they’re really hoping B&B does well. Yes, they’ll still come in 6th (counting Univision), but if they can stay closer to a 1.0 than a 0.5, they’ll be happy.

    FOX’s success will rely heavily on X-Factor. It wasn’t nearly as high last year as Simon promised, but still wasn’t bad. Will Brittany/Demi help? It will lose the 8:00 hour to CBS, but probably beat Last Resort. The Greys/Glee/PoI match-up could be interesting. I think Glee comes in third on that, but it could hold up better than I think and come in 2nd.

    The real question for ABC is how Last Resort performs. Shawn Ryan has a pretty solid track record and we’ve seen with FlashForward that there is actually an audience out there, but it is off-brand for ABC and up against some strong competition…. I say it does OK and comes in third behind the comedies and X-Factor. Greys will likely win the 9:00 hour. And Scandal will get second at 10 by default (it really can’t do worse than Rock Center).

    CBS has the makings of a really solid night here. The comedies will win by a significant margin. PoI will probably come in second to Greys, and Elementary will win the hour. If PoI can keep it’s mid-season increases and Elementary does fairly well, then CBS could become the new king of Thursdays.

  • Holly


    It’s other networks that have adjusted theirs to match NBC (CBS moving Men to Thursdays, for example).

    Yes. CBS moved Men to Thursdays because they were concerned about NBC on that night…

  • Ultima

    d post super bowl slot(probably) PoI

    Sitcoms are doing so much better than dramas right now, I would be shocked if CBS wasted the lead in on PoI. They have the primetime championship, so I expect to see a drama there (either PoI or a freshman).

    I think either 2 Broke Girls, or possibly just Big Bang Theory (if they want massive numbers plus expect a Monday night comedy bump regardless).

  • Owen

    Elementary must be really crap for it not win it’s timeslot, looking at the competition and the lead-in it has.

  • Petar


    TBBT is already a beast and the try to become POI next drama beast so its not waste if you create drama monster.

  • Alan


    Oh, KS. Lost was an amazing series and there won’t ever be another one like it….lots of us miss that show terribly.

    However, I do semi-agree with you on point….

    The appetite for “big concept” serials appears to have gone with Lost. Every other attempt at a “Big Concept” serial drama has failed (Flash Forward, The Event, V, Missing, The River, Terra Nova, etc etc). I really think networks should give up on the idea because clearly audience tastes have gone.

    People simply dont want to invest in that type of show anymore.

    But don’t, and I say this with a big wagging finger, ever slag my LOST!

  • Ultima

    I honestly don’t understand the obsession TV websites towards the show Lost? That is not some show to be proud of.

    Yeah, highly rated, best drama Emmy winning sci-fi/supernatural dramas are a dime a dozen.

    Oh, wait.

    You man not like the show, but it was one of ABC’s most successful shows of the past decade, so of course people are going to use it for comparisons.

  • Alan

    How is NBC “waving a white flag” and “giving up” and “admitting defeat” when it has kept its lineup the same? NBC has had a Thursday night comedy block for well over 20 years. They are staying steadfast and not giving in to the pressure of any other network.

    They will never give up their Thursday night comedy block and NBC are by far my favorite network for their loyalty to their sitcoms.

  • Ultima

    I guess nbc wants to be able to say…”see why we canceled it, it’s because of low ratings””

    They can already say that.

    too bad networks think anyone over age 49 is not worth bothering with.

    This has been explained a thousand times, this year, in these comment sections.

    Networks price advertising based on 18-49, because that’s what the advertisers want, because it is the scarcest demographic for TV viewership. This is simple Econ 101 stuff – supply and demand.

  • Ultima

    TBBT is already a beast and the try to become POI next drama beast so its not waste if you create drama monster.

    It will be 2BG or Big Bang.

    2 Broke Girls had a 4.3 and will have to anchor their Monday comedy block. Person of Interest only a 2.9 (much less of a freshman hit) and already has their highest rated hour as a lead-in.

    I know you love the show, but you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment with your unrealistic expectations.

  • Tom

    There are a lot of questions to the night.

    First off, CBS.
    I don’t think 2.5 changes much. I see it doing 0.5-ish less than TBBT.
    PoI will rise vs. last year, but that has nothing to do with lead-in. People think PoI gained an audience when really it went from a strong procedural competitor (Bones) to a weak one (The Finder). Now it is up against none. I think it rises 0.3 to 0.5.
    As to Elementary, I see it doing what The Mentalist did, plus or minus a tenth.

    I see Lovato as a nonfactor, both in attracting audience and keeping it. The bigger question is Spears, but after trying to stabilize her image, I don’t see her being as willing to embarrass herself as Abdul. After a couple weeks, I expect ratings to be down a couple tenths from last year.
    Glee will rise, but not dramatically. Maybe 4, but not higher.

    Last Resort is an enigma, isn’t it. I see a Flashforward-ish arc, if that: does it gain slightly more women without the scifi than it loses in geeks who will watch any scifi show? (Ryan’s The Unit tried to marry action with family lives and got nowhere.) Also, competition in the slot is stiffer than it was in FF’s day.
    GA and Scandal are essentially static, maybe losing a tenth or two.

    I see VD staying around a 1 and BATB getting 0.7ish. Last place, of course.

    I think it stays out of fifth place (vs. Univision), and that’s about all the compliments you can give. 30 and UAN in mid 1s, Office at low 2s, Parks at high 1s. Rock Center maybe averaging 1.2ish, depending on how many election related weeks there are.

    I guess Fox squeezes out a win over CBS, with ABC firmly but distantly in third.

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